Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer
Illustrated Catalog of Sale for Saturday October 24, 2015 
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1. A Mid 19th Century signed “BALLARD & BROTHERS GARDINER, MAINE” STONEWARE 2 Gallon CROCK with COBALT BLUE “FLORAL” decoration.


2. A Large 19th Century Three Piece Stoneware Water Cooler having a Blue Glazed Raised Panoramic Decoration Depicting Scenes from a Polar Expedition. 28 ½” tall 15” diameter at top rim of tank.


3. A Graphically Decorated Early 20th Century Shoe Salesman Satchel. 17 ½” wide x 4 ½” deep x 13 ½” tall.


4. A Working Maine Duck Decoy in the form of a Drake Golden Eye attributed to Amos Wallace of West Point (Phippsburg), Maine. Fine Original Paint. 12 ½” long x 7 ½” at tallest.


5. A Late 19th Century Advertising Regulator Clock “Merrick’s Spool Cotton”. An 8 Day “Ventura” Model made by New Haven Clock Co.. 24 ¾” tall x 16 ¾” at widest x 4 ¾” deep.


6. A Small 19th Century Hanging Key Basket in Worn Original Red Paint. 5 ½” wide x 3 ½” tall x 4 ¾” deep.


7.  A Large 19th Century MAINE Penobscot Indian Hanging Wall Basket. 34” tall x 14” at widest.


8. A Pair of 19th Century Figural Cast Iron Andirons in the Form of a Native American Indian. The pair stands 19 ¼” tall x 5 ½” at their widest and measure 18” deep (front to back).


9. An Early 19th Century Paint Decorated Wooden Razor Case in Mustard Yellow and Umber. 9 ¾” long x 2 ½” wide x 1 ½” tall.

10. An Early 19th Century Pennsylvania German Floral Paint Decorated Covered Treen Ware Sugar Bowl. 4 ¾” tall x 3 7/8” diameter.


11.  Lorenzo Somerby (Am. 1816-1883). A dated 1838 Oil Painting of a Coastal Schooner Under Moonlight. Oil on Wood Panel. Signed, Titled and Dated (verso) “Sleepers Bay from ???? Reach Painted by Lorenzo Somerby Boston 1838”. A similar penciled inscription appears on frame (verso). Original “Lemon” Gold Frame. 15” x 19 ½” (overall); 11” x 15 ½” (sight).

12. An Early 19th Century New England “Lollipop” Double Tiered Wall Box in Original Red Paint. 22 ¼” tall x 11 7/8” wide x 5 ½” deep.

13. A 19th Century Satin Lined SHAKER “Swing Handle” Sewing Box bearing the inked label of SABBATHDAY LAKE, MAINE. Approx. 11” long x 8” wide x 3 ¾” tall (not including handle).

14. Large Early 20th Century Nautical Watercolor of the UNITED STATES LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE STEAMER, the BUOY TENDER “ANEMONE”. Unsigned in Original Frame. Measures 20 ½” tall x 35 ½” wide (overall).

15. A 19th Century Folk Art “Still Life” Painting depicting a Watermelon. Oil on Academy Board. Original frame. Unsigned. 13 ½” x 17 ½” (overall) and 9 ½” x 13 ½” (sight).

16. A Large 18th Century English Nautical Painting of a Battle Scene depicting British and French Warships. Original frame. Unsigned. 29” x 50 ½” (overall). 25 1/2” x 47” (sight).

17. An Early 19th Century “PARIS, MAINE” Paint Decorated and Bronze Stenciled Dome Top Storage Box. 24” wide x 12” deep x 9 ¾” tall.

18. An Early 19th Century Yarmouth, MAINE “Leighton Family” Triple Hollow Cut “Watercolor” Silhouette in its Original Sealed Frame. 8 1/8” wide x 3 ¾” tall.

19. An 18th Century New England Wooden Candle Lantern in Original Natural Surface. Maple wood and tin. Its frame having wooden pegged joinery. 11 ½” tall x 6” x 5 ¾”.

20. MAINE REDWARE JUG: Early 19th Century MAINE REDWARE Jug with Green and Salmon speckled glaze. Attributed to John Alld of Buxton. 7” tall x 5 ½” at widest.

21. MAINE REDWARE JUG: Early 19th Century MAINE REDWARE Jug with Salmon and Green speckled glaze. Attributed to John Alld of Buxton. 7” tall x 5 ½” at widest.

22. MAINE REDWARE JUG: Early 19th Century MAINE REDWARE Jug with a Profusely Salmon Spotted, Green Colored Glaze. 6 3/8”tall x 4 ¼” at widest.

23. MAINE REDWARE JUG: Early 19th Century MAINE REDWARE Jug with an Unusual Black Spotted and Red Toned Light Umber Colored Glaze. Attributed to John Corliss of Day’s Ferry (Woolwich). 6” tall x 5 ¼” at widest.

24. MAINE REDWARE JUG: Early 19th Century MAINE REDWARE Jug with a Green, Black and Umber over a Deep Red Colored Glaze. Attributed to John Corliss of Day’s Ferry (Woolwich). 5 ¾” tall x 4 ¾” at widest.

25. A Mid 19TH Century SCHOOL“MERIT AWARD” features a FOLK ART WATERCOLOR of a PLAYFUL CAT is a which is obviously “penned” to the “Teacher’s Pet”! From teacher SUSAN MERRIAM (b. 1827 Princeton, MA) to student CAROLINE MURDOCK (b. 1848 Orange, MA). Original Lemon Gold Frame. 9” x 11” (overall). 7 ½” x 9 ½” (sight).

26. A Small 18TH Century Single door Hanging Cupboard in its Original Red Paint having sculpted wrought iron hinges. 17” wide x 22” tall x10” deep. (sight).

27. An Early 19th Century Folk Art Painted New England Fire Board. 30” tall x 34”.

28. A MAINE Caliper Log Scale with Wheel signed “V. FABIAN …MILO JUNCTION, MAINE”. Measures 45” x 20” (at widest).

29. Unusual Early 19th Century 3 Tiered Wall Box in its Original “Apple Green” Paint. 18 ¾” tall x 11 ½” at widest x 6” at deepest (front to back).

30. A Mid 19th Century BANGOR, MAINE Mechanical Trade Sign “P. BARNES MOVING SLATE”. 18 ¼” tall x 10 ¾” wide (when shut).

31. An Exceedingly Rare 18th Century Hanging Wrought Iron “Trammel” Style Candle and Rush Light. Measures 27” when closed and adjusts to 46” at tallest.

32. A Pair of Mid 19th Century (Ca. 1850) New Hampshire Folk Art Carved Wooden Dolls in their original clothing. Husband and Wife signed with the initials “M.I.W.”. Each 6” tall x 3” wide.

33. A Rare Small Mid 18th Century “Traveling” Country Queen Anne Courting Mirror Original Surface and having a “removable” Crest. Retains its original finish and original mirror glass. 13 ¼”tall x 8 ¼” wide.

34. A Dated 1814 Handwritten Instructional Nautical Handbook from the Seafaring “SIMMONS” Family, containing Drawings, Maps, Geometric Notations, Dates and Nautical Instructions and more. 12 ¾” x 8”.

35. A Rare Large Signed, Dated 1792 and Inscribed PRESENTATION Nautical Octant in its Original Blue Painted “Stepped” Wooden Case. Bearing the inscription “Made by Tho. Ripley & Son Hermitage Bridge LONDON For Mr. Robert Foot Aug 12, 1792”. Has Military Engraving on its Swing Arm Indicator. Case measures 19 ½” x 16 ½” x 4 ½” tall. Instrument alone measures 17 3/8” x 14 ½ (at widest).

36. An Early 20th Century NAVAJO RUG in an Eye Dazzling, Complex Pattern. Provenance available to buyer. 84” long x 60” wide.

37. A Small Early 20th Century “Striped” NAVAJO DOUBLE SADDLE BLANKET. 54” long x 30” wide.

38. An Early 20th Century Complex patterned Multi – colored NAVAJO RUG. 71” x 40”.

39. A Multi – colored Early 20th Century NAVAJO RUG having a “Saw Tooth” Border. 69” x 42 ½”.

40. A Large Early 20th Century NAVAJO “Saw tooth” Pattern RUG in Black, Sienna and Oyster colors. Measures 69” x 45”.

41. A Multi – colored Early 20th Century Navajo “Eye Dazzler” Rug with Unusual Colors. 62” x 37”.

42. An Early 19th Century MAINE Stenciled and Free Hand Paint Decorated “Book Form” Schoolgirl’s Work Box which bears the handwritten pencil inscription on the underside of its lid “E. PIKE LOVELL, MAINE 1833” also inscribed in her own hand below her owners declaration is: “Love God With All your Heart and Soul” 13 3/8”tall (including mount) x 9 ¼” wide x 3” deep.

43. An 18th Century Stretcher Base Tavern Table with Drawer in Original Red Paint. Single Breadboard Ended Top measures 26 ½” wide x 39” long. Table stands 26” tall.

44. A Mid 19th Century MAINE Folk Art Watercolor Depicting Store Fronts (some identified) at MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Watercolor on paper. 17” x 21” (overall). 12 ¼” x 16” (sight). Period lemon gold frame.

45.  A Boldly Paint Decorated Early 19th Century MAINE Dome Top Storage Box in Original Red and Mustard Yellow Paint. 26” wide x 13 ½” deep x 13” tall.


46. A Miniature 18th Century Country Chippendale Bracket Base Blanket Chest in Original Blue Paint. 10 ¾”wide x 8 ½” tall x 5 ½” deep.

47. A Large Sausage Turned 18th Century American Ladder Back Armchair in Original Red Paint. 43 1/2” tall x 26” wide at arms x seat height 16 ½”.

48. A Mid 19th Century Half Pint COVENTRY, CT Sunburst Flask (McKearin GVIII-3) in Brilliant Yellow Olive color. Superb original condition. 6” tall x 3” at widest.

49. An Early 19th Century AUGUSTA, MAINE Single Sided Trade Sign “DOORS, SASH & BLINDS”. 61 ¾” tall x 47” wide.

50. A 19TH Century “Horse and Sulky” Weathervane in Old Surface. Measures 31 ½” long x 17 ½” at tallest x 7 ½” at widest point.

51. A Rare Early 19th Century “American Independence” Pattern Blue and White Loomed Coverlet. 87 ½” x 68 ½”.

52. An Early 19th Century “PARIS, MAINE” Paint Decorated and Bronze Stenciled 4 Drawer “Turned Foot” Pine Chest of Drawers. 40” wide x 18 ¾” deep x 45” tall.

53. An Early 19th Century “PARIS, MAINE” Paint Decorated and Bronze Stenciled “Bell & Ball” style Rope Bed. 53 ½” wide x 78” long x 51 ½” tall.

54. A Matched Pair of 19th Century Carved and Painted Wooden “Window” Curtains from a Horse Drawn Hearse. 34” tall x 7 ½” at widest.

55. A Rare Early 18th Century American “Shoe Foot” Trestle Table in Original Red Paint. Its “scrubbed” two board breadboard ended top measures 67 ½” long x 39” wide. Table stands 28 ½” tall.

56. A Diminutive and Masterfully Crafted Pair of Late 17th Century or Early 18th Century Wood and Leather Children’s Shoes (Clogs) in Remarkable Original Surface and Condition. 6 ½” long x 2 ¾” wide x 2 ½” at tallest.

57. A Pair of 17th or Early 18th Century Leather, Wood and Wrought Iron Shoes. Known as “Lancashire Clogs”. 8 ½” long x 4 ½” tall x 2 ¾” wide.

58. A Matched Pair of Small 18th century Wooden “Blanket” Drying Cranes. 29 ½” long x 8 1/8” tall at “fit” end.

59. A Rare & Large Early 19th Century Wooden Trencher in Original Green Paint, having an Unusual “Whey” Drain at the bottom of its handle. 29 ½” long x 15” wide x 5” tall.

A Diminutive and Very Early 19th Century Southwestern Maine Shoe Foot Chair Table in Original Red Paint. Measures 41” top diameter (5/8” shrinkage) x 26 ½” tall (in closed or table position) x 52” tall (when in upright position).

60. An Early 20th Century Working “Field Goose” Decoy RAISED ON 3 Wooden Legs. Original Paint. Probably Canadian Maritime Origin. 25 ¾” long x 16 ½” at tallest (not including legs).

61. A ¼ Scale signed WENDELL GILLEY (Southwest Harbor, Maine 1911-1983) Decorative Waterfowl Carving of a Northern Cormorant. 12 ¼” tall (including mount) x 11” long.

62. An Early 19th Century MAINE Paint Decorated Hepplewhite Period Four Drawer Pine Chest. Original Paint and Oval Brass Pulls. Androscoggin River Valley Origin. 38” wide x 36 ½” tall x 18 ½” deep.

63.  A Gold leaf on blue ground painted 19th Century Double Sided Trade Sign “OLIVES GIFT SHOP LENDING LIBRARY”. Signed lower middle “Ace Sign Co.”. Gold leaf on BLUE sand paint on tin with wooden frame. 18” x 30”.

64. An Early 19th Century Wooden Candle Lantern in Original Red Paint.

65. A 19th Century New England Multi-colored PARCHEESI Board in Original Paint. 19 1/4” x 18 15/16”.

66. A Small 19th Century New England Paint Decorated Single Sided CHECKERBOARD. 14 ½” x 14 ¼”.

67. A Profusely “Chip” and “Scratch” Carved Early 19th Century New England Hardwood Slide Cover Razor Box in its Fine Original Patina. Carved from a single piece of wood and having a not before encountered “snap” locking mechanism, its carving includes pinwheels; compass stars; diamonds; grids and many other geometric figures. 10 ¼” long x 2” wide and 1 ¾” tall.

68. A Rare Early 19th Century New England Child’s Size Open Top, Canted Back Pewter Cupboard in Original Grained Paint Decoration. 20” wide x 45 ½” tall x 9 ½” at its deepest point (front to back).

69. A Large Mid 19th Century MAINE Folk Art Hooked Rug having Floral Hibiscus Decoration and a Large Central Floral Medallion. Mounted for hanging. 69” x 30 ½”.

70. An Early 19th Century Miniature “Faux” Wooden Barrel in Original Soldier Blue Paint with Black Trim. Ex- Roger Bacon (bearing its 1982 Roger Bacon Auction Sale Lot Sticker). 2 ½” tall x 1 ¾” approx. diameter.

71. A Small Early 18th Century New England Miniature “Linen Fold” Document Box Original Red Paint. 8 ¼” wide x 4” tall x 4 ¼” deep.

72. A 19th Century Folk Art Rocking Horse in Original Black Paint. 38 ½” long x 17 ½” wide x 24 ¼” at tallest.

73. An Early 19th Century Boldly Paint Decorated Quebec Cupboard having Two Drawers above Two Doors below a Large Cornice at its top. 41” (case width) x 62 ¾” tall x 17 ¾” deep (front to back).

74. An 18th Century Wrought Iron Standing “Penny Foot” Tri Leg Rush Light. 8 7/8” tall x 5 ¾ at widest point of base.

75. An Early 19th Century “Pierced” Tin Double Candle Hanging “Bracket” Lantern in Original Surface. 19” tall x 7” x 7 ¼”.

76. An Unusual Early 19th Century “Linsey Woolsey” Bed Cover in a Rare “Pieced” Geometric Pattern.” 88” x 84”.

77. An Early 19th Century New England Wall Hanging 12 Drawer Apothecary Cupboard. 20 ¾” tall x 30 ½” wide x 8 ¾” deep.

78. A Large and Tall Lathe Turned Early 19th Century Wooden Bowl in its Original Natural Patina. Approx. 20” top rim diameter x 7”tall.

79. A 20th Century Working Drake Merganser Decoy. Mid Atlantic Flyway. 18 ¼” long x 6 ¼” at tallest.

80. An Unusual Early 19th Century Foot Stool with Drawer in its Original “Sponge” Paint Decoration. 24 ¾” wide x 15 ½” tall x 12 ¾” deep.

81. An Early 19th Century Miniature “Cricket” Foot Stool in Original Dark Windsor Green Paint. 6 ¼” long x 3 ¼” wide x 3 ½” tall.

82. An Early 18th Century Mahogany Formal English Queen Anne Looking Glass in Untouched Original Condition. 36 ¾” tall x 14 ½” wide.

83. A Large Early 19th Century “Book” Form Ladies “Vanity” Box in Original Lipstick Red and Black Paint with Lemon Gold Striping. 15” tall x 11” wide x 4 ¾” deep.

84. A Large 18TH Century Queen Anne Bucket Bench in Original Red Paint. 67” wide x 51 ½” tall x 16”. (restoration to one back foot).

85. A Large Early 19th Century New England “Grain Chest” in Original Red Paint having “Bootjack” ends. 96” wide x 20 ¼” deep (front to back) x 28” tall.

86. A Mid 19th Century Folk Art Portrait of the Sears Sisters (Ellen b. 1834 and Susan Olivia b. 1839) of Harwich, Massachusetts (Ellen b. 1834 and Susan Olivia b. 1839). Attributed to Joseph Whiting Stock (Am. 1815-1855). OOC in Original Frame. 26 ½” x 30 ½” (overall) 21 ½” x 25 ½” (sight).

87. An 18th Century New England Chippendale Period Two Drawer “Bracket Base” Blanket Chest in Original “Soldier Blue” Paint. Original interior “strap” lid hinges and oval brass pulls (one missing). 46 ½” wide x 43 ½” tall x 25 ¾” deep (front to back).

88. A mid 19th Century New England Open Top Pine Step Back Cupboard having a Single Raised Panel Door in its Base. Measures 48 ½” wide (case width) x 83 ¾” tall x 15 ½”.

89. A Stylish Oversized Mid 20th Century MAINE Drake Eider Working Decoy. Original paint. 25” long x 10 ½” wide and 10” at tallest.

90. A Lot of (4) 19th Century Miniature New England Baskets. Largest 2 ½” tall x 6” square. Smallest 2 ½” tall x 2” diameter.

91. A Mid 18th Century New England Queen Anne Period “Button Foot” Tavern Table with Drawer in its Original Blue - Gray Paint. Single Board Breadboard Ended Top measures 25 ½” wide x 42 ½” long. Table stands 27 1/8” tall.

92. A 19th Century “Busily Figured” Tiger Maple Knife Tray. 14 1/8” x 9 ½” x 6 ¼” tall.

93. A Very “Busy” 19TH Century TIGER MAPLE Foot Stool. Top measures 12” x 7”. Stands 7” tall.

94. An Early 19th Century New England Wall Box in Original Windsor Green Paint. 13 ½” wide x 9 ½” tall x 6” deep.

95. A Diminutive and Very Early 18th Century Two Piece New England “Stepped” Corner Cupboard in Original Red Paint. 31 ¾” wide (at base) x 79” tall x 18 ½” (corner depth).

96, A Large Carved and Painted 19th Century New England Rocking Horse on Glider Frame in Fine Original Paint with its Original Upholstered Seat. LABELED “WHITNEY REED CHAIR CO. LEOMINSTER, MASS”. 42” long x 29 ¼” tall x 14 ¾” at widest.

97. A 19th Century American Cabinetmakers “Work” Bench in fine original surface. Measures 84 ½” long x 24” wide x 33 ½” tall.

98. A Large Early 19th Century signed “BOSTON” (within impressed “Whale’s Tail” Banner) STONEWARE “Closed Ear” Three Gallon OVOID CROCK. Attributed to Frederick Carpenter.

99. An Early 19th Century signed “CHARLESTOWN” 2 Gallon STONEWARE OVOID JUG having Impressed “EAGLE & CANNON” decoration at its front.

100. An Early 19th Century signed “BOSTON” STONEWARE “Closed Ear” 2 Gallon OVOID CROCK having bands of chocolate brown at its top and bottom. Attributed to Frederick Carpenter.

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