Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer



UPDATED 10/21/08


1.      Folk Art Carving of Sailor by Capt. Ryder, Belfast, ME.   CA. 1900.  Overall height 12 ½”. Found recently in a Ryder Ancestral Home

2.      Folk Art Carved Robin mounted atop Seashell Decorated Obelisk (Bauer Collection) overall height 20 ½ “

3.      Small Ships Diorama in Glass Case. 10” wide 6” tall  5” deep (Bauer Collection)

4.      Early Hepplewhite Tapered Leg 2 Drawer Work Table in old surface

5.      Starburst Quilt

6.      Oil Painting – Sailing Ship in Stormy Seas – Monogrammed T.C. dated 1888- original frame. Measures 7” X 9 ½” sight. Recently discovered in a Westerly, RI home.

7.      Early Lollipop Butter Stamp with geometric carving - 7” in length.

8.      New England Queen Anne Snake Foot Candlestand with shaped top.

9.      Folk Art Carved and Red painted Walking Stick having a human effigy pommel and carvings of a man and a woman, ducks, human skull, frogs, dog, a salamander, stars and an anchor. 29 ½” in length. (end clipped)

10.  Ship Painting – Bucksport, ME “Brig Bell Barnard of Bucksport   Capp A.Coombs   Entering Harbour of Palermo   Sept 8th 1860” Watercolor on paper.  19 ¼’ X 26” (sight)  Recently found in the ancestral home of Captain Coombs at Union, Maine.

11.  Portrait Miniature on Ivory Attributed to William Verstille.(Am. 1757 – 1803). Surrounded by its original 18k Gold “Brooch” type frame containing its sitters initials “R.L.” that are woven in human hair. (verso) Overall 1 7/8 ” X 1 3/8” Found recently in a Lakes Region New Hampshire home.

12.  Portrait Miniature on Ivory of Handsome Young Gentleman in its original brass “hanging” type frame with woven human hair (verso) 2 ¾” X 2 ¼”

13.  Revolutionary War Cartridge Case with Chase Family and the Battle of Bunker Hill Provenance Exhibited at the Cotton States and International Exposition in Atlanta, GA  1895. Case measures 9” wide X 4”tall X 1 ¾” deep. Leather with original tin insert and applied brass star. 2 complete cartridges are present. Several other partial cartridges survive. Accompanied by its original exhibition tag from the Massachusetts Colonial Exhibit.

14.  Oil Painting – Harriette Bowdoin (Am. 1880 – 1947) Titled, signed and dated 1921 L.L.  Inscribed and titled verso “Afternoon in Venice” OOC 8 ½” X 11 ½” (sight). 

15.  Matched Pair Lemon Gold Miniature Portrait Frames with original backs. Overall size - 5 3/8” X 3 ¾” 

16.  Micmac Indian Quill Decorated Oval Covered Box with Star, Pyramid and Chevron Decoration. Ca. 1880.  9 1/8” X 4 1/8” (Bauer Collection)

17.  Micmac Quill Decorated Rounded Rectangular Plaque or Matt with complex Geometric Pattern. Ca. 1880. 13” X 8 ¼”(Bauer Collection)

18.  Micmac Quill Decorated Oval Covered Box with Zigzag Chevron Pattern on its lid. Ca. 1840.  6 1/8” X 3 ½” (Bauer Collection)

19.  Micmac Quill Decorated Round Covered Box with Flying Pinwheel Pattern to its lid and Chevron decoration to its sides. Ca. 1870. 5 ¾” X 3 5/8” (Bauer Collection)

20.  Very Early Small Huron Indian Oval Covered Box with its Moose Hair Embroidered lid decorated with 3 Natives and a dog in a Birch Bark Canoe with an Insect buzzing above. Its Moose hair embroidered sides have floral decoration. Ca. 1790.  4 ¼” X 2”  (some loss to floral decoration) (Bauer Collection)

21.  Decorated Tin Coffee Pot – Zachariah Stevens, Stevens Plains, ME. Having double sided 4 cherry decoration with unusual flying pinwheel decoration to its lid. Original brass finial.  10” tall

22.  Decorated Oval Tin Teapot – Oliver Buckley, Stevens Plains, ME.  Having double sided decoration and original “ribbon” finial to its hinged lid. 5 ½” tall

23.  Large Carved and Painted Eagle by Boston Artistic Carving Company. Ca. 1950. Found recently on the garage of a Berwick, Maine home.  Wingspan measures 72”

24.  Maine Sampler – Susan Finney, Aged 10 years A.D. 1800. Found recently in a Berwick, Maine home.   15 ½” X 15 ½”

25.  Carved and Paint Decorated Document Box with Hearts, Diamonds, Compass, Stars and Pinwheels. Recently discovered in an Augusta, Maine home.

26.  Child’s Size Sea Chest - Original Blue Paint. Found recently in a home in Nobleboro, ME.

27.  Spruce Gum Box with Chip Carved Schoolhouse in Original Red & Green Paint. 3 ½” X 2 5/8” (Bauer Collection)

28.  Oil Painting – Joseph Henry Sharp (Am. 1859 – 1953)  “Skagway, Alaska” OOB Signed l.r.  Signed and Titled verso.   6 1/8” X 9 1/8” (sight) Found recently at a New Mexico flea market.

29.  “Twin Cats” Silhouettes in Velvet mounted on Paper and housed in their Original Paint Decorated Frame.  6 ½” X 8 ½” (sight) Ca. 1850.

30.  Maine Chromium Yellow Dovetailed Dome Top Box.  32” W X 14” D X 12” T. Recently discovered in a “Downeast” Maine home

31.  Ship Captain’s Cased Bar with Bottles. “Packet Ship Liverpool”. Wrought Iron trimmed case.  Case measures 15 ¾” wide X 10” tall X 10 7/8” deep. Recently discovered in a “Downeast” Maine home.

32.  Paint Decorated Open Maine Wall Box. Having 5 Canted Shelves, shaped top, bottom and sides. Overall 21” tall X 6” wide X 2 ¾” deep.

33.  Early Adjustable Double Candle Tin Lighting Device with Weighted Base. 41 ½” tall.

34.  Oil Painting – Hudson River Mansion – Original Gold Frame.  14” X 20” (sight) Signature illegible. Recently discovered in a home near Bangor, ME.

35.  Folk Art Bird Carving –“Bernier the Lumberman” – Biddeford – Saco, Maine – “Bird on a Branch Holding Fruit in Beak.”  9 ¾” tall.  Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

36.  Folk Art Bird Carving –“Bernier the Lumberman” – Biddeford – Saco, Maine – “Bird at Bird Bath.”  6 ¼” tall.  Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

37.  Folk Art Bird Carving –“Bernier the Lumberman” – Biddeford – Saco, Maine – “Spread Winged Eagle.”  7 ½” tall.  Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

38.  Red & Black Painted Turned Leg Drop Leaf Table. 28” tall X 19” wide (with leaves down) X 39 ½” long.  Drop leaves each measure 9”. (Bauer Collection)

39.  Ship Model of the Kennebunk, Maine Sailing Vessel “Martha,” having 18 Carved & Painted Sailors, a black cook and the captain’s dog on its decks. The model also has a polychromed, carved ivory figurehead 30” X 23” tall. (Bauer Collection)

40.  Very Early Micmac Indian Beaded Trade Cloth and Silk Purse accompanied by an old hand-written note stating “the work of Molly Muise, wife of the Governor of the Mimac tribe- Annapolis, N.S.- over 160 years old”.  4 ½” x 2 ¼” x 5 ½” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

41.  Large Pair of Northern Cree Beaver Tail Snowshoes having open work design that is highlighted in original red paint.  19th Century- 25” wide x 34 ½” long.  (Bauer Collection)

42.  Exceptional Decorated Micmac Birch Bark Canoe Model- circa 1890.  Overall length 28”. (Bauer Collection)

43.  Very Early Micmac Indian Birch Bark Moose Call- likely 18th Century.  15 ¼” long.  (Bauer Collection)

44.  Huron Indian Oval Covered Scratch-Carved Decorated Birch Bark Box, dated 1837.  9 ½” wide x 7 ½” long x 6” tall. (Bauer Collection)

45.  Very Early Penobscot Indian Covered Cylindrical Birch Bark Box.  5” diameter, 5 ¼” tall.   (Bauer Collection)

46.  Large Framed Sailing Ship Diorama with Two Sailing Vessels and a Tug Boat in Harbor.  24” x 13”.  (Bauer Collection)

47.  Crooked Knife- Carved and Paint Decorated with Layered Hearts and Diamonds.  American Indian circa 1890.  (Bauer Collection)

48.  Crooked Knife- Carved and Painted Black Human Hand, Signed “G. McL” and dated 1897.  (Bauer Collection)

49.  Crooked Knife- Carved and Articulated Fiddlehead Grip in Original Green Paint bearing the initials “CJ”.  (Bauer Collection)

50.  Full Bodied Cow Weathervane in Outstanding Original Surface- LW Cushing- circa 1870.  32” long, 21” tall.

51.  Early Hand Blocked, Wallpaper Covered Hat Box in the form of a Top Hat.  8”tall.

52.  Maine Paint Decorated Child’s Foot Stool in vibrant, original red and black graining with bronze stenciled pin striping and star decoration.  8 ¾” wide, 5” deep, 5” tall.

53.  Working Drake Merganser Decoy in fine original paint.  17 ½” long.

54.  Maine Fold Art Carved and Decorated “Snake in Box” accompanied with early handwritten note “Snake in Box made in 1854 by R.W. Jack- Lisbon”.

55.  Pair of Early Watercolor and Hollow Cut Portraits by the “Puffy Sleeve” Artist with the woman wearing an articulated red ribbon bonnet and carrying a circular “pocket” while clutching a bouquet of flowers.  Her husband carries his red and blue walking stick.  Recently discovered in a Lake Region, New Hampshire home.  Period and possibly original frames.  3 ¾” x 3” (sight).

56.  Original Red Painted Two over Three Drawer Hepplewhite Style Chest of Drawers with Carved Backsplash.  Annapolis Valley, N.S.  Circa 1835.  39 ½” wide, 43” tall.

57.  Maine Hooked Rug of Potted Flowers found recently in a Bangor, Maine home.  33” x 30”.

58.  Pair of Folk Art Carved and Painted Maine Buntings Mounted Atop Hollowed Stumps.  Found in Central Maine.  Circa 1900.  5 ½” tall x 5 ½” wide.  (Bauer Collection)

59.  Small Shadow Box Containing 21 Carved and Painted Miniature Song Birds with Flora and Hand Painted Backdrop.  Case measures 8 ½” wide, 5 3/8 tall, 2 1/3” deep.  Circa 1900.  (Bauer Collection)

60.  Folk Art Carved and Painted School Girls Desk Box having Hoof Feet, carved and applied hearts and diamonds with a relief carved tulip and flower pot on its lid.  Lunenburg County, N.S.  Circa 1880.  (Bauer Collection)

61.  Tiny, Early Burl Bowl in Old Robins Egg Blue Paint.  4” diameter, 2” tall.

62.  Federal Period Mahogany Card Table having an acanthus carved pedestal and brass paw feet.  Recently discovered in an Eastern Maine home. 

63.  18th Century Rooster Weathervane in Early Worn Gilded Surface (restoration to one wing).  22” long, 16” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

64.  Early Blue Painted Country Hepplewhite Demi-Lune Table with scrub top.  36 ¾” wide, 28” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

65.  18th Century Flint Lock Tinder Lighter with Candleholder dated 1741.

66.  Pair of Large Maine Hooked Mittens in a deep red color with decorated backs and cuffs in green and yellow.  14” long.

67.  Large Pewter “Lighthouse” Style Coffee Pot with early bright-cut decoration and original wooden handle and finial.  Signed E. Smith (Eben Smith- Beverly, MA).  10 ½” tall.

68.  Early Folk Art Yarn Hooked Rug with Bulls Eye and Floral Decoration.  Wool yarn on homespun foundation.  17” x 28”.  (Bauer Collection)

69.  Small Maine Open Hanging Cupboard in Original Red Paint found in Newport, Maine.  35” tall, 19” wide.  (Bauer Collection)

70.  Large Red Painted Slide Cover Candle Box having paint decoration of green architectural vignettes of a farm house, village houses, a school house and a church on each of its four sides.  Northern VT or SE Quebec origin.  Circa 1880.  14” long, 10” wide, 8 ½” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

71.  American Indian Bead Work- Very Early Mohawk Beaded Black Velvet Wall Pocket.  Circa 1820.  3 ¾” wide, 6 ¼” high.  (Bauer Collection)

72.  American Indian Bead Work- Early Small Micmac 6-sided Beaded Trade Cloth Bag or Purse.  Circa 1860.  4 ½” x 4 ¼”.  (Bauer Collection)

73.  Unusual Tall, Rectangular Micmac Indian Quillwork Open Box or Purse with Geometric and Chevron Decoration.  Circa 1840.  5” wide, 5” tall, 2 ¾” deep.  (Bauer Collection)

74.  Rectangular Micmac Indian Covered Quillwork Box having complex geometric decoration to its lid.  Circa 1840.  6 ¼” x 4 5/8” x 3 1/8” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

75.  Oil Painting- William Frederick de Haas- (Am 1830-1880) “Ships at Anchor”.   Oil on canvas laid down on academy board.  17 ½” x 27 ½” “sight”.  Recently discovered in a Lakes Region, New Hampshire home.

76.  Match Pair of Early High Rise Acorn Tip Ice Skates.

77.  Early Wrought Iron Standing Combination Rush and Candlelight Lighting Device.  Recently found in a Mt. Dessert Island, Maine home.  51 ¾” tall.

78.  Delicate Maine Queen Anne Oval Tilt-Top, Snake Foot Candle Stand.  Recently found in a home near Bangor, Maine.

79.  Oil Painting- OOC- Primitive Farm Yard Scene with Pastured Cows and Sheep in the foreground of a New England Farmhouse.  Circa 1870.  Modern Framing.  16” x 24” (sight).

80.  Very Early Pegged and Joined Weavers Bench in Outstanding Original Red Paint.  (Bauer Collection)

81.  23 Folk Art Carved and Painted Song Birds mounted on a branch.  Found recently in a home in Duxbury, MA.  Overall measurement 30” long, 11” high.  Birds measure 3”- 5” in length.

82.  Early Carving Block on Legs in old paint.

83.  Tapered Leg Work Table in mustard paint.

84.  5 “Flatty” Carved and Painted Songbirds with Mounting Stakes.  Found recently in a Gloucester, MA home.

85.  Early Wrought Iron Pruning Sheers with Folk Art Carved Wooden “Human Hand” Grip.  19 ½” long.

86.  Superbly Carved Maine Spruce Gum Box in original surface.  Found near Rumford, Maine along with a crooked knife by the same hand.  5 ¾” x 3 ¼” x 1 7/8”.

87.  Exquisitely Carved Maine Crooked Knife done by the same hand as lot 86.  Found near Rumford, Maine. 

88.  Large Fold Art Painted Cast Iron Cat Doorstop Signed “Sarah Symonds- Salem, MA”.  Sara Symonds is a known Massachusetts artist.  The cat stands 12 ½” tall.

89.  Unusual American Indian, possibly Ojibway, Quillwork Decorated, House Shape, Birch Bark Box.  6” tall, 5 ¾” wide, 3 ¾” deep.  Circa 1870.  (Bauer Collection)

90.  Micmac Indian Open, Circular Quillwork Decorated Birch Bark Box having chevron designs.  8 ¾” diameter, 2 ¾” tall.  Circa 1860.  (Bauer Collection)

91.  Very Early Large Round, Covered Micmac Indian Quillwork Decorated Birch Bark Box having strong blue, gold and white geometric design to cover.  7 ¼” diameter, 4 ¾” tall.  Circa 1800.  (Bauer Collection)

92.  Round Covered Micmac Indian Quillwork Decorated Birch Bark Box having a complex, multicolored, geometric and chevron design to its lid.  5 3/8” diameter, 3 ½” tall.  Circa 1860.  (Bauer Collection)

93.  Boldly Paint Decorated Red and Blue Chippewa/ Ottawa Indian Snowshoes with graphic trillium, floral design.  38 ½” long, 13” wide.  Circa 1920.  (Bauer Collection)

94.  Mohawk Indian Bead Work, Velvet and Silk “Glengarry” Style Hat.  9” long, 3 ¼” high, 5 ¾” wide.  Circa 1880.  (Bauer Collection)

95.  Five Matched Pairs of Early Loomed Mittens.

96.  Oil Painting- Large OOC- Edmund Aylburton Willis (Am. 1808-1899).  “Young Bird Hunters”.  21” x 35” (sight).  Original frame.  Found recently in an Eastport, Maine home.  Both painting and frame are in superb, original condition.

97.  Patriotic, Calligraphic Drawing of American Flags, Eagles, Horses, Stags and Knights in Red, White and Blue with the inscription “Charles F. Cummings, Belgrade, Maine”.  4” x 7” (sight).

98.  Petite, Round Pantry Box in Original Red Paint with the inscription “Cinnamon” on its cover.  Measures 3 ¾” diameter, 2” tall.

99.  Circular Pantry Box in strong, original blue paint.  7 ½” diameter, 2 ¾” tall.

100. Delicate Hepplewhite Tapered Leg 1-Drawer Stand having a contrasting     inlaid single drawer bearing the initials M.W.  Outstanding original surface.  Standing 29” tall.  Its top measures 15 ½” wide x 16” deep.  Birch with maple drawer front and walnut inlay.  Original brass pulls.  Pegged and dovetailed construction.  Likely of Maine origin.   (Bauer Collection)

101. Mason Decoy Co. Standard Grade, Glass Eyed, Blue Wing Teal Hen in excellent original paint.  12” long.

102.  Shaker Ladder Back Side Chair in early chrome yellow over original lipstick red.  37 ¼” tall, seat height 14”.  Old and perhaps original tape seat.

103.  Paint Decorated Tin Dome Top Document Box attributed to the Filley Family of Bloomfield, CT.  Outstanding original paint.  8 ¾” wide, 5 ½” tall.

104.  Paint Decorated School Girls Work Box in mustard yellow, green and red striping and floral decoration.  10 ¼” wide, 3 ½” tall, 7 ¾” deep.  Original hand blocked newspaper on its open compartmented interior.

105.  Early Chalkware Paint Decorated Cat.  5 ½” tall.

106.  Matched Set of Four Period Hepplewhite Mahogany Shield Back Dining Chairs- legs shortened.

107.  Large Pair of Early Wrought Iron “Knife Blade” Andirons.

108.  AJ Harris “Smuggler” Running Horse Weathervane with original directionals.  32” long.

109.  Unusual Painted Silk and Wood Figural Watermelon Pin Cushion.  3 ½” long, 2 ¼” tall.

110.  Outstanding Collection of 26 Pieces of Early Velvet Fruits and Vegetables.

111.  Life Sized Folk Art Carved and Painted Head of a Black Bear.  Circa 1930.  12” diameter, 14” long.  (Bauer Collection)

112.  Large Carved and Paint Decorated Book Box inscribed “Joseph Morin” on cover below his original photograph.  Reverse is a photograph of Philomene Morin with her name inscribed below.  Spine of the book box reads “Livre a ete Fate”.  Also inscribed on spine “Carved February 7, 1903, Biddeford, Maine, 40 Green Street”.  Likely a gift from a woodcutter husband to his young wife.  8” tall, 5 ½” wide, 1 7/8” deep.  (Bauer Collection)

113.  Small Stoneware Jug with Cobalt Decoration of a Potted Flower and Script reading “Qt. Jug” (hairlines).  Stands 8” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

114.  Early Child Sized Wooden Bucket in old red paint with yellow “cats eye” decoration.  Lapped band construction.  5” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

115.Rectangular Covered Micmac Indian Quillwork decorated box with simple geometric decoration.  6” wide X 4 ½” deep X 3 5/8” tall. Ca. 1840  (Bauer Collection)

116.Large Heart shaped Micmac Indian Quillwork and Beaded Pincushion. 4” tall X 3 1/8” wide. Ca. 1850 (Bauer Collection)

117.Small Micmac Indian Round Covered Quillwork Box with 8 pointed star decoration on its lid. 4 ¼” diameter X 3” tall. Ca. 1830 (Bauer Collection)

118.Small Heart shaped Micmac Indian Quill and Beadwork Pincushion. 2” wide X 2 ½” tall. (Bauer Collection)

119.Rectangular Ojibway Indian covered Quillwork Box. 6 7/8” wide X 4 ¼’ deep X 5 5/8’ tall.  Ca. 1900 (Bauer Collection)

120.Crooked Knife – Large Boldly Carved & Painted knife bearing the initials “FB” and having carved and painted star & vine decoration. Ca. 1900(Bauer Collection)

121.Crooked Knife – Having carved and painted “Deer Hoof” grip showing fine articulation. Rawhide wrap.  Ca. 1900  (Bauer Collection)

122.Crooked Knife.-  Large Bold Vertically Carved Grip with Arrowhead decoration at its back.  Ca. 1900 (Bauer Collection)

123.Large Folk Art Boat Model of the double masted fishing vessel “Joseph Beck”.  Original red & green paint and having 2 pipe smoking sailors on its deck. Ca. 1900 30” long X 25 ¼” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

124.Set of 4 Matching Period Sheraton Mahogany Saber Leg Dining Chairs with Carved backs and slip seats.

125.Maine Round Top Stretcher Base Chair Table in Outstanding Original Red Paint. Pine top has superbly scrubbed original surface. Pegged Construction. Ca. 1900. Found in Pittsfield, Maine. (Bauer Collection)

126.Folk Art Carved & Painted Woodcutters Trophy depicting a sawyer with his tools from the Topsham, Maine Fairgrounds. Inscribed on base “My trophy – Harry Muckler”.  Coastal Maine Ca. 1920.  11 ¼” wide X 6” deep X 8 ¼” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

127.Early Folk Art Carved & Painted Bluebird atop a Bird Bath Base. Southern Maine origin.  Ca. 1880.  6 1’2 long X 4 ½” tall. (Bauer Collection)

128.Folk Art Carved & Painted Songbird mounted atop a Paint Decorated Obelisk. 9 “ tall. Bird measures 5 ½” long. Ca. 1900.  (Bauer Collection)

129.A Large Early Bucket Bench in Original Gray/Blue Paint with Red Painted Shelves. 63” wide X 47 ¼” tall X 14 ½” deep. Ca. 1850.

130.Small Folk Art Carved & Painted Owl.  9“ tall X 4” wide. Ca. 1920. (Bauer Collection)

131.Group of Carved & Painted Miniature Yellowlegs Shorebirds Mounted on Driftwood with Cattails. 9 ½” wide at base.  Birds measure 5” tall. Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

132.Matched Pair of Boldly Paint Decorated Maine Arrowback Armchairs. Overall height 34” Seat height 17” Ca. 1840. (Bauer Collection)

133.Early 2 Piece Pine Corner Cupboard having 2 Glazed Upper Doors and an Unusual “ Stepped” Ogee Bracket Base showing superb Dovetailing at its case and drawers. Original with the exception of an old refinish. 78” tall X 50 ½” wide X 27” deep. Southeastern New England.  Ca. 1810. Originally found in a Fall River, MA Home.

134.Tiny and Very Early Thin Scooped Carved American Indian Canoe Cup. 2 7/8” X 2”.  Ca. 1800. 

135.Small Pantry Box in Original Windsor Green Paint. 4 ¾” diameter.  3 1/8” tall.

136.Large Original Red Painted Single Door Maine Cupboard with Cornice Molded Top and Cut-out Base. 46 ¾” wide X 67” tall X 17” deep. Found in Pittston, Maine.  (Bauer Collection)

137.Folk Art Wall Hanging Smoking Pipe Rack and Match Safe with large Relief Carved & Painted Grosbeak on a Leafy Branch. 15 ¾” wide X 8 ½” tall. Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

138.Early Folk Art Cape Cod House Painting on Slate having a tromp l’oeil, gold banded frame. Possibly used as a fireboard. 25 ¼” X 18”. Ca. 1850. (Bauer Collection)

139.Tall Dovetailed Maine 6 Board Blanket Box in Original Apple Green Paint. 35 ½” wide X 21 ¼” tall X 19” deep. Ca. 1830. (Bauer Collection)

140.Folk Art Carved & Painted Likeness of a Mustached, Hatted Maine Woodcutter. 7” tall. Found in Sidney, ME. Ca. 1880. (Bauer Collection)

141.2 Pewter Communion Tokens and 2 Printed Paper Communion Tokens from the earliest Presbyterian Churches in America at what is now Chambersburg and Mercersburg, PA. Descended in the Witherspoon – Stevenson – Paxton Families who were church members and early clergy of these churches. Early handwritten provenance accompanies the lot.

142.2 Pieces of Early Pewter to include a Tulip shaped Mug signed by John Townsend of London and a Dome Topped Tankard having a “Knuckle” thumb piece with an illegible touch mark. Both pieces are originally from the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church near Chambersburg, PA. Tulip mug measures 4 ½” tall and is in excellent original condition. The tankard measures 7 ½” tall. Its handle has been poorly reattached some time ago. Descended in the Witherspoon – Stevenson – Paxton Families who were church members and early clergy of these churches.

142a. A 15 Inch Pewter Charger and a 9 ¼” Pewter “Push-Up” Candlestick      originally from the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church near Chambersburg, PA. The Charger has an illegible touch mark. The candlestick is unsigned. Descended in the Witherspoon – Stevenson – Paxton Families who were church members and early clergy of these churches.

142b. A Grouping of Paxton Family and Presbyterian Church Ephemera to

include the 1853 Book “Churches of the Valley” by Alfred Nevin. Inscribed in presentation form “ To the Mrs. Pastor Jane D. Paxton as a token of their regard by the session of Lower Marsh Creek Church February 1, 1853” Also included in the lot is an 1829 Family Psalm Book and an Ambrotype of a Young Child identified as the Sister of Jane Paxton.

143.Hooked Rug with Double Boomerangs in Center. 38” X 28”.

144.Hooked Rug – Floral Pattern on Black – signed  “Alphonse H. Chisholm” 60” X 30”.

145.Folk Art Carved & Painted “BLACK MILITARY BAND”. Carved  & painted by George Alan Britton of Pine Bluffs, Arkansas. The seated band of 7 musicians and 1 vocalist are seated on benches placed upon a leather- skirted stage. Each figure measures approximately 9” tall. The pie shaped stage measures 23” wide X 12” deep. (Bauer Collection)

146.Carved Folk Art Donut Dipper with Heart Decorated Handle. 14” long. Ca. 1850. (Bauer Collection)

147.Tiny Wall Hanging Collage on Red Velvet having Miniature Snowshoes, Canoe, Toboggan, Moccasins, and a Lacrosse Stick.  6 ½’ tall X 5 ½” wide. Ca. 1880. (Bauer Collection)

148.Busily Figured Tiger Maple Hanging Wall Shelf with Shaped Crest and Stepped Sides. 36” wide X 38 ½” tall X 8 ¼’ deep at its deepest point. Northern Vermont. Ca. 1830. (Bauer Collection)

149.Folk Art Carved & Painted Life Sized Head of a Buck Deer. Original Deer Antlers applied to Pine Head. 24” tall X 10” from front to back. Ca. 1920. (Bauer Collection)

150.Boldly Paint Decorated Canadian Armoire having 2 Flat Paneled Doors above 2 Drawers. Having a complex cornice molded top and paneled sides. The cupboard measures 50 ½’ wide at its case. 60 ½” wide at the cornice. 73 ½” tall. Southeastern Quebec/Northern Vermont border region. Ca. 1840. (Bauer Collection)

151.Tapered Covered Chippewa/Ottawa Indian Birch Bark Box having Notched Decoration and a Leather Handle. Ca. 1880.  9 ½’ tall. (Bauer Collection)

152.Large Northern Cree Indian Decorated Birch Bark Moose Call. 22” long. Ca. 1910. (Bauer Collection)

153.Tall Cylindrical Covered Birch Bark Chippewa/Ottawa Indian Tobacco Box. Ca. 1890. 12” tall X 4 ½” diameter. (Bauer Collection)

154.Large Decorated Northern Cree Indian Birch Bark Fishing Creel. 13 ½” wide X 7” tall (Damage to rear) Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

155.Small Chippewa/Ottawa Indian Birch Bark Wrapped Rim Bowl. Ca. 1900. 5 ½’ X 4 ½”. (Bauer Collection)

156.Six Pierced Ladderback Paint Decorated Side Chairs having original Blue Painted Rush Seats. St. John River Valley, N.B.  Ca. 1830. (Bauer Collection)


157.Folk Art Carved & Painted Flying Merganser on Stand. Lunenburg County N.S.  Ca. 1950. 20 ½” long X 24” wide.  (Bauer Collection)

158.Circular Reverse Painting on Glass of the St. Lawrence Paddle Wheeler “HUDSON”. Painted by Captain P. Carbonneau. The painting is surrounded by its original folk art, “life preserver” frame. Ca. 1900. (Please reference Harper, “A People’s Art” pl.94) 12” diameter. (Bauer Collection)

159.19th Century Folk Art Carved & Painted Heart Shaped Box purchased from the daughter of the Renowned Anthropologist Marius Barbeau, North Hatley, Quebec. 7” X 6” X 3 ¼” tall. (Bauer Collection)

160.Small Northern Cree Indian Beaded Deer Hide Wall Pocket. 5 ¼” tall X 3 ¼” wide. Ca. 1860. (Bauer Collection)

161.Tiny Beaded Micmac Indian Heart Shaped Pincushion.  Ca. 1860. 1 ¾” wide X 1 ¾” tall.  (Bauer Collection)

162.Small Micmac Indian Beaded Trade Cloth Rectangular Billfold Shaped Purse. Ca. 1860. 4 ¾” X 3”.  (Bauer Collection)

163.Small Green Mohawk Indian Beaded Bird Pincushion. Ca. 1900. 7 ¼” long. (Bauer Collection)

164.Small Red Mohawk Indian Beaded Bird Pincushion. Ca. 1900. 6 ¾” long. (Bauer Collection)

165.24 Piece Collection of Silk Fruit, Vegetable and other Figural Pincushions.

166.Federal Period Card Table having a Carved Pedestal and Brass Paw Feet. 34” wide X 17” deep X 29” tall. Found in a home near Bangor, Maine.

167.Oil Painting – OOC – Primitive Architectural View of a Maine Farm House in its original Lemon Gold Frame. Found in a home near Bangor, Maine. 14” X 20” sight.

168.Folk Art Walking Stick with Carved Snake and overall Polka Dot Paint Decoration. 33” long. Found in a central New Hampshire attic.

169.18th Century Pennsylvania Gold Scales bearing the label of “Adam Vance, Bohemia” (PA). These cased scales also bear an interior label that calibrates gold weights into world currencies, including “Pennsylvania Currency”. Complete with scale weights, scale and case. Case measures 6 7/8” X 3 ½” X 1 1/8” tall.  Original brass closure and hinges are present as well.

170.Five pairs of Early Loomed Mittens.

171.Small Round Covered Quillwork Box. Possibly Menominee Indian. Blue & White Snowflake Design. Ca. 1880. 2 3/4” diameter and 2  ¼” tall. (Bauer Collection)

172.Heart Shaped Ojibway Indian Quillwork Picture Frame with Original Tintype Photograph. Ca. 1860. 6 1/8” X 5”. (Bauer Collection)

173.Small Rectangular Quillwork Covered Box. Possibly Menominee Indian. Having Yellow Butterfly decoration. Ca. 1900. 3 ¼” X 3 1/8” X 2 1/8” tall. (Bauer Collection)

174.Snowshoe Shaped Ojibway Indian Quillwork Picture Frame. Ca. 1940. 9 ¾” tall X 4” wide. (Bauer Collection)

175.Small Oval Covered Quillwork Box. Possibly Winnebago Indian. With Snowflake Decoration. Ca. 1920.  3 5/8” X 3 5/8” X 1 ½” tall. (Bauer Collection)

176.Hooked Rug – “Horse and Buggy”. 48” X 32” 

177.Large Pair of Folk Art Carved & Painted Pheasants on Stumps. New England Ca. 1900. Each measures 14 ½” tall. (Bauer Collection)

178.Matched Pair of Profusely Carved & Painted Miniature Mallard Ducks. 6 ¾” long. Ca. 1920. (Bauer Collection)

179.Finely Detailed Miniature Carved & Painted Mallard Hen. 6 ¼” Ca. 1930. (Bauer Collection)

180.Folk Art Carved & Painted Song Bird with Thread Wrapped Legs. Ca. 1900. 6 ½” long. (Bauer Collection)

181.Early Scratch Carved Burl Wood Penobscot Indian Canoe Cup with Dogs, Hunters on Snowshoes, Bird and Turtle Decoration. Ca. 1880. (Bauer Collection)

182.Very Early Figural Iron Lock and Lock Plate with Escutcheon decorated with birds and dogs. 7 ½” X 6 1/8”. Found in a Bar Harbor, Maine home.

183.Carved & Painted Micmac Indian Heart Shaped Wall Plaque. Vividly Paint Decorated with Hearts, Diamond Point Pyramids, and Vines having a Saw Tooth Border. 15” tall X 12 ½” wide. Ca. 1910. (Bauer Collection)

184.Group of 12 Folk Art Carved Dogs. 5 of the 12 are painted. 3 of the 5 painted examples are mounted on 19th carving plates. Eastern Massachusetts. Ca. 1890.  The dogs are each approximately 5” in length. Recently found in a Duxbury, Massachusetts home.

185.Large Pennsylvania Combination Stepback Cupboard / Drawered Dry Sink with a Cut Out Base. Having 2 Doors over a Dry Sink over 2 Doors. 62” wide X 80” tall X 20” deep. Ca. 1860. Old Finish.

186.Carved & Painted Folk Art Miniature Golden Eye Duck. Probably Tancook Island, N.S. Ca. 1920. 6 ½” long     (Bauer Collection)

187.Miniature Folk Art Carved & Painted Loon. Ca. 1940. 5 ¼” long. (Bauer Collection)

188.Carved & Painted Miniature Maine Merganser having an Inletted Head. Ca. 1930. 3 ¾” long. (Bauer Collection)

189.Folk Art Carved & Painted Ruby Throated Hummingbird (meant to hang). Maine Ca. 1900. 4” long (Bauer Collection)

190.Unusual Tall Bale Handled Pantry Box in Original Gray/Green Paint. Maine Ca. 1870. 12” diameter. 14” tall. Found recently in a Mt. Desert Island home.

191.Crooked Knife – Large Human Hand Grip. Maine or the Maritimes. Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

192.Crooked Knife – Large Intricately Shaped Grip with the Makers Initials within an Inlaid Window above a Reticulated Heart. Maine or the Maritimes Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

193.Pair of Large Floral Decorated Hooked Pillows. Maine Ca. 1920. Each 16” square. (Bauer Collection)

194.Early Wood Storage Box in Old Red Paint. New York State origin. Ca. 1830.  34” X 30 ½” tall. (Bauer Collection)

195.Eagle Weathervane in Original Worn Gold Leafed Surface recently removed from the top of a Rye, New Hampshire workshop. American Ca. 1900. Wingspan 20 5/8”. Original directionals included.

196.Early 19 C. Handwritten Poem titled,  “THE SHAKER SLAVE”, an interesting lament by a disgruntled Shaker describing his indentured state while longing for the “WORLD”.  Found near Canterbury, New Hampshire. 15 ½” X 10”.

197. A large Collection of OLD stock certificates to include 460 total with 180 being of Maine original. The lot includes many interesting subjects such as gold and silver mining, aviation, movie houses; railroad, golf courses and much more. Recently discovered in the estate of a Skowhegan, Maine attorney.



198.Chip Carved Maine Swift. 24” tall. Maine ca. 1830. Found in a Coastal Maine Attic.

199.Large Paint Decorated Dome Top Box with Stencil & Smoke Decoration.31” wide x 15” deep x 16” tall.

200.Painting OOC W.S. Clime “THE RETURN” Stonington, CT. 11” ¼” x 15” sight.

201.Painting OOC W.S. Clime “DESERTED BARN” Old Lyme, Ct.  24”x 29 ½” sight.

202.Carved Wash Stick – Malacite or Micmac Indian made. 28 ¾” long. (Bauer Collection)

203.Large Pair Early Triangular Base Candlesticks having Drip Pans and Paw Feet. 16” tall. Found in a Lakes Region New Hampshire Home.

204.Micmac Beaded Heart Shaped Pincushion Ca. 1860. 2 ¾” X 2 ½”. (Bauer Collection)

205. Matched set Six Paint Decorated Hitchcock Chairs to include 4 side chairs and 2 armchairs. Ca. 1830.

206.Tiny Micmac Indian Quillwork Covered Pill Box with Geometric Design. 2 ½” X 1 3/8”.  (Bauer Collection)

207.Early Chip Carved Slide Cover Box in Original Green (cover missing) 6 1/8” long x 2 ½” wide x 2 1/8” tall. (Bauer Collection)

208.Miniature Wooden Bucket with Rope Handle- Original Blue Paint. 3”tall. 2 3/8” Diameter. Found in a Coastal Maine Attic.

209.Oriental Rug – Karachopf Kazak.  72 ½” X 51 ½”.

210.Oriental Rug – Large Caucasian with Tree Border. 93” X 54”.

211.Oriental Rug – Large Caucasian with Medallion Border.116” X 64”

212.Oriental Rug – Large Caucasian. Brick Red with Striped Edge. 90” X 82”

213.Oriental Rug – Large Soumak with Red & Blue Border. 132” X 62”.

214.Oriental Rug – Large Soumak with Maroon Border. 120” X 73”.

215.Oriental Rug – Large Kilim. 126” X 72”.

216.Oriental Rug – Signed. 120” long  45” wide.

217.Oriental Bag Face. 37 ½” X 18”.

218.Oriental Rug – Floral, Rose & Blue. 77” X 49”.

219.Two Door Pierced Tin Pie Safe – White. 45  ¼” wide x 53 ½” tall x 17 ¼ deep.

220.Unusual Hand Carved Burl Fighting Knuckles. 4 ¼”w. Perhaps American Indian. (Bauer Collection)

221.Small Round Micmac Quillwork Coaster with 8-Pointed Star. Ca. 1880. 5 7/8” diameter. (Bauer Collection)

222.Beaded Picture Frame – Athabascan/Cree. 9” X 6 ½” (Bauer Collection)

223.Hooked Pillow. 13 ¼” square (Bauer Collection)

224.Pair Small Hooked Pillows. Each 6” x 6 ½” (Bauer Collection)

225.Two Very Primitive Pine Folk Art Carved and Painted Birds. 1 Pheasant (23”long) 1 Songbird (7” long). Eastern Ontario, Ca.1920. (Bauer Collection)

226.Hooked Rug – Battleship – WWI. 42 ½” x 28”.

227.Oil Painting – OOC – Seascape – Listed Artist, Angel Deservice Espoy. Original Frame. 19 ½” x 30” sight.  (tears)

228. Carved Horse & Sulky. Ascot Corner, Quebec. Ca. 1950. 19 ½”long X 8” tall. (Bauer Collection)

229.Primitive Folk Art Carved & Painted Flying Blackbird found in New Sharon, Maine. 14” long. Ca. 1900. (Bauer Collection)

230.Black Painted Wooden Grain Shovel. (Bauer Collection)

231.Beaded Maroon Bird – Mohawk Indian. 7 ½” long (Bauer Collection)

232.Beaded Yellow Bird – Mohawk Indian.  8 ½” long (Bauer Collection)

233.Early Hooked Rug with Stars. 51 ½” X 32”.

234.Watercolor Painting Signed “Vincent Hartjen” former University of Maine Art Department Head. 15” x 20” sight.

235.Early Stretcher Base Pegged & Jointed Pine Work Stool – Old Red Paint – Champhered Leg. From Quebec Seminary. Ca. 1830. (Bauer Collection)

236.Painted Maine Tilt Top Hepplewhite Spider Leg Candle Stand. 28” tall X 24” wide X 17” deep.

237.Small Early Wall Mirror with Whale’s Tail Crest. 22 ½” X 14”.

238.Paint Decorated Maine Sewing Box with Drawer. 7 ½” wide x 5” tall x 5 ¾” deep.

239.Large Early Wallpaper Hat Box – Spanish Castles.18”x15”x12 ¾”tall.

240.Unusual Early Hat Mold.

241.Large Early Wallpaper Hat Box “Sandy Hook Light”. (Missing Lid) 16”x 14 ¼” x 10 ½” tall.

242.Wallpaper Covered Dome Top Box. 10” wide x 6” deep x 5 ½” tall.

243.Pantry Box – Old Red Paint – 8 ½” diameter.

244.Circular Pantry Box – Original Brown Paint. 9 ¼” diameter. 4 ¾” tall.

245.Collection of 13 Figural Velvet Pen Wipes.

246.Unusual Figural Doll Pen Wipe – Sold by the Shakers.

247.Large German Paper Mache’ Candy Container dated 1921. 9” tall.

248.Stencil Decorated Pine Ice Cream Freezer dated 1889. 34 ¾” tall X 27” wide X 17” deep.

249.Policeman or Jockey Whirligig made by Zenas Publicover of West Dublin – Lunenburg County, N.S. Ca. 1920.16” tall.(21 ½” to top of paddles) (Bauer Collection)

250.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Carved & Painted Poplar - Life Size Sitting Cheetah by Wesley Hubley, Lunenburg County, N.S. Ca. 1980’s. 35” tall. (Bauer Collection)

251.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Carved Peacock with Shaved Tail by Wesley Hubley, Lunenburg County, N.S. Ca. 1980’s. 18” tall. 13” long. (Bauer Collection)

252.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Carved & Painted Pine - Life Sized Penquin by Alcide St. Germaine (1911 – 199?), St. Antoine-Abbe, Quebec. Ca. 1950 20” tall. Base 8” tall. (Bauer Collection)

253.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Carved & Painted - “Flying Goose” by Edmond Chatiguy, St. Isidore, Quebec. Ca. 1970. 32”long X 20” tall. (Bauer Collection)

254.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Carved Pine Statue of Babe Ruth signed by P. (Phyllis) Cosman, Nova Scotia. Ca. 1990. 12 ¼” tall. (Bauer Collection)

255.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Oxen Head Plaque signed “Wilf Bent 1981” – Annapolis City, N.S. 14” X 8”. (Bauer Collection)

256.Canadian Folk Sculpture – Pair Very Primitive Painted & Carved Folk Art Mother and Daughter Heads. Found in Montreal, Ca. 1st Half 20th Century. 7 ¼” tall X 6 1/8” high. (Bauer Collection)

257.Canoe Paddle – Large Penobscot Indian Made Paddle with Shaped Handle. 71” long. (Bauer Collection)

258.Canoe Paddle – Early Mohawk Indian Cedar Paddle in Original Red Paint. (Repair to Blade) 58” long. (Bauer Collection)

259.Canoe Paddle – Early Maine Paddle with Carved Initials. (Old wire laced repair to blade) 65”long. (Bauer Collection)

260.1838 Chesterville, Maine MAP on Vellum Hand Drawn and Colored by Oliver Sewall. 30” x 29 ¼”. Signed & Dated.

261.Pair Maine Hooked Mittens – White.12 ½” long.

262.Pair Maine Hooked Mittens – White. 11” long.

263.Two Early Pewter Whale Oil Lamps with Unusual “Bull’s-eye” Lenses. 9” tall and 9 ½” tall.

264.Ovoid Jug – “STATES”. 9” tall.

265.Pewter Teapot – Westbrook, Maine Signed F. Porter. 6 ½” tall.

266.Inlaid Tea Caddy with Unusual Bone Inlay of a Peace Dove on its Lid. 10 ¼” wide x 6 ¾” deep x 6 ¼” tall.

267.Oil Painting – Very Early European OOC with Boys Fishing, Men Chatting and Animals. Unframed. 22” X 33 ½”.

268.Sheraton Drop Leaf Table with Carved Legs. 29”tall X 39” wide X 22 ½” deep.

269.Large German Horse Pull Toy. 17” long. 16” tall.

270.Round Nautical Painted Oilcloth Sailor’s Mat with Compass Design in Red, Green and White. 31” diameter. Maine/Maritimes Ca. 1900-1920. (Bauer Collection)

271.Tiny Carved & Painted Toothpick Holder Carved by a Bethel, Maine Lumberman. Ca. 1980. 2” tall X 2 ½” diameter. (Bauer Collection)

272.Tin Toy Shadow Box of Vegetables and Baskets. Labeled “G. Schwartz, Philadelphia”. Ca. 1900. 5 ½” x 7 ¾” x 1 ½”. (Bauer Collection)

273.Raised Panel Single Door Cupboard in Old Blue Paint. 67 ½” tall x 28 ¼” wide x 12” deep.

274.Large Splay Legged Tavern Table. 5’ long.

275.Penobscot Indian Club – Black Bear Head. 23” long.

276.Child’s Adirondack Style Rocker.

277.Small Double Wheel Coffee Grinder – Lander, Frary & Clark #20.

278.Large Blue Spongeware Pitcher. 9” tall

279.Pierced Tin Pie Safe – Old Green Paint.41” wide x 56” tall x 15 ¾” deep.

280.Large Wall Mirror – Victorian Hand Painted Decoration. 33 ½” tall x 47” wide.

281.Hepplewhite 4 Drawer Chest. 37 ¼” tall x 40 ½” wide x 17 ¾” deep.

282.Geometric Hooked Rug. 25 ½” x 34 ½”.

283.Early Cast & Wrought Iron Andirons with Spit Hooks.

284.Five Folk Art Carved Song Birds. Approx. 4” in length.

285.Two Yellow Ware Food Molds.

286.Unusual Early Canoe or Kayak Cover in Original Red Paint.

287.Oil Painting – Large OOC Signed C.T. Rodgers. 20” x 30” sight. Original Frame. (Damaged)

288.Hooked Rug – Early - Rectangular Pattern/ 38” x 38 ½”.

289.Hooked Rug – Oriental Rug Pattern. 44” x 27”.

290.Hooked Rug – Random Pattern. 35” x 22”.

291.Oil Painting “Crow Point, Hingham, Mass.” Signed & Dated “C.W.S.S. 1875”. 11” x 15” sight.

292.Large Country Store Sign on Linen – Friendship, Maine “WEST INDIA GOODS”. Approx. 9’ tall x 6’ wide.

293.Etching – Marguerite Kirmse – Scottie Dogs titled “Social Security”. 8 ½” x 6 ½’ sight.

294.Etching – Marguerite Kirmse – Scottie Dogs titled “Glad to See You”. 9 ½” x 7 1/8” sight.

295.Early Formal Period Brass Andirons.

296.Large Burl Wood Silver Chest. 16 ½” wide x 11 ½”deep x 6 ½” tall.

297.Small Whale Bone Swift. 13 ½” long. (damaged)

298.Insurance Sign with Applied Gold Leaf Letters. “R.H. Frost”. 83” long x 22” tall.

299.Paint Decorated Wall Basket. 10 ½” wide x 9” tall x 5” deep.

300.New Hampshire Queen Anne Candlestand – Old Black Paint. 27 ½” tall x 16 ¼” deep x 15 ½” deep.

301.Two “Twined” Indian Baskets – California Plateau. 8 ¼” tall x 9” diameter & 6 ¼” tall x 11” diameter.

302.Paint Decorated Dome Top Box in Blue Paint. 22”wide x 10”tall x 10” deep.

303.Three Carved & Painted Wall Mount Geese from Duxbury, MA.

304.Pair Barnes Family Portraits – Eastport, Maine. (Restored) 34” x 26 ½” sight.

305.18th Century Bonnet Top Secretary Top. 47 ½” tall x 35 ¼” wide x 11” deep.

306.Watercolor of Shorebird – Wm. Gillette. Signed LL.  8 ¼” x 11 ½” sight.

307.Shaker Rug – Small.  32” x 18”.

308.Shaker Rug – Large. 42” x 22”.

309.Hooked Rug – Geometric & Floral. 42” x 25”.

310.Ladderback Armchair with Knuckle Arms.

311.Hooked Rug – Genre Scene with Border.  44 ½” x 33 ½”.

312.Oil Painting of Maine Farmhouse. OOC Unsigned. 9” x 13 ½” sight.

313.Hooked Rug – Spider Web Border – 31” x 25”.

314.Hooked Rug – Floral & Leaves in Green & Copper. 40” x 28”.

315.Hooked Rug – Random Geometric Pattern. 33 ½” square.

316.Round Pantry Box in Old Gray Paint. 6 ½” diameter 2 ¼” tall.

317.“Make Do” Pin Cushion – Velvet Strawberry having a Flint Glass Base. 6” tall.

318.Ovoid 2Gallon Stoneware Jug – Nathan Porter – West Troy, NY.

319.Lot of Early Half Hulls. 1 in Original Blue. Longest is 12” long. Smallest is 4 ¾” long.

320.Early Red Whiskey Bottle with Handle. 6 ¼” tall.

321.Early Painted Child’s Castle. 14” tall x 21”wide x 16” deep.

322.Early Hand Mirror with Inlaid “M”. 11 1/8” long x 5 ¾” wide.

323.Mortar & Pestle – Original Blue Paint – Found in Dennysville, Maine. 14” tall overall.

324.Pair Ball Foot Brass Candlesticks. 8” tall.

325.Early Country Mirror. Approx. 26 1/2” long X 18” wide.

326.Child’s Blanket Box with Bone Inlay. 14 ¾” wide x 8’deep x 9”tall.

327.Large Floral Hooked Rug. 80” x 41 ½”.

328.Large Watercolor Painting – Venetian Scene – Louis K. Harlow.

329.Large Early Green Painted Bench. 112” long x 15 ¾” tall x 13” deep.

330.Green Painted Folding Drying Rack.

331.Very Early Paint Decorated Wrought Iron Balance Scale.

332.Two Reverse Painted Sheraton Mirrors. Each 24” tall x 15” wide.

333.Carved Wooden Busque.

334.Pair Paint Decorated Thumb Back Chairs.

335.Collection of Labeled Maine Bottles.

336.Decorated Tin Document Box – Zachariah Stevens, Maine. (Worn original paint) 7 ¾” wide x 3 ½” tall x 3 ½” deep.

337.Architectural Still Bank – Covered Bridge. 6” long x 2 ½” tall x 2 ¼” deep.

338.Architectural Still Bank – Town Hall Style Building- Original Paint. 4 ½” wide x 4” deep x 4 5/8” tall.

339.Oil Painting of Dog – Frank French N.A. (Am. 1850 – 1953). 24” x 19 ½” sight. OOC.

340.Pair Ipswich Shellfish Baskets.

341.Early Fowling Rifle – Signed Ketland.

342.Pair of Nautical Paintings on Black Velvet. 7” x 8” & 9” x 7 ¾” sight.

343.Large Brass Ship’s Lantern with Wicks.

344.Three Small Primitive Oil Paintings on Academy Board. The first a view of 2 children casting a longing glance toward the sea. The second of a Dog with a clutch of wildflowers in his teeth and the 3rd, a Still Life signed Mary Wardner. Sizes are 4” X 6”: 5” X 7” and 7  ½” X 5  ½”. Found in a Coastal Maine attic.

345.Ephemera Lot from Newbury, MA to Include an Artist’s Sketch Book, Early Deeds, etc.

346.Sugar Mold with Hearts.

347.Fancy Carved Oak Key Cabinet with a Dog, Bird and Fox Carved in High Relief. 19” tall x 14” wide.

348.Ovoid 2Gallon Decorated Jug – Athens, NY.

349.Up & Down Churn – Old Red Paint. 24” tall (not including dash) 11” top diameter.

350.Large Red & Black Wooden Checkerboard with Tray type Molding and Square Nails. 30 ½” tall x 22 ¾” wide.

351.Reverse Painted Sheraton Mirror in Brilliant Lemon Gold. 25 ¼” tall x 12” wide.

352.Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher. 9” tall.

353.Country Pine Server with 3 Drawers over 2 Doors. 35” tall x 48” wide x 17 ½” deep.

354.Paint Decorated Mustard & Red Chest. 19” tall x 43” wide x 20 ½” deep.

355.Large Blue Spongeware Covered Bowl with Bail Handle. (damaged)

356.Enterprise Coffee Grinder with Double Wheel. 18” tall.  Wheels measure 12 ½” diameter

357.Caliper Log Scale with Wheel. 45” long.

358.Pewter Teapot with Lighthouse Lid. 7 ½” tall.

359.Collection of Monhegan Island, Maine Photos by Warner Taylor.

360.Hanging Stepped Walnut Wall Shelf. 24 ½” tall x 7 ½” deep x 37” wide.

361.Early Blanket Box with Strap Hinges.

362.Early Crib Quilt with Stars & Moon. 32” wide x 46 ½” long.

363.Folk Art Maine Carved & Inlaid Wash Stick with Whimsical “Ball” Handle. 27” long.

364.Early Pocket Compass in Turned Wooden Case. 2 ¼” diameter.

365.Ivory Head Cane with Unusual Ivory Tip. 36” long.

366.18th Century Fireplace Tools.

367.Large Hamper Basket.

368.Early Etched Glass Water Pitcher. 10” tall.

369.Pantry Box with Paint Decorated Lid. 6 ¾” diameter. 3” tall.

370.Mahogany Tea Caddy having Ogee Bracket Feet. 12” wide x 9” tall x 6 ½” deep.

371.Early Mocha Mug. 6” tall. (Damaged)

372.Bail Handled Pantry Box  - Original Green Paint. 10 ¼” diameter. 6 ½” tall.

373.Signed Grenfell Table Cover with Embroidered Eskimos. 38 ½” x 31 ½”.

374.Bannister Back Side Chair.

375.Early Hand Sewn “Pocket”. 9” wide x 11” tall.

376.Cast Iron Figural Shooting Target.

377.Many Early Chinese Watercolors in Original Cases. 4 ¾” x 3 3/8” &  4” x 2 5/8”.

378.Pair Indian Made Snowshoes. 41 ½”long.

379.Labeled Maine Ketchup Bottle, -  “Twitchell , Champlin & Co. Portland, Maine”. Aqua with Vibrant Label. 9” tall.

380.Pair of Early Brass “Petal Base” Push-Up Candlesticks. 6 ½” tall.

381.Black Forest Carved Match Holder. 14” tall x 8” wide.

382.Tapered Leg 1 Drawer Stand – Over Painted. 26 ½”tall x 23 ½”wide x 17 ½” tall.

383.Three Pieces Early Graniteware.

384.Collection of Maine Art Books.

385.Pair of Folk Art Carved Horses. Each measure 8” long x 6 ½” tall.