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Gould Auction Company

Order of Sale

May 12, 2007


(Last Updated Wednesday May 9, 2007)

  1. Wendell Gilley Miniature Waterfowl Carving- Pin Tail Drake
  2. Wendell Gilley Miniature Waterfowl Carving- Wood Duck Drake
  3. Wendell Gilley Miniature Waterfowl Carving- Green Wing Teal Drake
  4. Wendell Gilley Miniature Waterfowl Carving- Canada Goose
  5. Wendell Gilley Miniature Bird Carving- Woodcock
  6. Carved Maine Mackerel Plow
  7. Carved and Paint Decorated Breadboard
  8. Decorated Stoneware 2-gallon Jug- Bennington, VT.
  9. Early Firkin- Old Blue Paint
  10. Painted Basket- Old Blue Paint- from the home of Gen. O.O. Howard

    10B. Miniature Portrait inscribed verso "Caroline Wardwell ..Rumford, Maine 1845"

  11. Large Early Pickle Jar
  12. Large Lot of Approx. 30 Early Nautical Charts by Eldridge, Blunt & Others
  13. Chopping Tray- Old Red Paint
  14. "Plain" Kentucky Rifle (converted to percussion)
  15. Tiger Maple Bench Made Queen Anne Desk on Frame
  16. Turned Leg One-Drawer Stand- Signed Clara Graves
  17. Penobscot Indian Basket- Covered Compote
  18. Penobscot Indian Basket- Purse w/ Sewing Tools
  19. Penobscot Indian Basket- Old Town, Maine- Signed Edna "Neoga" Becker
  20. Paint Decorated Childs Chair- Attributed to Daniel Stewart- Farmington, Maine
  21. Large Oval, 4-Finger Shaker Box- Alfred, Maine 11 ¾"
  22. Large Hudson River Landscape OOC- Cazenovia, NY.- Harriet Lavinia Porter
  23. Oversized Maine Merganser Decoy
  24. Large Geometric Hooked Rug
  25. Folk Art Carving- Blackbird with polka dot base- Enoch Benner, Port Clyde, Maine (b. 1838)
  26. Folk Art Carving- Small Rooster on Base- Enoch Benner, Port Clyde, Maine
  27. Folk Art Carving- Rooster Enoch Benner, Port Clyde, Maine marked Sara Cook (b.1860)
  28. Folk Art Carving- Rooster - Enoch Benner, Port Clyde, Maine - marked Linden Cook (b.1890)
  29. Folk Art Carving- Yellow Songbird on Base- Enoch Benner, Port Clyde, Maine
  30. Bird Jug with Pouring Spout- Fort Edward, NY.
  31. Paint Decorated Maine Lap Desk- Ex: John Tarrant Kenney- Hitchcock Chair Museum
  32. Hepplewhite Tilt Top Candle Stand- Maine
  33. Birdseye Maple Document Box
  34. Maine Redware Jug - John Safford
  35. "Crowing Rooster" Weathervane
  36. OOC "Brook Trout" Willis Henry Plummer
  37. Maine Redware Herb Pot- Ex: Chris Huntington Collection
  38. Painted Checkerboard- Cream & Black
  39. Decorated Dome Top Box- Worcester County, MA.
  40. Early Watercolor Farmyard Scene- Dated 1791
  41. Large Whalebone Fid
  42. Small Whalebone Fid
  43. Pond Sailing Model "Pinky"- Port Clyde, Maine
  44. Penny Foot Adjustable Wrought Iron Lighting Device
  45. Maine Chopping Bowl- Old Blue Paint
  46. Maine Redware Jug- John Corliss
  47. Early Hollow Cut and Watercolor Silhouette- ID: Eliza Perrin- Attleboro, MA.
  48. Large Hooked Rug- Village Scene
  49. Sailing Model of Schooner- E. Benner, Port Clyde, Maine
  50. 1863 Cutwork and Watercolor- Clipper Ship Mary
  51. Wooden Axe Trade Sign
  52. Primitive Painting-Birds Eye View- Swans Island, Maine
  53. Early Banjo Clock
  54. Tapered Leg Tavern Table with Drawer- Original Red Paint
  55. Early OOC Portrait of a Cartographer
  56. Large Shaker 5-Finger Oval Box 13 1/4"
  57. Large Sheep "Nodding" Pull Toy
  58. Painted Gameboard– Green, Black & Cream
  59. 3 Painted "Indian Clubs"
  60. Maine Redware Jug- Norcross, Farmington
  61. "Lollipop" Butter Stamp
  62. Hooked Rug- Flower Urns
  63. Large Goose Neck, Knife Blade, 18th Century Andirons
  64. Large Maine Paint Decorated Portrait Frame
  65. Folk Art Carving- 3 Owls on Base- Enoch Benner- Port Clyde, ME (b. 1838)
  66. Folk Art Carving- 2 Owls on Base- Enoch Benner-Port Clyde, ME
  67. Folk Art Carving- Single Owl, Painted Base- Enoch Benner-Port Clyde, ME
  68. Folk Art Carving- Single Owl, Bark Base- Enoch Benner- Port Clyde, ME
  69. Folk Art Carving- Yellow Songbird on Base- Enoch Benner-Port Clyde, ME

    69B. Hepplewhite Drop Leaf Table-Southern Walnut

  70. Maine Tall Clock- Samuel Ranlett, Monmouth
  71. Ship Painting OOC by Octavius White
  72. Nantucket Sailor Whirligig
  73. Miniature Shaker Basket
  74. Primitive Framed Landscape OOC
  75. Large Ship Painting- W.P. Stubbs
  76. Portland, Maine Cobalt Decorated 5-Gallon Crock- Lamson & Swasey
  77. Country Pembroke Cherry Drop Leaf Table
  78. Upright Cobblers Bench
  79. Blown Bottle- Lockport, NY– Great Color
  80. Sampler- Westerly, RI- Mary Ann Babcock 1826
  81. CT Short Drop Split Column Shelf Clock Spencer, Hotchkiss & Co.
  82. Large Hooked Rug- Earthworms
  83. Early Watercolor- Packet Ship "Montezuma"
  84. Profusely Carved 2 piece Tramp Art Secretary Desk
  85. Portrait- Miniature on Ivory in Mourning Frame
  86. Cobalt Decorated Bennington Stoneware Jug- 3 gallon
  87. Early Bronze 2 piece Spoon Mold
  88. "Biscuit" Butter Stamp
  89. Halloween Candy Container- Witch
  90. Hepplewhite Inlaid Slant Front Desk
  91. Large Jointed Teddy Bear
  92. Paper Mache Candy Container- Rabbit
  93. Early Quilt for 4 Poster Bed
  94. Early Quilt-Tulip Pattern
  95. Whale Oil Lantern- Red Globe
  96. Unusual Large Redware Jug
  97. Unusual Charcoal on Sandpaper titled "Halloween"
  98. Tomato Red, Floral & Vine Decorated Box
  99. 4-Gallon Bird Crock- Keene, NH.
  100. "Torrent 1874" Scale Model Fire Pumper
  101. Brass Button Document Box with Great Wallpaper Interior
  102. Unusual Shaker "Lace Waxing" Tool
  103. Paint Decorated Covered Maine Basket
  104. Paint Decorated Schoolgirl Sewing Box
  105. Fine Maine Memorial Human Hair "Mourning Picture" dated 1854-Page family
  106. Long Handled Wrought Iron 18th Century Hearth Shovel- Signed "Cook"
  107. Unusual Woven Oriental "Tent Flap"
  108. 18th Century American Pewter Sundial- Dated 1779
  109. OOC Landscape Signed Willis Henry Plummer
  110. Whimsical "Shoe Fly" Cobalt Decorated Crock R.S. Rand- Portland, Maine
  111. CT Redware Crock- Incised
  112. CT Redware Crock- Multi-Color Glaze
  113. CT Redware Ovoid Crock
  114. Ammunition Box- 100 Round- 1901 Winchester
  115. Ammunition Box- 100 Round- "UMC- Magic"
  116. Lot of Winchester Wad Boxes, 3 Early 2 pc. Shotshell Boxes and Miscellaneous Antique Ammunition
  117. Unusual E. Swasey & Co. - Portland, Maine Flashlight
  118. Hepplewhite Mahogany Upright Knife Box
  119. Small New England Wallpaper Hat Box
  120. Sampler- Hebron, CT- Francis Gilbert 1829
  121. 18th Century Tin Hearth or Reflector Oven
  122. Small "Cat’s Eye" Decorated Dome Top Box
  123. Early "Biscuit" Butter Stamp

    123B. Narrow Stepback Cupboard in old paint

  124. Small Turned Wooden Bowl- Mustard Paint
  125. NH Bow Front Hepplewhite Chest

    125B. Gilded Federal Looking Glass

  126. Early Parcheesi Board- Red & Mustard
  127. Early Flax Wig

    127B. Maine Hepplewhite Graduated 5 Drawer Chest

  128. 2 pieces Moose Hair Embroidered Birch Bark
  129. Miscellaneous Lot of Antique Whalebone, Ivory, Etc.
  130. Rare Meeting House "Pew Divider"- Possible Shaker
  131. Redware Covered Pitcher- Mustard Glaze
  132. Lot of Velvet Fruit

    132B. "TIGER" Paint Decorated Wooden Child’s Sled

  133. Watercolor of Sailing Vessel
  134. Bird Crock- 2 Gallon – Boston - Damaged
  135. Sausage Turned Ladderback Side Chair
  136. Charming Early Portrait of a Seated Child
  137. Miniature Portrait on Ivory- Signed Duverney
  138. 1864 Abraham Lincoln Print- "Reading the Emancipation Proclamation"
  139. Bow Back Windsor Armchair
  140. PA Tall Case Clock- signed Jacob S?????, Hanover
  141. Decorated Jug- Butterfly
  142. Flint Glass Finger Lamp
  143. Huge Pond Sailing Model
  144. Quilt Top - Log Cabin Variation
  145. Combed Windsor Armed Rocker
  146. Watercolor Landscape by Hugo Fisher
  147. Early Needlework Sampler
  148. Turned Wooden Bowl- Old Blue Paint
  149. Victorian Crazy Quilt
  150. Folk Art Portrait- Prior/ Hamblen School
  151. Painted Revolutionary War Canteen with initials "DB". Red, blue and mustard.
  152. Victorian OOC Portrait of Charles Sawyer- By Listed Maine Artist John Cloudman
  153. Tin Food Mold - ELEPHANT
  154. Chimney Cupboard with Raised Panel Door
  155. Unusual Art Pottery Bowl

    155B. Small Jointed Teddy Bear

  156. Victorian Still Life Painting- Signed and Dated
  157. Chopping Tray- Old Blue Paint
  158. Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug- Signed W. Fives, Portland, Maine
  159. Portland, Maine Ovoid Jug- Durgin
  160. Folk Art Bird Carving- Small Red Songbird in Tree- Enoch Benner
  161. Folk Art Bird Carving- Small Yellow Songbird in Tree- Enoch Benner
  162. Folk Art Bird- Small Yellow Songbird on Base- Enoch Benner
  163. Folk Art Bird Carving- Primitive Sandpiper? on base- Enoch Benner
  164. Folk Art Bird Carving- Quail on Base- Enoch Benner
  165. Old Master Painting-1893 Copy of Raphael’s Madonna- Signed Furmi- Firenze
  166. Unusual Still Life OOC Painting- Signed Chappel
  167. Unusual Nude OOC- by the same hand as the previous lot "Chappel"
  168. Drop Leaf Two Drawer Stand – Pine- Refinished
  169. Large OOC Gloucester Harbor Scene- Douglas Witherstine
  170. Red and Black Paint Decorated Maid’s Caddy with wrought iron handle.
  171. Table Top 12 Drawer Spice Chest with porcelain knobs
  172. Lot of Ivory and Whalebone Crochet Hooks, Pickwicks and Sewing Needles.
  173. 2 Early Mathematical Formula and Caligraphic Exercise Books. Joseph Baker - New Hampton, NH 1818 & 1828
  174. Large "Gaudy" Punch Bowl
  175. Early Folk Art Carving of Sailor
  176. Halloween Lantern- "Bat"
  177. Street Car Hill Climber Toy
  178. Early Pewter "Peg" Lamp
  179. Dated Jacquard Blue Coverlet
  180. Early Portrait of a Striking VT Gent
  181. Small Early Brass Button Document Box
  182. Pair Carved Shorebirds ca: 1960- Signed "B"
  183. Harriet Beecher Stowe Album with Signatures and Sketches - Georgiana Stowe Allen guest book.
  184. Harriet Beecher Stowe Album with poems, letters and family photos - Georgiana Stowe Allen scrapbook
  185. Harriet Beecher Stowe Photos – Stowe family tintype album- Frame photo of Georgiana Stowe
  186. Harriet Beecher Stowe Books- Calvin E. Stowe prayer book-Freeman Allen Prayer Book-Georgiana Stowe & Henry Allen wedding bible.
  187. CT Redware Covered Jar
  188. CT Redware Dye Pot
  189. National Audubon Society "Building Letters"
  190. Stepback Cupboard- Old Red with Tiger Maple Drawers
  191. Carved and Painted Folk Art Lamb-New York State
  192. Small Indian Totem Pole with Bear
  193. Small Indian Totem Pole
  194. Pair Beaded Cheyenne Indian Moccasins
  195. Pair Beaded Buffalo Hyde Indian "Snowshoe" Moccasins
  196. Maine Sponge Decorated Box- Dover Foxcroft, Me.
  197. Turned Wooden Container in Shaker Style- Possibly Brother Thomas Fisher- Enfield, CT
  198. Queen Anne Tilt Top Table- Maine

    198B. OOC of an Early Home in Belmont, Mass.

  199. Early American Naval Dirk with Hanger and Scabbard
  200. Lot of Early Percussion Cap Tins
  201. Lot of Old Ammunition
  202. Early U.S. Cartridge Company Advertising Poster U.S. Military Ammunition
  203. 1864 Civil War Cavalry Sword- C. Roby
  204. Civil War and G.A.R. Lot- Medals and Ephemera from Royal Fowler 5th Maine Vols.
  205. Batty Peace Flask
  206. U.S. Model 1816 Hapers Ferry Musket - lock date 1827
  207. U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol- H. Aston 1849
  208. U.S. Model 1819 Flintlock Pistol- Simeon North 1822 (converted)
  209. U.S. Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol- R. Johnson 1839 (converted)
  210. Model 1861 Remington Percussion Revolver
  211. Early Blunderbuss
  212. Joshua Chamberlain Autograph
  213. Sharps Carbine New Model- 1859 (rough)
  214. Needham Conversion of 1864 Bridesburg Musket (rough)
  215. Peabody Rifle- Sporterized (rough)

    215B. Stevens Armory Model Drop Block Musket

  216. W. Richards Double Barrel Percussion Shot Gun
  217. Allen & Thurber Overhammer Pistol
  218. Early Belgian Fintlock Pistol
  219. Batty "Indian Hunter" Powder Flask. Riling # 538
  220. Colt Double Barrel Shotgun

    220B. Stevens Armory Model Drop Block Musket

  221. Snuff Box- Carved Wooden Shoe
  222. Turned Leg 1-Drawer Stand- Old Red
  223. Pond Sailing Model- Port Clyde, Me.
  224. Small Primitive Landscape Painting OOC
  225. Early Shoe Foot Drying Rack

    225B. Unusual Native American Basket

  226. Woven Maine Indian Baby Rattle
  227. Small Whalebone "Snatch Block"
  228. 3 pieces- 2 Early Wrought Iron Hearth Shovels and 1 Peel
  229. Large Shaker Gathering Basket- Sabbathday Lake
  230. Bail Handled Pantry Box- Old Green Paint

    230B. American Empire Pedestal Base Drop Leaf Table

  231. Maine Indian Basket- Passamaquoddy Covered Sewing
  232. Maine Indian Basket- Passamaquoddy Wall Pocket
  233. Maine Indian Basket- Penobscot "Strawberry"
  234. Maine Indian Basket- Yarn Basket
  235. Early Butter Stamp
  236. Labeled Firkin

    236B. Pr. Watercolor Seascapes signed Beldam

  237. Large Watercolor in Original Frame- Signed Wittlesey
  238. Matched Pair Custom Mahogany Beds
  239. Quill Decorated Birch Bark Handkerchief Holder- Micmac Indian
  240. Passamaquoddy Indian Fan
  241. Halloween Lantern- "Devil"
  242. Enameled Chinese Snuff Bottle
  243. Carved Northwest Ivory Bird
  244. Scrimshaw Whale’s Tooth
  245. Early Butter Stamp
  246. Stoneware Crock- 5 Gallon - Sawyer - Jonesport, Maine & Bangor Stoneware Co.
  247. Early Pewter Charger
  248. Mustard Painted Maine Basket
  249. Unusual Heart Shaped Pantry Box
  250. Early Canopy Bed
  251. Fan Back Windsor Armchair
  252. Paint Decorated Dresser Top Box
  253. Hepplewhite Cherry Drop-Leaf Table
  254. Large Lot of Canton Porcelain
  255. Folk Art Bird Carvings- 2 Small Brightly Colored Songbirds- Enoch Benner
  256. Folk Art Carves Sea Fowl- Lot of 10 Miniature Sea Duck Carvings- Eiders and Scoters- Enoch Benner
  257. Folk Art Bird Carvings- Lot of 6 Carved Birds- Enoch Benner
  258. Maine Redware Jug
  259. Large Lot Carved and Painted Shorebirds from Seabrook, NH.
  260. Victorian Oil Painting- Puppies – OOC- Original Frame
  261. Victorian Oil Painting- Genre Scene-Tiny Girl Trappings Birds- Sgnd. Selenia Manchester – OOC – Original Frame
  262. Victorian Oil Painting- Landscape - Canoeing Scene – OOC – Original Frame
  263. Lot of 3 Victorian Braided Rugs
  264. Lot of 2 Victorian Braided Rugs
  265. Maine Paint Decorated Childs Boston Rocker – Mustard Yellow
  266. Folk Art Paint Decorated Bi-Plane Weathervane
  267. Pastel Landscape- Signed Sam Thal
  268. Lot of Hooked Runners and Chair Seats
  269. Oyster Jug- Stoneware - Lombard- Portland, Maine
  270. Lamson and Swasey Portland. ME Cobalt Decorated Crock- Ground Lip
  271. Maine Redware Roll Stamp Decorated Pot – Very Early
  272. Maine Redware Jug
  273. Huge Victorian Conference Table
  274. Watercolor- Harbor Scene- Signed Stokes
  275. Cherry Drop Leaf Table
  276. Small Wooden Bucket- Lipstick Red Paint
  277. "Harvard" Shaker Box
  278. Feeding Goose Decoy
  279. New Jersey Merganser Decoy
  280. Bennington Flint Enamel Creamer

    280B. Bisque Head Character Doll

  281. Unusual Woven Metal Basket
  282. Small Chippendale Mirror
  283. Complex Oak Traveling File Box
  284. Ivory Powder Dispenser for Gloves
  285. Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp
  286. Swing Handled Basket
  287. Large Covered Feather Basket
  288. Carved Maine Canoe Paddle
  289. Small Oriental Port Painting
  290. Quilt- Multi Star
  291. Quilt- Yellow Geometric
  292. Small Primitive Landscape Painting OOB
  293. Root Head Decoy
  294. Black Duck Decoy
  295. Early Pottery Tobacco Jar w/ Eagle
  296. Miniature Drop Leaf Table
  297. Early Charcoal Drawing
  298. Tramp Art Frame
  299. Unusual Early Display Pedestal
  300. Civil War Canteen
  301. Lot of Early Stuffed Animals
  302. W. Richards Shotgun
  303. Stoneware Script Jug- Boyden & Bailey, East Needham, MA.
  304. Pair of Portland, Maine Jugs- Shaw
  305. Painted Checkerboard
  306. Tintype Photos including Tennis Player
  307. Tin Wind-Up Toy
  308. 3 Gold Mining Stock Certificates – Gold Buckle Mining- 3600 Shares (total)
  309. Hinged Cast Iron String Holder
  310. Unusual Treenware Centerpiece
  311. Early Wooden Chopping Tray
  312. Crewel Work Bed Cover and Draperies
  313. Unusual Woven Cat Bed
  314. Small Swing Handle Basket
  315. Make-Do Goblet
  316. Small Blown Gin Bottle and Triangular Bottle
  317. Early Wallpapered Box
  318. Drop Leaf Table
  319. Early Buttocks Basket
  320. Unusual Oversized Molasses Dipper
  321. Early Trade Ax
  322. Stoneware Jug "Oliver Bryan Ship Chandlery, 29 South St., NY"
  323. 2 Portland, Maine Crocks - 5 Gal. Lamson & Swasey; 2 Gal. Bayes & Douglas
  324. Portland, Maine Crock – R.S. Rand
  325. Gardiner, Maine Decorated Stoneware Crock – Incised Swan
  326. Portland, Maine Crock- Signed Winslow
  327. Early Tin Plate Warmer
  328. Wheeled Basket- Squirrel Island, Maine
  329. Small Crock- Portland, Maine – Winslow - damage
  330. Country Pine Secretary Old Blue under overpaint
  331. Wing Chair Frame
  332. 2 Bath, Maine Atlases
  333. Watercolor- Monogrammed LAF
  334. Large Birdseye Maple Smoothing Plane
  335. Queen Anne Mirror- damaged
  336. Sea Captains Looking Glass
  337. Very Early Plow Plane
  338. Oversized Copper Kettle
  339. Wooden Skates- Old Blue
  340. Silver Plated Tea Pot

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