Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer  

Gould Auction Company

FINAL Order of Sale

Saturday May 31, 2008

1.      Small Maine Redware Jug

2.      Banded Yellow Ware Mug

3.      Bootjack End Blanket Chest- Red Paint

4.      Small Grain Painted Decorated Maine Box

5.      Cobalt Decorated Ovoid Jug Dated 1842

6.      Wooden Covered Firkin in Original Gray Paint

7.      Large Banded Mocha Mug

8.      Yellow Ware Pitcher with Seaweed Decoration

9.      Frank Finney Carved Rooster on Ball

10.  Frank Finney Carved Life Sized Owl

11.  Frank Finney Pair Carved Decoys- Green Winged Teal

12.  Victorian Game Board- Reverse Painted on Glass

13.  Large Whale Oil Lantern

14.  Hooked Rug- Lion

15.  Maine Rope Legged 2-Drawer Stand- Original Red Paint

16.  Overshot Wool Coverlet- Red, white and blue

17.  Large Liverpool Jug with Country Repair

18.  Early Paint Decorated Roped Barn Swing

19.  CT Paint Decorated Tin Cylindrical Tea Caddy

20.  Large Tramp Art “Sweetheart” Picture Frame

21.  Pair of Early Working Merganser Decoys

22.  Jesse Blackstone Miniature- Nuthatch

23.  Folk Art Painted Child’s Barn

24.  Lot of 13 Carved and Painted Miniature Birds and Animals from Wiscasset, Me.

25.  35 Star American Flag

26.  Nantucket Swing Handle Basket

27.  Sail Boat Weathervane- L.W. Cushing

28.  Painting- OOC Still Life with Fruit

29.  CT 2-Drawer Sheraton Work Table

30.  Painting- OOC Frank Vining Smith “Surf Casters”

31.  Maine Sea Chest- Original Green Paint

32.  CT Cherry Chippendale 4-Drawer Bracket Base Chest

33.  Painting- OOB Gerrit Beneker- Provincetown Harbor Inscribed Verso to His Friend (The Arctic Explorer) Donald MacMillan and Dated 1926

34.  “Harvard” Oval Shaker Box- Original Blue Paint

35.  CT Fan Back Windsor Side Chair

36.  Paint Decorated Wooden Runner Sled Marked Eastport, ME

37.  Large Round Pantry Box- Original Green Paint

38.  Maine Crooked Knife- Carved with Hearts in High Relief

39.  Maine Crooked Knife- Chip Carved with Hearts

40.  Inaugural 1905 Maine Automobile License Plate with Matching Photo of Cummings Family in Their New 1905 Knox, Bearing the Number “77” Plate

41.  Maine Decorated Tin- Oval Tea Caddy- Oliver Buckley

42.  Maine Decorated Tin- Large Dome Top Document Box- Zachariah Stevens

43.  Rufus Porter Identified Miniature Portrait in Original Rufus Porter Frame

44.  Set of 5 CT Paint Decorated Rabbit Ear Chairs

45.  Maine Decorated Tin- Coffee Pot Zachariah Stevens

46.  Maine Decorated Tin- Large Flat Top Document Box Zachariah Stevens

47.  Maine Decorated Tin- Tray Zachariah Stevens

48.  Paint Decorated Maine Dresser Top Box with Drawer

49.  18th Century Footed Brass Candlestick

50.  New England Sea Chest with Decorated Lid and Carved Beckets

51.  CT Cherry Hepplewhite Drop-Leaf Table with Drawer

52.  Small Maine Chopping Tray in Original Apple Green Paint

53.  Painting- OOC Scott Leighton- Maine Racehorse

54.  Elmer Crowell Signed Miniature Drake Wood Duck

55.  Maine Log Cabin Quilt

56.  Painting- OOC- D.D. Coombs “Spring Pastures, New Gloucester, Me 1898”

57.  Paint Decorated Maine Knife Tray

58.  Portland, ME Stoneware Bird Crock

59.  Early Painted Fire Bucket “Little Giant”

60.  Folk Art Carved and Painted Life Sized Penguin

61.  Paint Decorated Maine Wash Stand- Mustard with Stenciling

62.  Painted and Chip Carved Spruce Gum Box

63.  Unusual Early Hat Mold

64.  Small Hepplewhite Drop Leaf Table- Profusely Inlaid

65.  Paint Decorated Mustard and Red 6-Drawer Chest

66.  Sailor Made Ebony and Ivory Sewing Clamp

67.  Banded Mocha Mug

68.  Maine Pine Blanket Box- Original Red- Dated 1837

69.  Folk Art Carved and Painted Song Bird on Wooden Base

70.  Painting- OOC- Isabel Branson Cartwright- “Brackett Sisters of Monhegan Island, Me”

71.  Painting- Watercolor- Maurice “Jake” Day- “My Ham”

72.  Maine Bitters Bottle- Doctor Manley Hardy- Bangor, Maine

73.  Three Early Nautical Charts- Horsburg (2); Blunt (1)

74.  CT Cherry 2-Drawer Sheraton Drop-Leaf Stand w molded Mahogany Drawer Fronts

75.  Eagle Weathervane in Original Surface

76.  Large Chippendale Looking Glass

77.  Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

78.  Early Small Nautical Timer

79.  Maine 1-Drawer Blanket Chest- Old Paint

80.  Marching Snare Drum Bearing the seal “Walpole Infantry 1822”

81.  Chinese Export Wall Box

82.  Maine Paint Decorated Wall Shelf

83.  Large Nantucket Sailor Whirligig

84.  Tiger Maple Sheraton 1-Drawer Stand

85.  Yarn Sewn “Wooly” of a Sailing Ship

86.  Pair of Early Tin Candle Sconces

87.  Lot of Early Maine Coin Silver Flatware- 41 Pieces Signed- 29.76 Troy Ozs.

88.  Lot of Early Signed Coin Silver Flatware- 96 Pieces- 57.6 Troy Ozs.

89.   Lot of Early Signed Coin Silver Flatware- 63 Pieces- 35.7 Troy Ozs.

90.  Paint Decorated Wooden Runner Sled with Deer- Bangor, ME

91.  Early Nautical Engraved Print with Fish

92.  Small Needlework on Leather Coin Purse Dated 1827

93.  Early Tin Candle Sconce

94.  Maine Lathe Turned Wooden Bowl

95.  Early Brass Wedding Band Candlestick

96.  Shaker Ministry Table

97.  Maine 2-Drawer Blanket Chest

98.  Painting- OOC- P. Sevigny- Barnyard Scene with Roosters and Chickens

99.  Painting- Watercolor William Plummer “Her Last Harbor”

100.    Portland, ME Mourning Watercolor- Betsy Coolidge 1826

101.    CT Cherry Bow Front Hepplewhite 4-Drawer Chest

102.    Maine Birch Bark Log Carrier

103.    Maine Indian Canoe Cup

104.    Large Arts and Crafts Leaded and Stained Glass Window

105.    Unusual Stained and Leaded Glass Window with Peace Dove

106.    Matched Pair of Arched Leaded and Stained Glass Windows

107.    Matched Pair of Rectangular Leaded and Stained Glass Windows 

      107B Rectangular Leaded and Stained Glass Window with Crown

108.    Matched Pair of Small Leaded and Stained Glass Windows

109.    Small Leaded and Stained Glass Window

110.    Bronze Facture Dedication Plaque from the Edward Winslow Church- Taunton, MA

111.    Early Coin Silver Dipper

112.    Oriental Rug- Large Caucasian 

113.    Oriental Rug- Caucasian

114.    Early Dome Top Pewter Teapot

115.    Paint Decorated Pantry Box- Floral and Geometric- Mustard, Red, Green

116.    Carved Picture Frame Signed Vivian Akers

117.    Small Painted Covered Bucket- Original Paint

118.    Seth Thomas Brass Ships Bell Clock

119.    Two Early Brass Candlesticks

120.    Signed Tall Case Cherry Clock with Inlay- “N. Hazeltine No. 2”

121.    Early Pewter Charger

122.    Reverse Painted Sheraton Mirror

123.    Boot Jack End Blanket Chest in Original Blue Paint

124.    “TOURIST HOME” Sign

125.    RI Bow Front Hepplewhite 4-Drawer Chest- Old Red Paint

126.    Early Decorated Covered Basket

127.    Southwest Indian Basket

128.    Early Working Shorebird Decoy

129.    Child’s Sausage Turned Ladder Back Armchair

130.    CT Cherry Hepplewhite Drop Leaf Table with Shaped Corners

131.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 18 Pieces- Misc. Serving Spoons and Ladles- 13.6 Troy Ozs.

132.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 63 Pieces- Misc. Sterling Flatware- 56.79 Troy Ozs.

133.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 20 Pieces- Misc. Sterling Teaspoons- 15.36 Troy Ozs.

134.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 16 Pieces- Misc. Sterling Forks- 12.96 Troy Ozs.

135.    Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug- 4 Gallon- Ft. Edward, NY

136.    Match Pair Nautical Pulley Blocks in Original Green Paint

137.    Green Painted Decorated Tin Tea Caddy

138.    Painting- Watercolor- Alfred Schroff- Landscape

139.    Painting- Watercolor- Frank F. English- Farmer with Horses in Field

140.    Painting- OOB- Nathaniel Leander Berry- “Strange Rock Mountain from Bransfield Meadows”

141.    Five Early Documents on Parchment – British Indentures

142.    Working Goldeneye Duck Decoy

143.    Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

144.    Painting- OOB- Unsigned- Pastoral Landscape with Cows

145.    Early Ledger- Bangor- Willimantic, ME Stagecoach

146.    Early Covered Basket

147.    Pair- Whale Oil Lamps- Horn of Plenty

148.    Small Early English Tall Case Clock Signed William Webster- Exchange Alley, London

149.    Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Churn- 5-Gallon

150.    Painting- OOC- Cassius Marcellus Coolidge- A Begging Dog

151.    Folk Art Carved and Painted Maine Bird Tree- Mount Desert Island, ME

152.    Maine Pewter Pitcher- Porter- Westbrook

153.    Wooden Chopping Tray

154.    Oriental Rug- Large Hamadan

155.    4-Drawer Sheraton Mahogany and Birdseye Maple Chest of Drawers

156.  Large Jointed Teddy Bear

157.  Carved Mahogany Sheraton Looking Glass

158.  37 Pieces Early Coin Silver Flatware – Unsigned – 22.83 Troy Ozs.

159.  1844 U.S. Wall Map “Phelps &Ensigns Traveler’s Guide”.

160.    1865 Presentation Fire Trumpet- David Crockett- Fountain Fire Association- Dover, NH

161.    Grenfell - Quebec Industries Labeled Rug

162.    Maine Crooked Knife- Faceted Diamonds

163.    Maine Crooked Knife- Diamonds

164.    Maine Crooked Knife- Rolled Handle


165.    State of Maine Chest-Original Red and Black Paint

166.    Maine Paint Decorated Wooden Document Box- Black and Green with Bronze Stencil - Initialed “H.S.”

167.    Painting- OOB- Nathaniel Leander Berry- “The Orchard Lane”

168.    Hooked Rug- Floral and Geometric

      169.  CT Cherry Two Drawer Stand w Mahogany Drawer Fronts

      170.  Cobalt Decorated WHITE”S UTICA 6 Gallon Stoneware Churn with Peafowl Decoration 

      171.  Early 2 Handled Basket with Open Bottom Weave

      172.  Large Yarn Sewn Rug – signed - BARBARA MERRY

      173.  Federal Pedestal Base Card Table with cast paw feet – Newburyport, MA 

      174.  Cast Iron Cemetery Gate with Weeping Willow and Lambs

      175.  Early “MORTAR” style Signal Cannon

      176.  TBA

      177.  Queen Anne Cherry Tilt Top Breakfast Table

178.    Early “Cricket” Stool

179.    Matched Pair of Horse Pull Toys

180.    Early Nautical Hand Sewn Flag- “W.L. & Co.”

181.    Dr. Townsend’s Sarsaparilla Bottle

182.    Painting- OOC- Downeast Homestead - unsigned

183.    Early Wrought Iron Rotating Toaster

184.  Painting – Lg. Primitive Pastel in Original Lemon Gold Frame

185.  Lg. Covered Maine Basket

186.  Early Pewter Basin and Signed Charger

187.  Lg. Ogee Wall Mirror

188.  Early American Pewter Teapot

189.  Painting – OOC- Sailing Ship Under Moonlight Sky - unsigned

190.  Lot 4 pcs. Soft Paste Porcelain - Lg. Teapot & 3 Plates (damage)

191.  Maine Grain Paint Decorated Dome Top Box

192.    Large Early Basket with Wallpaper Lining

193.    Inlaid Checkerboard

194.    Northwest Indian Spruce Root Ladies Hat

195.    Wooden Covered Firkin in Original Blue Paint

196.    Painting- OOB- Primitive Landscape with Figures

197.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 10 Pieces- Sterling Serving Spoons- 13.12 Troy Ozs.

198.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 12 Pieces- Sterling Butter Knives- 12.8 Troy Ozs.

199.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 7 Pieces- Sterling Ladles- 6.56 Troy Ozs.

200.    Victorian Sterling Silver- 6 Pieces- Sterling Sugar Tongs- 4.0 Troy Ozs.

201.    Carved and Painted Miniature Grouse

202.    Keystone Toy Fire Engine Hook and Ladder

203.    Painting- Watercolor- Sears Gallagher- Seascape

204.    Skowhegan, Maine Paint Decorated Chest- “Warranted”

205.    Maine Paint Decorated Hooded Cradle

206.    Miniature Primitive Painting of a Child

207.    Large Decorated Circular Tin Tray

208.    Hooked Rug- Geometric- Diamonds

209.    Wooden Works Tall Clock Movemnet w Original Weights – Seth Thomas

210.    Cobalt Decorated Stoneware 3-Gallon Ovoid Crock

211.  Lithograph – George Washington and his Family – Original Frame

212.  1859 Cross Stitch Needlework Sampler – Mary Hennessey

213.    Three Early Silhouettes- Family of Three

214.    Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

215.    Gun- Colt Lightning Pump Rifle- .32 cal. Medium Frame

216.    Gun- Model 1863 U.S. Springfield Musket with Bayonet- Allin Second Model Conversion

217.    Gun- Model 1888 U.S. Springfield “Trap Door” Musket

218.    Gun- Kentucky Rifle with Tiger Maple Stock Signed Ashworth (percussion conversion)

219.    Gun- Early Single Shot Percussion Pistol Signed Crane

220.    Reverse Painted Sheraton Mirror

221.    NH Hepplewhite Spider Leg Candle Stand

222.    Painting- OOC- Folk Art Still Life

223.    Maine Decorated Flat Top Tin Document Box- Zachariah Stevens

224.    84 Pieces Royal Cauldon “Sylvan” Pattern China

225.    “Harvard” Oval Shaker Box- Original Green Paint

226.    Dome Top Brackett Base Chest- Original Blue Paint

227.    Unusual Medical Eye Testing Field Kit

228.    Rocking Horse- Dapple Gray Paint

229.  Painting – Watercolor – Ship Wreck - signed – A. Morton

230.  Early Map Case

231.  Early Salesman’s Sample of Soap Press

232.    Painting- Watercolor- “Urban Landscape”

233.    Painting- OOB- Grant Reynard- “Pleasant Countryside”

234.    Painting- OOC- Unsigned- “Salt Marsh Mill”

235.    Early Seaman’s Bag Strap

236.    Paint Decorated Basket

237.    Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

238.    Cut to Clear Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

239.    Klikitat Basket

240.    Early Tin Reflector Lantern

241.    NH Swing Handle Basket

242.    Inuit Scrimshaw Bone Jacket Pull

243.    Blue Staffordshire Plate

244.    Carved and Painted Folk Art “Root Snake”

245.    Early Wooden Dome Top Box- Partially Painted

246.    Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp

247.    Countertop Spice Chest with 20- Drawers

248.    Early Small Continental 5-Drawer Chest- Signed “AST”

249.    Painted Lap Band Pantry Box- Original Gray Paint

250.    Early Quilt- Diamond/Square Pattern

251.    Paint Decorated Dome Top Box with Flowers

252.    Joseph Lincoln Goose Decoy- Overpainted

253.  Early Pink Luster Pitcher with raised decoration 

254.  Victorian Sterling Silver- 10 Misc. Sterling Handled Serving and Dinner Knives

255.  Victorian Sterling Silver – 4 Sterling Bon Bon Servers

256.  Victorian Sterling Silver – 4 Sterling Baby Feeding Spoons

257.    Nantucket Sailor Whirligig

258.    2 Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamps- Heart and Thumb Print

259.    Deep Leaf Sheraton Drop Leaf Table

260.    Large Signed Glass Punchbowl

261.    Maine Carved Wash Stick- Fist Handle

262.    Yellow Ware Banded Mug

263.    Stenciled Country Hall Mirror with Stand

264.    Oriental Rug

265.    Hooked Rug- Squares

266.    Small Cobalt Decorated Bennington Jug

267.    Maine Indian Club

268.    Early Photo of Church in Gutta Percha, Union Case

269.    Blue Salt Glaze Pitcher

270.    Early Santa Clause Suit

271.    Maine Pie Basket

272.    Queen Anne Tilt-Top Tea Table

273.    Early Hand-Stitched Nautical Flag “T.C.”

274.    Early Silhouette of Little Girl with Basket

275.    Painting- Small Watercolor of Ship- Charles Higgins

276.    Early Flute with Ivory Inlay

277.    Northern California Indian Basket

278.    Tiny Oval Fingered Shaker Box

279.    Large Tramp Art Mirror

280.    Large Inlaid Victorian Lap Desk

281.    Pair of Nautical Snatch Blocks

282.    Early Photo Album- Bangor, ME

283.    Match Pair of Hepplewhite Shield Back Dining Chairs

284.    Red and Blue Band Box

285.    Oriental Rug- Small Mat

286.    Oriental Rug

287.    Oriental Rug

288.    Oriental Rug- Runner

      288B Painting – Watercolor – Landscape – signed A. Matthews

289.    Lot of Painted Tin Toy Soldiers

290.    Reverse Painted Sheraton Mirror

291.    Blue and White Polished Cotton “Snow Flake” Pattern Quilt

292.    Frank Finney Drake Wood Duck Decoy

293.    Early Red Table Cloth

294.    Ovoid Stoneware Jug- Goodwin and Webster

295.    Matched Pair “Duck Bill” Windsor Chairs

296.  Victorian Sterling Silver – 8 Misc. Demitasse and Souvenir Spoons

297.  Four Pieces of Indian Pottery

298.  Folk Art Painted Comb Box

299.  Leeds Platter

300.  Spatterware Cup and Saucer

301.  Unusual Shaker Style Mechanical Planter- Original Blue Paint

302.  Large Early Chopping Tray

303.  Painting- OOB- Pastoral Landscape with Cows- D. Fisher 1873

304.  Painting- OOC- Sailing Ship- T. Bailey

305.  Small Inlaid Sewing Box

306.  Three Small Yellow Ware Bowls

307.  Bail Handled Pantry Box

308.  Painting- OOB- Landscape- Signed “Illegible”

309.   Victorian Sterling Silver-7 Misc. Sterling Sugar “Shell” Spoons-2.88 Troy Ozs.

310.  Early Dirk Style Knife in Sheath

311.  Folk Art Carved and Painted Finials, Etc.

312.  Paint Decorated Fire Place Bellows

313.  Lot of Nautical Charts

314.  Post Card Lot- Monhegan and New Harbor, ME

315.  Two “Harvard” Shaker Oval Boxes

316.  Small Moose Hair Embroidered Birch Bark Covered Box

317.  Early Tin Candle Sconce

318.    Two Early Parafin Wax Game Spinners

319.    Two Small Indian Made Grass Decoys

320.    Child’s Paint Decorated Rabbit Ear Side Chair

321.    Queen Anne Tilt-Top Table

322.    1839 Readfield, ME Diary

323.    Child’s Ladder Back Side Chair

324.    Covered Maine Basket

325.    Knitted 48-Star American Flag

326.    Large Turned Wooden Bowl- Original Red Paint- Damaged

327.    Small Buttocks Basket

328.    Small Tin Document Box

329.    Brass Candle Stick with Snuffer

330.    Salesman Sample Wheelbarrow- Original Red Paint

331.    Ivory Pickwick

332.    Candle Snuffers with Tray

333.    Black Folk Art Cloth Doll

334.    Large 48-Star American Flag

335.    Large Yellow Ware Mixing Bowl- Damaged

336.    Blue Spongeware Cup and Saucer

337.    Blue Spatterware Covered Sugar Bowl

338.    Primitive Hand Painted Game Board

339.    Labeled “Goodenough’s” Rug Beater

340.    Yellow Ware Milk Pan

341.    Three Yellow Ware Milk Pans- 1 damaged

342.    Small Lidded Basket

343.    Early “Convertible” Knife

344.    Tin Document Box

345.    Small Hand Mirror- No Glass

346.    Tin Airplane Whirligig?

347.    Lot of Dolls Furniture

348.    Victorian Advertising Calendar

349.    Gilchrist Ice Cream Scoop in Box

350.    Base to Early Lighting Device- Original Red Paint

351.    Carved Miniature Wooden Canoe


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