Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer


Gould Auction Company


June 19, 2009

  1. Five Maine and Holiday Postcard Albums
  2. Small Swing Handled Basket
  3. Large Single Handled Rectangular Basket
  4. Large Blue Spongeware Pitcher (Flake at Lip)
  5. Large Blue Banded Spongeware Bowl
  6. Blue Banded Spongeware “Butter Crock” (No Lid)
  7. Maine Shaker Oval Sewing Box- Signed Sabbath Day Lake
  8. Small Paris, Maine Wooden Wheel Express Wagon
  9. Portland, Maine Stenciled Wooden Oyster Bucket- Original Blue Paint
  10. Blue Painted Maine Sea Chest with Unusual Interior
  11. Early Leeds Pepper Pot
  12. Early 13-Star American Flag
  13. Pair 18th Century Brass Candlesticks
  14. Maine Red and Black Paint Decorated One Drawer Stand
  15. Hooked Rug- Maine Floral – 59” x 30”
  16. Queen Anne Wingback Child’s Pot Chair
  17. Early Swiss “Stick” Barometer- Louis Artaria- Geneve
  18. Miniature Oval Portrait on Ivory of a Gentleman in Original Frame
  19. Canton China Mug and Covered Box
  20. Oil Painting- View of Mt. Washington from Conway, NH. Attributed to Benjamin Champney.
  21. Nantucket Sailor Whirligig
  22. Pair of Early “Duck Foot” Queen Anne Side Chairs
  23. Graphic Merchant Mariner’s Quilt with American and International Flags
  24. Bennington Bird Crock- J. Norton
  25. Branded “Old Hickory” Desk with Drawer and Gallery
  26. Double Sided Game Board with Original Checkers in a Slide-Covered Box
  27. Wooden Chopping Tray, having Carved Handles, in Original Red Paint.
  28. Paint Decorated and Stenciled Maine Apple Tray
  29. Primitive Oil Painting “Birdseye” View of Moosehead Lake, Maine- In Original Frame
  30. Early Covered Flour Barrel in Original Red Paint
  31. Paris, Maine Child’s Wooden Runner Sled with Horseshoe Decoration
  32. Early Maine Corner Chair
  33. Small Maine Ship’s Diorama
  34. Oval Pantry Box in Original Mustard Paint
  35. Large Maine Flat Top Decorated Tin Document Box- Zachariah Stevens- Stevens Plains, Maine (white flowers)
  36. Small Decorated Tin Document Box with Red Ground
  37. Large Maine Indian Club with Carved Wolves Heads
  38. Primitive Oil Painting- Hudson River Landscape- Signed F.E. Brown
  39. Salesman’s Sample Sized Chippendale Brass Andirons
  40. Small Oil Painting on Board- Landscape- Listed Artist H.M. Kitchell
  41. Small Oil Painting on Board- Landscape- Listed Artist H.M. Kitchell
  42. Paint Decorated Oval Top Maine Tavern Table
  43. Deacon’s Bench Stamped “Batchelder & Sons, Waterville, Maine”
  44. Folk Art Painted Watercolor Sanborn Family Record- from Rockport, MA.  “Drawn by Levi Sanborn, February 24, 1823”
  45. Unusual Carved and Painted Indian Stick Figure
  46. Large Shaker Single Handled Basket
  47. Framed Cutwork and Watercolor “Reveal” with Foliate Decoration that reveals a rodent.
  48. Whalebone “Blackjack” Nightstick
  49. Small Inlaid Miniature Blanket Box
  50. Maine Paint Decorated Birch Hepplewhite Candle Stand with Painted Vignettes of Buildings, a Sailing Ship, Schools, and Forest.  Thought to be Portland, Maine.
  51. Oil Painting By Listed Artist Bertha Menzler Peyton- “Dory on Beach”
  52. Maine Drake Eider Decoy- Gus Wilson- South Portland, Maine (overpaint)
  53. Large Pond Sailing Model in Original Paint with Original Sails
  54. Folk Art Hooked Rug with Flora within a Diamond Center Border
  55. Large Maine Flat Top Paint Decorated Tin Document Box- Attributed to Zachariah Stevens- Stevens Plains, Maine (cherries)
  56. Small Enterprise Double Wheel Coffee Grinder in Outstanding Original Paint
  57. Early Tin Double Candle Lighting Device with Weighted Base
  58. Ship Painting “Lydia of Yarmouth N.S. Capt W.K. Perry” with the Yarmouth Ship “Magnolia” in the background- Attributed to A. De Clerck
  59. Large 4 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug
  60. Maine Paint Decorated 4-Drawer Cookie Corner Sheraton Chest of Drawers
  61. Large Oil Painting- Male Grouse Watching Over His Family- Signed “S.E. Farnham 1905”.
  62. Carved and Painted Carousel Horses Head
  63. Small Maine Paint Decorated Flat Top Wooden Document Box
  64. Small Bufflehead Drake Decoy
  65. Folk Art Carved and Painted Peacock on Stand- Attributed to “Bernier the Lumberman”- Biddeford/Saco, Maine.
  66. 1862 Silver Plated Presentation Fire Trumpet from the Hylas Sack and Bucket Club of Hartford, CT.
  67. Painted Leather Fire Bucket in Red, Green and Yellow Paint “Mech’s. Engine No. 3”.
  68. Maine Log Cabin Quilt
  69. Jerome’s & Darrow Pillar and Scroll Wooden Works Mantle Clock
  70. Cherry Turned Leg One Drawer Stand in Old Red Paint- Signed Dutton
  71. Maine Paint Decorated and Bronze Stenciled Document/ Storage Box
  72. Small Paint Decorated Game Board
  73. Maine Round Top Paint Decorated Chair Table
  74. Oil Painting on Board of a Bulls Head
  75. Paint Decorated Glazed Door 2-Piece Connecticut Corner Cupboard
  76. Paint Decorated Turned Foot Blanket Chest
  77. Paris, Maine Wooden Runner Childs Sled in Red Paint with Floral Decoration and Unusual Side Rails
  78. Early Fancy Stitched Ladies “Pocket”- Signed and Dated “A. Dwight 1812”
  79. Large Early Architectural Oil Painting on Fungus
  80. Early Multi-Tool Work Bench to Include an Apple Peeler in Original Black and Red Paint
  81. Round Bale Handled Wooden Pantry Box in Original Green Paint
  82. Stepped Five Drawer Table Top Spice Chest in Original Contrasting Surface
  83. Large Lathe Turned Round Wooden Bowl in Old Red Paint
  84. Wooden Chip Carved Maine Wash Stick
  85. Interesting Large Collection of Printing Plates, Ephemera, Photos and Other Promotional Materials Related to the Emerson & Stevens AXE Manufacturing Company of Oakland, Maine.  Over 400 pieces total.
  86. Early Wooden and Tin Broad Axe TRADE SIGN in Original Surface
  87. Large Oil Painting- Still Life with Apples and Oranges
  88. Early Busily Turned Upright Yarn Winder
  89. Primitive Oil Painting- Mt. Blue, Maine
  90. Small Oil Painting of a Fully Rigged Ship- Signed “Chas. Erickson 1908”
  91. Early Silhouette in its Original Pressed Brass Frame
  92. Early Needlework and Watercolor Picture- “The Finding of the Infant Moses in the Bulrushes”.
  93. Lot of Miniature Painted Folk Art Bird Carvings
  94. Early Ivory Snuff Box with Watercolor of a Child on its Lid
  95. Small Northwest Indian Covered Basket
  96. Early Carved and Painted Wooden Sign “Prince ‘84”
  97. Primitive Oil Painting on Board of Yosemite Falls with Top-Hatted Men in the Foreground
  98. Paris, Maine Express Cart- “Paris Junior”
  99. Oil Painting of Cows By Listed American Artist Charles Franklin Pierce

100.    Eleven Drawer Table Top Spice Chest in Old Red Paint with Porcelain Knobs

101.    Indian Quill Decorated Circular Box with Lid- Dated 1853

102.    Bail Handled Pantry Box in Lipstick Red Paint

103.    Painting- Watercolor “Gloucester” By Listed Artist J.A. Cook

104.    Small Oil Painting on Board- Landscape- By Listed American Artist Bruce Nelson (California)

105.    Large Circular Pima Coiled Basket with Geometric Decoration

106.    Circular Pima Coiled Indian Basket decorated with Human and Animal Figures

107.    Native American Carved Bone Effigy Spoon

108.    Three Coiled Plateau Indian Baskets

109.    Chip Carved Wooden Busque- Dated 1772

110.    Early Scrimshaw Walrus Tusk Decorated with Women’s Likenesses, Wild Animals and Flora

111.    Large Oil Painting- Contemporary “Peaceable Kingdom” in Contemporary Paint Decorated Frame

112.    Matched Pair of Single Sized Early Star Pattern Quilts in Mustard Yellow with Profuse Quilting

113.    Six Drawer Spice Chest with Stenciled Numbers in Drawers

114.    Round Wooden Pantry Box in Original Gray/ Green Paint

115.    Large Flow Blue Platter- Oriental Design- Signed “Daniell- London”

116.    Early Penny Foot Knife Blade Andirons with Brass Finials

117.    Luminous Oil Painting in Original Frame Signed Verso “Mary A. Laurence 1863”

118.    18th Century Cast Iron Tea Kettle

119.    Early Pair of Chair Tabbed Hogscraper Candlesticks

120.    Paint Decorated Dome Top Box- Simulated Birds Eye Maple and Stenciling

121.    Labeled and Branded WALLACE NUTTING Braced Fan Back Windsor Side Chair with Carved Ears in Original Surface

122.    Period Inlaid Mahogany Hepplewhite Pembroke Table with Drawer and Shaped Leaves

123.    Bannerette Weathervane with Unusual Human Hand Decoration in Superb Original Surface

124.    Pair of Large Early Folk Art Portraits.  Oil on Canvas in Contemporary Paint Decorated Frames

125.    Circular Wooden Lidded Pantry Box with Bail Handle in Original Mint Green Paint

126.    Small Oil Painting on Board of an Early Esquire in his Library- Signed “G. Weaks 1837”

127.    Rose Medallion China- Early Footed Oval Platter- 14 ½ in.

128.    Rose Medallion China- Kidney Shaped Serving Bowl- 10 ¾ in. wide

129.    Rose Medallion China- Oval Platter 15 in.

130.    Rose Medallion China- Covered Vegetable Dish- 9 ½ in.- Rim Chips

131.    Rose Medallion China- 6 Plates- 9 ½ in.

132.    Early Silhouette of a Gentleman

133.    Early Hogscraper Candlestick

134.    Early Two Door Hanging Cupboard with “H” Hinges

135.    Early Hand Colored Ship Print titled  “A 90 Gun Ship at Spithead”

136.    Early Country Corner Chair in Old Black Paint

137.    Early “Adam And Eve” Cross Stitch Sampler

138.    Early Carved Tortoise Shell Snuff Box with Stag Decoration

139.    Chinese Export Porcelain Teapot

140.    Circular Lidded Wooden Pantry Box in Original Mustard Yellow Paint

141.    Watercolor Landscape Painting by Listed Maine Artist Mary King Longfellow

142.    Mortar and Pestle in Original Gray/ Green Paint

143.    Cobalt Decorated “New York Stoneware Co.” 3 Gallon Jug

144.    Early Silhouette of and Identified Young Woman- Signed Doyle- In Original Lemon Gold Frame

145.    Miniature Portrait on Ivory of a Gentleman in a Period Brass Frame

146.    Native American Quillwork Pin Cushion

147.    Painted Leather Native American Dress

148.    Graphic Victorian Game Board Under Glass

149.    Small Maine Flat Top Decorated Tin Box- Attributed to Zachariah Stevens- Stevens Plains, Maine

150.    Maine Civil War Sword with Original Belt with Buckle and Hanger from the Home of Nathaniel Willard of the 28th Maine Regiment and Strong, Maine.

151.    Maine Civil War- Signed Lewiston Maine Leather Cartridge Box and Breast Belt with “Burnside” Breast Plate and Oval “U.S. Box Plate”.  From the Home of Nathaniel Willard of the 28th Maine Regiment and Strong, Maine.

152.    Maine Civil War- Belt with Oval “U.S. Plate”, Signed Bangor, Maine Cat Pouch and Original Bayonet in Leather Scabbard.  From the Home of Nathaniel Willard of the 28th Maine Regiment and Strong, Maine.

153.    Maine Civil War Discharge of Nathaniel Willard, Strong, Maine.  From the Home of Nathaniel Willard of the 28th Maine Regiment and Strong, Maine.

154.    Civil War Naval Epaulets in their Original Tin Case

155.    Maine Civil War Veterans Wooden “Peg Leg”- From the Home of Nathaniel Willard of the 28th Maine Regiment and Strong, Maine.

156.    Three Early Miniature Broach Style Portrait Frames

157.    Early Miniature Continental Portrait of a Woman on Wood Panel

158.    Early Leather Purse with a Portrait of a Woman Decorating its Cover

159.    Lot of Miniature Folk Art Carved Wooden Animals

160.    Ivory and Tortoise Shell Snuff Box with Gold Wire Inlays

161.    Circular Wooden Lidded Pantry Box in Original Green Paint

162.    Oval Wooden Pantry Box in Old Surface

163.    Early Pontiled Bottles in Original Partitioned Case

164.    Graphically Painted Wooden Parcheesi Board

165.    Period Inlaid Hepplewhite Cutlery Box

166.    Early Russian “Icon” Painted on Tin

167.    Cobalt 3- Gallon Decorated Script Jug “Everett Crystal Spring Water”

168.    Nantucket Basket w Swing Handle

169.    Early Woven Saddle Blanket

170.    Oil Painting on Academy Board of the British Sail / Steamship “Melville” signed T. Rourke

171.    Art Portfolio 7 Large Watercolors – Joseph D. Lawson

172.    Early Nautical “FOG HORN” w Brass Label – “O.C. HANSENS”

173.    Hunting CAT Doorstop - Cold Painted BRONZE

174.    Small Round Pantry Box in Old Paint

175.    Hooked Rug – Floral w Linen Backing - 39” x 21”

176.    Tiger Maple Tea Caddy w Brass Paw Feet

177.    Early Penny Rug – 42 ½” x 30”

178.    Lot of 5 Fish Decoys

179.    Small Single Handle Shaker Basket

180.    Period Hepplewhite Cherry Wood Candle Stand with Spade Feet

181.    Dome Top Decorated Tin Document Box - Zachariah Stevens – Stevens Plains, Maine

182.    Period Mahogany Hepplewhite Lolling Chair

183.    Rose Medallion China – Large Platter and Covered Rice Bowl (damaged)

184.    Rose Medallion China – 12 Plates

185.    Rose Medallion China – 2 Small Serving Bowls

186.    Rose Medallion China – 16 Plates and Bowls (some damaged)

187.    Carved and Painted NW Indian Haidah Rattle

188.    Edison Standard Phonograph with Paint Decorated “Morning Glory” Horn

189.    Edison Standard Phonograph with RARE “Linenoid Horn”

190.    Painted Cast Iron Doorstop – Pointing Dog

191.    Carved Wood and Ivory Riding Crop with Greyhound Head pommel

192.    Watercolor and Gouache Painting of the Yacht “Alice Carroll” of Portland, Maine by listed artist Worden Wood

193.    Primitive Oil Painting of Sailing Ship “Penny” flying an American Flag

194.    ORIENTAL RUG – Large Early w Brown Coloration – 88” by 40”

195.    ORIENTAL RUG – Large Early Caucasian – 88” by 47”

196.    Bennington Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug

197.    Sponge Decorated Maine Sea Chest (overpainted lid)

198.    Early Fancy Stitched Purse

199.    Early Chinese Porcelain Bowl

200.    Pair of Early Identified Silhouettes in later frames

201.    Small Redware Mug

202.    Maine Drake Goldeneye Decoy with unusual mechanical fittings

203.    2 Early Porcelain Bowls – Canary and Blue

204.    Crewel Work Pillow

205.    Large Kilim Rug 54” by 132”

206.    HOOKED RUG – Large Floral with Cats in Corners – 59” x 36”

207.    HOOKED RUG – Large Floral – 70” by 36”

208.    HOOKED RUG – Navy Blue Border with Geometric Center – 51” by 34”

209.    Early Open Pontiled Scent Bottle

210.    Matched Set of 4 Pennsylvania Style Paint Decorated Plank Bottom Chairs

211.    Small Folk Art Carved and Painted “Dapple Gray” Wooden Horse

212.    Small Architectural Oil Painting

213.    Needlework title “Toll Road”

214.    Early American Military Shako Plate with Eagle

215.    Early Redware “Apple” Bank

216.    Lathe Turned Round Wooden Bowl in Mustard paint with Red Rim

217.    Painting – Large framed Watercolor Landscape – Signed A. Miller

218.    Early Wooden Chopping Tray – Original Green Paint

219.    Early Flint Lock Musket with Bayonet

220.    Model 1895 COLT NEW ARMY Revolver

221.    Model 1861 U.S. Springfield Civil War Musket with Original Bayonet

222.    Model 1841 U.S. Musket or “MISSISSIPPI RIFLE” with original Toll Kit and Vermont makers markings

223.    Civil War “mess” flatware kit with VT Regimental provenance

224.    Model 1892 Winchester Rifle - .38-55 caliber

225.    Model 1899 Savage Rifle - .30-.30 caliber

226.    Model 1884 U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Musket

227.    Model 1873 U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Musket

228.    Model 1884 U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Musket (missing side plate and lock)

229.    Early L.L. Bean Split Bamboo Fly Rod

230.    Early F. E. Thomas (Bangor, Maine) Split Bamboo Fly Rod

231.    Small Oil Painting on Slate – paperweight

232.    Two Indian Pottery Bowls

233.    Primitive Small Oil Painting of a Milk Maiden

234.    Bench Made Turned Leg Plank Top Windsor Stand

235.    Large Blue Spongeware Pitcher (base chip)

236.    Lot of Period Brass Furniture Hardware

237.    3 Small Lithographed Camp Pillows

238.    Country Store Counter Top Seed Display Case

239.    ORIENTAL RUG – Runner - Nautilus Design – 84” by 28”

240.    ORIENTAL RUG – Snowflake Caucasian – 68” by 50”

241.    2 Calligraphic Drawings by Alice Lena Cole of Waterville, Maine

242.    Collection of Folk Art Soft Sculpture Marionettes

243.    Child’s High Chair in Old Blue with floral decoration

244.    Early Flax Wheel in Original Mustard Paint

245.    Set of 4 Graduated Pewter Measures

246.    Oval Maine Open Shaker Tray – Sabbath Day Lake

247.    Chinese Export Porcelain Tea Pot

248.    Small Indian Totem Carving

249.    Large Early Double Handled Circular Basket

250.    Early Swing Handle Basket

251.    Small Flat Top Decorated Tin Box – Zachariah Stevens – Stevens Plains, Maine

252.    Early “Hoop Skirt” Ladderback Armchair

253.    Large Fancy Wrought Iron Log Carrier

254.    ORIENTAL RUG – Lot of 2 – Entrance Mat 44” by 29  ½” and Deep Red Caucasian 55” by 34”

255.    ORIENTAL RUG – Prayer Rug – 60” by 39”

256.    ORIENTAL RUG – Lot of 2 – Caucasian – 62” by 41” and Dark Red Hamadan 65” by 42  ½”

257.    Early Wrought Iron Pot Lifter

258.    Small Brass Cash Register from Candy Store or Barber Shop

259.    Rockland, Maine Caligraphic Autograph Album

260.    Oval Shaker Box in Original Finish

261.    Early Wooden Bucket with Lapped Wooden Bands

262.    Paris, Maine Wooden Wheel Express Wagon

263.    HOOKED RUG – Blue Border w Squares – Floral Center – 37” x 31”

264.    HOOKED RUG – Ducks – 39” x 21 ½”

265.    HOOKED RUG– Braided Border – Floral Center – 42” x 26”

266.    Room Sized Hooked Rug

267.    Unusual Early Dry Sink on Legs

268.    Large Duck Decoy by George Boyd Seabrook, NH  – over paint w damage

269.    Civil War Tin Canteen from the home of Nathan Willard of the 28th Maine Volunteers and Strong, Maine

270.    Civil War Oval “US” Belt Buckle – Signed – Boyd and Sons Boston - from the home of Nathan Willard of the 28th Maine Volunteers and Strong, Maine

271.    Civil War Oval “US” Belt Buckle from the home of Nathan Willard of the 28th Maine Volunteers and Strong, Maine

272.    Civil War Oval “US” Belt Buckle from the home of Nathan Willard of the 28th Maine Volunteers and Strong, Maine

272B. Signed COLT Bullet Mold in .44 caliber 

273.    Civil War Bullets in period leather pouch

274.    Civil War Bullets in Leather Draw String Bag

275.    Large Double Handle Paint Decorated Basket

276.    Carved and Painted Wooden Toy Horse in original red paint

277.    Large Maine Redware Milk Pan with unusual exterior handle

278.    Lot of Soft Paste Transfer Ware China to include Teapot and Cups and Saucers

279.    Large Maine Chopping Tray in Old Paint

280.    NH Maple Queen Anne Slant Front Desk on Frame with Blocked Interior (replaced base)

281.    Period Queen Anne Drop Leaf Table

282.    Oil Painting of Ships on academy board – signed – Syd Roye

283.    Large Primitive Landscape Painting of Cows in Original Frame

284.    Circular Covered Wooden Pantry Box in original patina

285.    Bail Handle Circular Covered Pantry Box in Original Green Paint

286.    Maine Scoter Decoy

287.    Large Green Painted Double Handle Basket

288.    Cape Cod “House” Doorstop in Original Paint

289.    2 Early Covered Feather Baskets

290.    Large Single Handle Rectangular Basket – Unusual Waeve

291.    Small Eagle Decorated Brass Powder Flask for Pistol

292.    Small Eagle Decorated Copper Powder Flask for Pistol

293.    Large signed BATTY PEACE FLASK with 1848 date

294.    ORIENTAL RUG – Early Caucasian Runner – damage – 104” by 37 ¾”

295.    Maryland Cobalt Stencil Decorated Stoneware Crock

296.    Maine Stoneware Oyster Jug – John Loveitt – Portland

297.    Early Hand Written Ledger – Fryeburg, Maine

298.    Civil War Map Case in tin w bail handle

299.    Early Military Boarding Sword in Leather Scabbard

300.    Unusual Pair of Enameled Brass Candlesticks

301.    Early Snowshoe wall hanging with applied Carved Wooden Salmon

302.    Large Painted Checkerboard

303.    2 Pieces of Bennington Pottery – Bowl and Soap Dish

304.    2 Blue Spongeware Bowls (hairlines)

305.    2 Blue Spongeware Bowls (hairlines)

306.    2 Banded Spongeware Bowls (crack and hairlines)

307.    Blue Banded Spongeware Spitoon

308.    Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug

309.    Early Military Bayonet

310.    Unusual Oval Tin Civil War “Mess” Pail from the home of Nathan Willard of the 28th Maine Volunteers and Strong, Maine

311.    Small Copper Powder Flask

312.    Ovoid Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Crock

313.    Mocha Ware “Seaweed” decorated Chamber Pot (damage to handle)

314.    Blue Spongeware Spitoon

315.    Unusual Green Sponge Glazed Redware Bowl

316.    Blue Spongeware Pitcher (hairline)

317.    Blue “Salt” Crock

318.    Small Early Open Rectangular Bread Basket

319.    Small Single Handle Basket with Painted Bands

320.    Small Single Handle Basket

321.    Hanging Single Side “Buttocks” style Key Basket

322.    Single Handle Basket

323.    2 Baskets – One Single Hand – One Double Handle

324.    Round Double Handle Basket

325.    Set of 5 Wooden Open Circular Measures