Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer


Gould Auction Company


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Commencing at NOON

  1. Ovoid Stoneware Jug signed Augusta, Maine

  2. Painted Firkin in Original Blue/Gray Paint

  3. 18th c. Flame Stitch Wallet from the Hoag/Philbrick Family of Newbury, MA

  4. Blue Staffordshire Platter with Rhino Decoration. “Hall’s Quadraped”. Rhino

   4B.  Rare 1820 State of Maine Militia Belt

  1. Wooden Painted Arched “Garage” Sign from Jackman, Maine

  2. Small Amethyst Colored Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamp from the Hoag/Philbrick family of Newbury, MA

  3. Nautical Sweetheart Diorama “Forget Me Not” with the Steamboat “Lizer S.”

  4. Double Sided, Painted Game Board from Montville, Maine

  5. Cow Painting Signed T. Bailey in Original Frame. 5 ½” x 19 ½” sight

  6. Circular, Reticulated, and Profusely Decorated BALEEN BOX Signed and Dated “Isaac Tony 1805”. From the Gifford Family, Westport Point, MA . 4 ¾” diameter x 3 ½” tall. 

  7. Oil Painting on Board of Sailboats. Signed and Dated “WHB 1874”- 5 ½” x 11 ½” sight Original Framing.

  8. Sm. Tiger Maple, 3 Drawer Cottage Style Chest

  9. Barbara Merry Hooked Rug Depicting an Early Maine Cottage, and having a Saw Tooth Border. 22 ½” x 29”

  10. Swing Handle “Taghanic” Basket

  14B. Maine Paint Decorated Checkerboard with BLUEBBERY, foliate and stenciled decoration.  31 ¼” by 19”.

  1. Apple Green Painted Wooden Document Box with Bold Black Lettering “N. Jarvis- Papers”.

  2. 9 Spindle Bowback Windsor Side Chair, Stamped “S.J. Tucke” (Samuel Jones Tucke, Boston, MA b. 1767)

  3. Primitive Oil Painting on Canvas “Birdseye View” of Lake Wassookeag - Dexter, Maine

  4. New Hampshire Snake Foot Candle Stand in Original Red Paint

  5. Sm. Wooden Firkin in Original Red Paint having a wire bail handle.

  6. Schoolgirl Needlework Sampler in Gold Leaf Frame. Calais, ME 1822

  7. Wooden Firkin in Original Windsor Green Paint

  8. Lg. Banded Multi Colored, Engine Turned, Mocha Mug with Cat’s Eye decoration. 6 ¼” tall 4 1/8” diameter at top rim

  9. Maine Brown and Mustard Sponge Decorated Dome Top Box- 26 ¼” wide x 13 ½” deep x 11 ½” tall

  10. Miniature Swing Handled Basket by Rouse Matteson of Saunderstown, RI- Accompanied by a Facsimile Photo of the Maker

  11. Wooden Picture Frame Molded Advertising Sign “Yellow Bowl Restaurant” from Bingham, Maine. 21 ½” by 68”

  12. Round Pantry Box in Rare Original “Lilac” Paint. 9 ½” diameter x 5 ¼” tall.

  13. Maine Paint Decorated “Sweetheart” 3-Drawer Dovetailed Wall Box in Original Salmon Paint with Indian Red Trim and Lipstick Red and Apple Green Floral Decoration.  The Box has a Reticulated Heart in the Middle of its Shaped Crest. Measuring 19 1/8” tall x 10 ¾” wide x 6” deep.

  14. Chippendale Bracket Base 3-Drawer Blanket Chest in Original Red Paint

  15. PA Style Turned Foot Blanket Box in Original Salmon Paint

  16. New Hampshire Red and Yellow Stencil Decorated Storage Box having Lipstick Red Houses, and Foliate Border Decoration Atop Chrome Yellow Ground. 23 7/8” wide x 11 7/8” deep x 10 ½” tall.

  17. Sm. Theorem (Watercolor on Silk) in Original Mahogany Frame. 5 ¾” x 7 ¾” sight.

  18. Carved and painted Wooden Gargoyle Head. Originally an Applied Decoration from a Building at Yale University. 12” tall x 8 ½” wide x 8 ½” deep.

  19. Paint Decorated, Brown on Yellow 1-Drawer Blanket Chest 37” wide 38 ¾” tall and 18” deep.

  20. Lg. Oval Shaker Box in Windsor Green Paint. 11 ¼” x 8 ½” x 4 ¾” tall.

  21. Matched Pair of Shaker Children’s Size Berry Buckets, Having Contrasting Wooden Staves. Each measures 3 5/8” tall x 4 ½” diameter at their tops.

  22. Maine Chip Carved and Painted Spruce Gum Box with Geometric and Floral Decoration. 4 7/8” tall x 3 ½” wide x 1 1/16” deep.

  23. 3-Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware “Parrot” Jug with unusual cbalt decorated bung hole. Signed “J. Gleason & Co.  Southbridge, Mass.”.

  24. Colorful Hooked Rug with Saw Tooth Border and Large Tom Turkey Exclaiming “Welcome To Turkey Hill”- 45” wide x 36” tall.

  25. Folk Art Carved and Painted, Full-bodied, Sitting Red Squirrel, in Original Red Paint. 6 5/8” tall 2 5/8” wide x 3 ¾” deep.

  26. 18th c. Hanging Spice Box Having a Single Drawer, Lift-Top, and Lollipop Back in its Original Japanned Surface of Gold on BlackBox has an Early, Handwritten Provenance on its back claiming it to be a Wedding Gift, from her father, to Lois Hoag Philbrick on November 28, 1781.

  27. New England Swing Handle Basket in Natural Surface

  28. Oversized Maine Surf Scoter Decoy in Original Paint. Found in Addison, Maine. 19 ¼” long.

  29. Double Cased Sailor’s Octagonal Valentine “With Love”- 9 ¼” x 9 ¼” (when closed).

  30. Contemporary Folk Art Painting by Noted Nova Scotia Artist, Joe Norris “Somewhere in Nova Scotia”. 16” by 24”. Unframed and Accompanied by a Signed Postcard from Alma Huston, Stating “Joe asked me to tell you that he ‘invented’ the place- somewhere in Nova Scotia where a person would like to live”.

  31. Unusual Round Fingered Shaker Box in Powder Blue Paint Bearing the Signature Stamped on its Lid “E. Wood”. 6 3/8” diameter x 3 ¾ tall.

  32.  Jesse Blackstone Carved and Painted Miniature Drake Widgeon “Bald Pate #4”.

  33. Jesse Blackstone Carved and Painted “Robin #239”.

  34. Shoe Foot Drying Rack in Original Chrome Yellow Paint.

  48B. Lidded, Red Painted Childs Berry Pail with Brass Bands, signed “E. Murdock & Co.  Winchendon, Mass.”.

  1. Unusual Queen Anne Child’s Size Shelved Pole Screen in Original Red Paint and Yellow Striping

  2. Painted “Federal Eagle” on a Hanging Wooden Shield.  Signed on its back “B. Faber- Decorator, Brooklyn”. 27 ¼” tall x 20 ¼” wide.

  3. Early Lathe Turned Wooden Bowl in Fine Original Unpainted Surface. 18 ¾” Diameter at the widest point of its rim.

  4. Primitive Oil Portrait on Wood Panel of a “MONEY CAT” in its Original Red and Black Painted Frame. 8 ½” x 11”sight.

  5. Lg. Sponge Paint Decorated Box- Brown on Mustard Yellow. 35 7/8” wide x 17 7/8” deep x 17 5/8” tall.

  6. Vibrantly Painted, Lipstick Red, Splayed Side, Dove Tailed, Maple Cutlery Box with Tall Cutout Heart Handle. Found in Mercer, Maine. 13 ¼” wide x 9” deep x 8” tall.

  7. Maine Red & Black Paint Decorated, Pine Turned Leg Light Stand, having Elongated Foliate Decoration and the Corners of its Top.

  8. Lg. Multi-Colored Mocha Mug with Feather Edge Decoration. 5 ¾” tall 4 ¼” diameter at top rim

  9. Sm.  Profusely Chip Carved and Fingered Round “Sweetheart” Covered Spice Box in Original Unpainted Surface- Measures 3 ½” diameter x 2” tall.

  10. Pierced Splat, Carved Ear , Country Chippendale Side Chair in Original Indian Red Paint and Having its Original Rush Seat.

  11. Carved and Painted Wall Hanging Federal Eagle by John Haley Bellamy of Kittery, Maine. Wingspan 25 ½”.

  12. Mt. Lebanon #6 Armed Shaker Ladder Back Rocker with Towel Rack Back, having its Original Surface, Label and Red and Blue Tape Seat.

  13. Large Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher in “CHICKEN WIRE” Pattern. 8 ¾” tall

  14. Single Handle Egg Basket in Original Windsor Green Paint

  62B. 18th Century Queen Anne Mahogany, Snake Foot Candle Stand with Oval Top.

  1. Oversized Maine “Preening” Eider Drake Duck Decoy from Vinalhaven Island. 19” long.

  2. Early North Chatham, MA Painted Tin, Shield Type Exterior Country Store Sign “SAM’L DAVIS CIRCULATING LIBRARY” Gold Leaf on Black on Tin- 52” tall x 16” wide- Accompanied by a Provenance from its previous owner, the noted Nautical Historian and Author, Joe Nickerson of North Chatham.

  3. New Hampshire, Stretcher Base Tavern Table in Original Red Paint having a scrubbed breadboard ended top. 45 ¼” by 33 by 28 ½” tall.

  4. 3 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug with stylized Floral Decoration. Signed JOHN BURGER - Rochester, NY

  5. Shaker Lettuce Drying Basket. Octagonal Weave. Original Scrubbed Surface.

  6. Labeled Wooden Bucket in Original “Lipstick” Red Paint

  7. New England Mustard Painted Carpenter’s Tool Chest, having natural wood colored exterior panels and an EYE DAZZLING inlaid under lid.

  8. Original Red White & Blue paint decorated Model AA 17’ OLD TOWN CANOE with Mahogany Interior.

  9. 36 Drawer Table Top Apothecary in Windsor Green Paint

  10. Picture Frame Molded Double Sided Tin Sign “FRESH EGGS”. 19” by 28”.

  11. 15 pcs. Nicely articulated and painted STONE FRUIT in a flint glass compote.

  12. 2 Large unsigned Conway (Intervale), New Hampshire White Mountain Landscape Paintings. Original framing. 21” by 28” (sight).

  13. Unusual Carved Butter Print with Molasses Jug decoration.

  14. Miniature Painted, Double Handle Basket in Chrome Yellow and Brick Red. 3 1/8” by 1 ¾” and 2” tall.

  15. Lamson & Swazey - Portland, Maine Cobalt Decorated 3 Gallon Jug. Lady Bug chewing on a Fern.

  16. Brook Trout Mount on A Birch Bark Framed Background bearing the early label of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin taxidermist JOHN SPANNBAUER. 21 ¼” by 35” (overall).

  17. Wooden Advertising Sign “CHIROPRACTOR – NATIONAL SCHOOL of CHICAGO GRADUATE”. Gold leaf on black. 11 ¼” by 49 ½”.

  18. Cased Scale Model of a Marine Engine on a Walnut Stand signed “H.A. PHILLIPS 1868”. Accompanied by the Brass Personalized and Labeled Tool Box and Pocket Watch of the maker, along with an extensive provenenance.

  19. Turned foot, 18th Century Pine Chest of Drawers in early 19th century Paint Decoration of Salmon and Black. 34 ½” wide 43 ¼” tall and 19 ¾” deep.

  20. PUEBLO POTTERY  by Maria Martinez.  Signed “Marie”. Shallow Bowl with “feather” pattern decoration. 7 ½” diameter 2 5/8” tall. Ca. 1920s.

  21. PUEBLO POTTERY by Maria Martinez.  Signed “Marie”. Jar with “Cloud & Rain” pattern decoration. 5 ½” diameter 3 1/2” tall. Ca. 1920s.

  22. PUEBLO POTTERY by Maria Martinez.  Signed “Marie”. Small Jar with “Saw Tooth Face” pattern decoration. 4 1/8” diameter 2 1/2” tall. Ca. 1920s.

  23. Exuberantly Paint Decorated Chest of Drawers attributed to Thomas Matteson – South Shaftsbury, Vt. 40” w by 38” tall and 18 ½” deep.

  24. Small Nautical Painting of Two Young Boys in a sailing skiff signed “M.J. Jr.” Marshall Johnson Jr. (American 1850-1921). Original framing. OOB 9 ½” by 6 ½” (sight).

  25. Sponge Decorated Blanket Box with pin striped panels.

  26. Large Double Handled Drying Basket

  27. 2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated “Bird” Jug signed Estabrook & Robinson – Boston

  28. 4 Drawer Bracket Base Chippendale Chest in cherry wood, retaining its original finish and “Bat Wing” brasses. Case width 35” by 31 ½” tall and 19 ½” deep.

  29. Carved and Painted Folk Art Watch Hutch.

  30. 4 Unsigned Oil Paintings on academy board by an unknown artist. Found on Monhegan Island, Maine.

  92B. Unusual Rotating “Writing Arm” Captains Chair in Original Paint Decorated Surface.

  1. Miniature portrait on ivory of a handsome gentleman. 2 ¾” by 2 3/8”. Original frame.

  2. Maine Paint Decorated Sheraton One Drawer Stand in red and black with bronze stenciling and yellow striping.

  3. Pennsylvania Style HARVEST SIZE Chair Table with both a drawer and lift top under seat compartment. Cleaned to its original surface. 74 1/2" long x 41 1/2" wide x 28" tall.

  4. Folk Art Watercolor of Basket of Fruit. 13 ½” by 11 ¼” (sight).

  5. Seth Thomas “Pillar & Scroll” Wooden Works Mantle Clock.

  6. Hanging Wall Cupboard with an interior drawer in its original green paint. 23 ¾” by 19 ¼” and 10 ¼” deep

  7. 2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Jug with Floral Decoration. Signed “Riedinger & Caire – Poughkeepsie, NY”.

100.    A 1630 WEDGWOOD family Bible that was once the property of Dr. Thomas Wedgwood. The bible contains the personal handwritten manuscripts of Enoch Wood Sr., the “Father of English Pottery”. He writes of the bible: “The youngest son of Aaron, Grand son of Ralph, I Enoch Wood bought this Bible at John Locknets sale by auction and had it newly bound about the year 1820 AD”.  The bible also contains handwritten pages by Wood’s children, including a 16 page handwritten tribute by Enoch Wood Jr., to his late father.

101.    Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Windsor Green Paint.

102.    Paint Decorated, Turned Foot Single Drawer Blanket Chest.

103.    Rhode Island Swing Handle Basket

104.    Primitive 19th Century Oil Painting of the Lighthouse at Monhegan Island, Maine with the Camden Hills in its background. OOC 15 ½” by 20  ¼” (sight). Period lemon gold frame.

105.    Mocha Ware Mug with unusual combed decoration.

106.    The original Nautical Sign Boards from the Maine Sailing Bark “MACHIAS”. 120” by 6” (each)

107.    Two 1818 Reverse paintings on glass from the Norton family of Goshen, Connecticut.

108.    Jesse Blackstone RARE miniature waterfowl GIFT carving of TWO CANADA GEESE mounted on a driftwood base. “CANADA GEESE DW 6906”

108B.Jesse Blackstone miniature songbird carving of a “CHICKADEE 2861”.

109.    Assembled set of 4 Paint Decorated Step Down Windsor Side Chairs. Three matched, one single.

110.    Maine Mustard Yellow Paint Decorated Sheraton Dressing Table with Matching Rabbit Ear Side Chair.

111.    Watercolor portrait of a standing gentleman in its original paint decorated frame. Attributed to Joseph H. “Left Hand” Davis.

112.    Coiled American Indian Basket 8 ¾” diameter and 4 ½” tall.

113.    American Indian SIOUX Beaded and Quilled Tobacco Bag with attached Beaded Pipe Bag. Tobacco Bag measures 33”long 5” wide. Pipe Bag 24 ½” by 2 ¾”.

114.    American Indian SIOUX Beaded “Strike a Light” or Flint Bag having Long Beaded Flap and its original waist tie. Flap measures 13 ¼” by 6 ¼” at top.

115.    2 Gallon Cobalt Floral Decorated Jug – “A. B. Wheeler & Co. – Boston”.

116.    New England Swing Handle Basket

117.    Tall, Open Basket attributed to Moorhead of Vermont

118.    Small Red Painted and Chip Carved Slide Cover Document Box.

119.    Early Signed and Decorated Wrought Iron Pot Lifter.

120.    Framed Saloon Sign ‘SMOKING ROOM”. 24” by 58”

121.    Watercolor Painting of a Sitting Rabbit. Monogrammed “AD 1502”.

122.    Large Mocha Ware Mug. Engine Turned with Seaweed decoration on a salmon ground. 5 3/8” tall and 4 1/8” diameter.

123.    Large Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Surface.

124.    Maine Watercolor Seascape signed “F. Myrick” – Frank Myrick (American 1840-1914)

125.    Vertical Country Store Butcher’s Sign “ALFRED SEARS CO. SPRING LAMB, VEAL, POULTRY, HAMS & BACON”. Enamel on brass. 70 ½” by 10”.

126.    Silas Hoadley – Plymouth Conn. Red and Black Paint Decorated Tall Case Clock with original wooden works movement and signed dial “S. Hoadley – Plymouth”. Pine with contemporary paint decoration. 86” tall.

127.    Hanging Raised Panel New England Cupboard with original “H” hinges and canted sides.

128.    Large Exterior TAILOR’S Trade Sign. Cast, Wrought and Sheet Iron.

129.    Factory Merganser Drake Decoy in Original Paint

130.    Round Pantry Box – Original Blue Paint

130B. Folk Art Carved and Gold Painted Wooden Eagle 11 ½” tall 18” wing span.

131.    Miniature Blanket Box in Original Windsor Green Paint having a thumbnail molded lid and base. 11” wide 5” tall and 6” deep.

132.    Double Handle Basket attributed to Rouse Matteson of Saunderstown, RI

133.    Maine Red and Green Painted Wall Box

134.    Shaker style Armed Ladder Back Rocker in Original Red Paint

135.    6 Gallon Bangor Stoneware Dash Type Butter Churn.

136.    Red and Black Painted Checkerboard with carriage paint decoration.

137.    Salesman’s Sample Wooden Runner Sled in original Green Paint

138.    Cobalt Decorated 2 Gallon ‘SCRIPT” Jug “Victor Aby 331 Market St. - Paterson, NJ”.

139.    Maine Document Box in Original Powder Blue Paint. 24” w by 13” tall and 13 ½” deep

140.    Pair of Mason Glass Eyed “Detroit” Grade Black Duck Decoys in Original Paint.

141.    Maine Red Painted “Cricket” Stool.

142.    Working Shorebird Decoy

143.    Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Chocolate Brown Paint.

144.    Oval Shaker Box having “Left hand” fingers and original unpainted surface. 10” by 7” by 3 ¾” tall.

145.    Mocha Ware Child’s Mug – Slate Gray Glaze w Checkerboard Pattern Top Rim. 2¾” tall 2 ¼” diameter.

146.    Mocha Ware Banded Multi Colored Mug 3 5/8” tall by 3 ¾” diameter.

147.    Mocha Ware Child’s Mug with “Cat’s Eye” Decoration 3 5/8” tall by 2 7/8” diameter

148.    Mocha Ware Footed Master Salt with Seaweed Decoration on a Salmon Ground.  2 1/8” by 2 5/8” diameter

149.    Large Oval Wooden Covered Band Box with Stenciled Decoration. 17 ½” by 14 ½” by 10 ½” tall

150.    Folk Art Scalloped and Tiered Pine Wall Shelf. 53” tall by 17” wide (at its base), tapering to 4” wide at its top scallop.

151.    18th Century Open Top New England Pewter Cupboard in Red Paint. 45 ½” wide, 82” tall and 24 ½” deep (at its base).

152.    Large Early Yellow Mocha Ware Pitcher 7 ¼” tall

153.    Armed Bow Back Windsor Rocking Chair

154.    Paint Decorated 4 Drawer Turned Foot Chest of Drawers with a cutout “splash” back.

155.    Small Unsigned Oil Painting on Wood Panel of a “Gaggle of Geese” 7 ½” by 9 ½” (sight) Period and possibly original lemon gold frame.

156.    Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Bank – “Teddy and the Bear”

157.    Early Hooked Rug with central Diamond Pattern. 68” by 31 ½”

158.    Small Lathe Turned Wooden Bowl

159.    American Indian Lot of 6 pieces to include a woven mat, Tomahawk, Beaded Doll’s Dress, Beaded Medallion and basket fragment.

160.    Early Framed Print of an AMERICAN HUNTING SCENE signed MAX, JACOBY & ZELLER with a duck hunter and his dogs and guide removing duck from a birch bark canoe. Image size is 17” by 22 ½”. Original walnut frame with mat.

160B. Inlaid Cherry Wood 4 Drawer Chippendale Bracket Base Chest with a Shaped Top and Original Brass.

161.    Open Oval Fingered SHAKER spit box in Original Red Paint

162.    Pocket sized New Hampshire Carved Wooden Two Piece, Heart Shaped folding SAILOR’S VALENTINE with likenesses of FORT CONSTITUTION and a woman at its interior.  3 ½” tall and 4” wide (when closed).

163.    Inlaid Mahogany Chippendale Wall Hanging Mahogany Lidded Flatware Box having Knife and Fork Inlay. 19 1/2” tall 7 ½” at widest.

164.    Chippendale Mahogany Pole Screen with Boston Needlework Fire Screen.

165.    Small Oil Painting titled verso “Road to the Farm - Lyme, Conn”, signed l.r. Frank A. Bicknell (American 1866-1943) OOB 4 ¾” by 5 ¾” (sight).

166.    Large Double Handled Soft Paste Transfer Mug with “The Farmer’s Arms” decoration. 5 3/8”tall and 5 3/8” diameter.

167.    Bail Handle Pantry Box in Original Blue Paint

168.    Soft Paste Child’s Mug in Canary Luster

169.    American Indian Decorated Circular Lidded Birch Bark Box. 6 3/8” diameter by 2 5/8” tall.

170.    PUEBLO POTTERY Plate with bird decoration- Tonita Martinez Roybal (1892-1945).  Signed “Tonita”- 7 ½” diameter.

171.    PUEBLO POTTERY Bowl- Desidaria Montoya Sanchez (1889-1982) signed “Desideria” 4 ¼” tall x 5 ¼” wide

172.    HOPI POTTERY Vase 7 ¾” tall

173.    Miniature Portrait on Ivory of a Debutante – Stackpole Family of Nantucket and so marked, verso. In reticulated brass frame- 3 1/8” by 2 3/8”.

174.    Folk Art Painting of a Rooster.  Oil on Wood Panel in Original Frame- 9 ½” x 7 ½” sight.

175.    Oil Painting on Academy Board “SHIP IN DISTRESS”- Signed Clement Drew (American 1806-1889).

176.    18th c. Delft Plate. 13 3/8” diameter

177.    Blue Sponge Paint Decorated Box and Book.  The box once belonged to the early American missionary, Ann Judson and bears an 1812 inscription. The box is accompanied by an 1845 edition of the memoirs of Ann Judson.

178.    Hepplewhite Tapered Leg Cherry Wood Drop Leaf Table

179.    Federal Gold Leaf Mirror with Pineapple Decoration in Outstanding Original Surface- 27 ¼” x 19”.

180.    Early Indian Made 4’8” Birch Bark Canoe

181.    Folk Art Watercolor Still Life- Basket of Fruit

182.    2 Small Oil Paintings of Moosehead Lake, Maine.  Signed “H.E. Stevens- 1882”.  OOB Titled, Signed and Dated, verso.  Original frames- 7 ½” x 5 ¾” sight (each).

183.    2-Piece Cherry Wood Step Back Cupboard, having 2 Glazed Top Doors and a Cutout Base.  88” tall x 50 ½” wide x 21 ½” deep.

184.    U.S. Forest Service Sign “Hurricane Timber- Wakefield Station” 18” x 38”.

185.    Bail Handle Pantry Box in Original Cranberry Red Paint

186.    1864 “New Model” Remington Army Percussion Pistol

187.    Smith & Wesson Model #2 Revolver

188.    Allen & Thurber Double Barrel, Over Hammer Percussion Pistol

189.    Kentucky Style Rifle with Curly Maple Stock

190.    Military Sword- War of 1812- Lion Head Pommel

191.    Military Sword- Civil War- Model 1850- With Ohio Provenance

192.    Large Victorian Portrait of a Child with a Toy Hoop and Stick, Identified as Francis Benton Wyeth.  Pastel on Canvas- Signed “M. Hartman”- 37 ½” x 25 ½” sight.

193.    Carpenters Tool Chest in Original Green Paint and Birdseye and Tiger Maple Interior.

194.    Monumental Tiger Maple 5-Piece Sideboard or Back Bar. 108” wide x 78 ¼” tall x 16 1’4” deep.

195.    Pair of “Canton” Chinese Export Reverse Paintings on Glass.  Full length Portraits of Young Women in their Original Frames- 8 1/4” x 5 ½” sight (each).

196.    Oil Painting on Canvas of a Pensive Young Girl- William Merritt Chase (American 1849-1916).  An inscription, verso, reads “This picture was begun by me and done over by Mr. W.M. Chase to show me how when I was studying at his studio at 333 Fourth Ave New York in 1912-13  Harriet VC Ogden”.  OOC in later frame- 16” x 20” sight.

196B. Period Chippendale Inlaid Mahogany Ox Bow or Reverse Serpentine, Slant Lid Desk having Ball and Claw Feet and Original Batwing Brasses.

197.    Rose Medallion Punch Bowl. 13 ½” top rim diameter, 5 ¼” tall.

198.    Walnut “Whale End” Wall Shelf having Dove Tailed Base Construction and original finish. 32 ¾” tall x 25 ¾” wide.

199.    Sm. Walnut Turned Leg Demi-Lune Table

200.    Sm. Paint Decorated Document Box- “World’s Fair 1904”

201.    Eagle Butter Stamp

202.    Wooden Butter Paddle in Original Windsor Green Paint

202B Two Small Folk Art Carved and Painted Pheasants

203.    Folk Art Watercolor on Paper- Basket of Fruit- 11 1/8” x 13 3/8” sight.

204.    Blue and White “Monkey Wrench” Pattern Quilt- 86” x 72”.

205.    18th c. Bannister Back Side Chair with Unusual Upside Down “Morning Heart” Crest.

206.    Lg. Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Cream Colored Paint

207.    Round Top, Shoe Foot Chair Table in Original Indian Red Paint- 47 ½” diameter at top x 29” tall

208.    Sm. Pilot House Eagle from Moosehead Lake, Greenville, Maine.

209.    Folk Art Primitive Oil Painting of a Farmyard Scene with Cows, and a Milk Maiden. OOB in Original Lemon Gold Frame- 17 ¾” x 24 1/8” sight.

210.    Black Painted Maine Sheraton Blind Door 2-Piece Secretary Desk with Gold Stencil Decoration

211.    9-Drawer Countertop Apothecary Chest in Red Paint

212.    Birdseye Maple Sewing Box with Heart Inlay in its Lid. 10 1/8” wide x 4” tall x 6” deep

213.    2 Small Mocha Ware Pitchers (Syrup 4 ¼” tall/ Creamer 4 1/8” tall)

214.    Country Queen Anne Side Chair

214B. Framed 1778 Handwritten Indenture from the STEELMAN Family of GREENWICH, NJ.

215.    Oil Painting of an Early Cape Style Home. OOC in Original Frame. 11 ½” x 15 ¾” sight.

216.    Sm. Red and Yellow Paint Decorated Document Box. 12 3/8” wide x 6 5/8” tall x 7” deep.

217.    Oil Painting of a Young Boy, Head Butting a Goat- OOC in Original Frame. 12” x 18 ½” sight.

218.    Turned Leg Farm Table with Breadboard Ends (stretched). 92 ½” long x 37 ½” wide x 29” tall.

219.    Primitive Oil Painting of Cows in a River- OOC in Original Frame. 14 ½” x 20 ½” sight.

220.    American Indian Basket. Hupa Woven Spruce Root Bowl. 7” Top Rim Diameter.

221.    5-Drawer Cherry Wood Chippendale, Bracket Foot Chest- (Restored). 39” wide.

222.    Caliper Log Scale with Wheel Signed Greenleaf, Littleton, NH.

223.    Unusual Maine Logging Boot Ice Skates

224.    Maine Paint Decorated Lidded Wood Storage Box with Cutout Base.

225.    Kentucky Style Percussion Rifle with Lock Signed “AW Spies”

226.    Bale Handled Pantry Box in Original Blue Paint

226B Maine Yellow and Red Painted, Double Handle Basket.

227.    Lg. Wooden Firkin in Original Blue Paint (missing handle)

228.    Maine Folk Art Carved Wooden Sea Gull

229.    Pair of unfinished American Indian Beaded Moccasin Skins

229B. Navajo Indian Rug. 70” long 40½” wide.

230.    2 Flat Weave Oriental Mats 20” x 19” (long fringe) and 21 ¼” x 19 ¼” (no fringe)

231.    Sm. Blue Painted Wooden Bowl with Muddler

232.    Wrought Iron Harpoon Blade. Found in Rockland, Maine

233.    Rosemaled Scandinavian Blanket Box

234.    Paint Decorated Salem Rocker

235.    “Old Hickory” Style Rustic Circular Table with 2 Matching Chairs.  Table measures 36” diameter at its top and stands 30” tall.

235B. Carved and painted Maine Canoe Paddle having a titled likeness of “Big Track - Chief of the Mohawk Tribe” on its blade and signed “Edward B. Farnum – Augusta, Maine”. 72” long.

236.    Sm. Tapered Leg Drop Leaf Table in Pumpkin Paint

237.    Counter Top Pine Writing Desk with Pigeon Holes and Shaped Partitions

237B. Double Handled Maine Woven Basket in Original White Paint.

238.    Pair of Maine Paint Decorated Step Down Windsor Side Chairs

239.    Maine Hooded Wood Box in Original Blue Paint

240.    Lg. Coiled American Indian Basket

241.    American Woodlands Indian, Moose Hair Embroidered, Birch Bark Card Case

242.    An American Indian Spruce Root Squaw”s Cap

243.    Northwest Indian Carved and Painted Horn Spoon

244.    Southwest Indian Armband with Coral, Silver, and Cowrie Shells

245.    2 Early Woven American Baskets. Sm. Buttocks & Sm. Melon

246.    Oil Painting on Canvas of a Forest Cabin at Katahdin Iron Works, Maine

247.    Pantry Box in Original Gray Paint

248.    Bail Handled Pantry Box in Original Blue Paint

249.    Jesse Blackstone miniature songbird carving of a “RUBY KINGLET 65-200”. (Tiny chip from bill)

250.    PUEBLO POTTERY-??? Unusual Tall Vessel. Unsigned 10 ½” tall

251.    PUEBLO POTTERY- Very EARLY crudely made Candlestick- Unsigned. 6”

252.    PUEBLO POTTERY Carved and Painted Jar, attributed to Rosalie Aguilar (1897-1948) 5” tall by 6” widest diameter

253.    Painted Tin Toy Boat, having a  “Live Steam” Engine

254.    Maine Paint Decorated Wooden Apple Tray

255.    Carved and Painted Folk Art Pig. 8 ¾” long x 3 ¾” tall

256.    Oriental Rug. 68” x 45”

257.    Caucasian Oriental Rug 77” x 51”

258.    Room Sized Oriental Rug 148” x 106”

259.    Blue Painted, Bow Back 7 Spindle, Windsor Side Chair

260.    Mantle Top Canoe Model. 31 ½” long

261.    Oriental Prayer Rug. 73” x 59 ½”

262.    Sm. 18th c. Leather Covered Dome Top Document Box

263.    Two 18th c. Hearth Brooms with one being of a rare child’s size.

264.    American Blown Glass Cream Pitcher. McKearin GIII - 24 pattern. 4 ½” tall

265.    18th c. Flame Stitched Wallet- Hoag/Philbrick Family of Newbury, MA.

266.    Countertop Tambour Lidded Doctors Cabinet in Apple Green Paint

267.    Folk Art Watercolor- Still Life in Period Frame

268.    Old Master Style Painting- 21 1/8” x 16 ¾”.

269.    Pair of Brass Chippendale Andirons

270.    Civil War Era Surgical Amputation Tools in Case

271.    Carved and Painted Folk Art, 3-Drawer Dolls Dresser

272.    Lg. Victorian Hanging Slag Glass Panel Lamp

273.    Primitive Painting of a “CCC Camp - Beddington, Maine”. 9 ¾” x 14 ½”

274.    Primitive Painting of a Fisherman in Original Frame. 19 ¼” x 23 ½” sight.

275.    6’ Pine Top Double Swing Leg Harvest Table in Red Paint (restored). 72” long x 29” tall

276.    Early “Cricket” Foot Stool with Splayed Base

277.    Woven Navajo Indian Mat in Red, White & Blue. 22 ½” x 35”

278.    Woven Navajo Rug. 29” x 58 ½”

279.    Lg. Watercolor Landscape Painting Signed J.J. Francis (American 1889-1939). 19” x 28 ½” sight.

280.    Paneled Dome Top Box in Original Red and Black Paint

281.    Paint Decorated Wooden Runner Sled. 45 ½” x 11 1/8”

282.    Paint Decorated Canoe Paddle. 54” long

283.    Paint Decorated Wooden Shovel. 38 ½” long

284.    Bail Handled Pantry Box in Natural Finish

285.    Pantry Box in Original Bittersweet Paint

286.    Heavy Turned Leg Farm Table with Bread Board Ends. 99” long.

287.    Pastel Painting of a Standing Young Girl in Original Frame. 19 ½” x 13 ¼” sight.

288.    Sm. Yellow and Black Paint Decorated Document Box. 12 1/8” wide x 6” tall x 7 ½” deep.

289.    2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Jug- Bangor, Maine

290.    2 Adirondack “Wrap Around” Style Chairs

291.    Oil Painting of 3 Cows Approaching a Stream. OOC in Original Frame. 12 ½” x 19 ½” sight.

292.    Lg. Oil Painting of a Calling Stag in its Original Gold Frame, in a Forested Stream.  Signed “G. Klatt- 1925” (Gustav Klatt b. 1861). 16” x 36” sight.

293.    Oversized Whistler Decoy from Addison, Maine

294.    18th c. Bannister Back Armless Rocking Chair with Gold Striping. Gifford Family, Westport, MA.

295.    Victorian Mahogany Carpenters Tool Chest with an interior of mutiple trays.

296.    Floral Decorated, Lipstick Red Painted, Slide Cover Candle Box.

297.    Hanging Red and Green Wall Shelf

298.    Soldier Blue Painted Turned Wooden Bowl

299.    Canary Luster Cream Pitcher. 5” Tall

300.    Paint Decorated Box “Concord Fly Shop”

301.    Red and Black Paint Decorated Blanket Box with Wrought Iron Handles

302.    Unusual Early Forest Green “Torpedo” Bottle with Open Pontil- Embossed “Luke Beard”- 7 ¼” tall.

303.    Early Painted Wagon Bench

304.    2 Early Shaped Wooden Spoons

305.    Match Pair of Trout and Salmon Paintings on White Birch Slabs- 17 ½” long (each)

305B. Rustic Moosehead Lake, Maine Foot Stool with Deer Hoof Legs

306.    Sm. Sawbuck Side Table

307.    Oil Painting of a Courtyard Interior. Monogrammed “WSH”.  OOB- 12 ½” x 15 ½” sight.

308.    Sm. Oil Painting of Foliated Home Entrance. Unsigned- OOB in Original Frame- 8” x 7” sight.

309.     Unusual Red Painted Wooden Cutter having a Dixfield, Maine Paper Label

310.    Lg. Stencil Decorated Dome Top Tin Document Box

311.    Sm. Mocha Ware Mug with Seaweed Decoration on a Blue Ground. 3 ½” tall x 2 7/8” diameter.

312.    Sm. Painted Cast Iron Horse Drawn Toy Fire Wagon

313.    Lg. Wooden Tool Tray in Original Red Paint

314.    Sm. Oval Pantry Box

315.    Blue Spongeware Pitcher

316.    Sm. Primitive Painting of Huge Peaches against a Mountainous Landscape. 4 3/8” x 8 ¾” sight.

317.    Early Working Shorebird Decoy

318.    Walnut Pennsylvania Style Queen Anne Work Table with 2 Drawers and Detachable Top

319.    Sm. Walnut Wall Shelf with Drawer

320.    Sm. Early “Queen Anne” Style Fireplace Mantle

321.    Sm. 18th c. Carved and Gilded Folk Art Eagle having a Sterling Family, Dutchess County, NY.  Presentation Inscription- 7 ½” tall x 7 ½” wide.

322.    Early Currier & Ives Print of a Sea Captain. 17 ¼” x 13 ½” sight.

323.    Matched Pair “Old Salt” Door Stops in Original Paint. 5 ¾” tall (each).

324.    Beehive Style Mantle Clock

325.    Cast Iron Frog Advertising Door Stop- “One Croak for the Jackson Wagon”- 5” long x 3” tall.

326.    Inlaid Checkerboard with Stars. 20” x 30”

327.    Calligraphic Drawing of an American Eagle in Original Frame. 27 ½” x 19 ½” sight.

328.    Painted Wooden Sign “Old Bluff Mountain Trail”. 30” long

329.    Sm. Painted, Open Top Child’s Cupboard with Strap Hinges. 37” by 17 ¾” wide.

330.    Pantry Box Labeled “Birdseed” in Natural Surface

331.    Framed “Squires Pig” Paper Trade Sign. 29 ¼” x 16 ¼”.

332.    Lg. Paint Decorated Dome Top Box

333.    Lg. Oil Painting of a Moose in the Forest- Original Frame, Unsigned. 26 ¼” x 20 1/8”.

334.    Paint Decorated Wooden Ice Box (contemporary paint)

335.    1856 Wall Map of Oxford County Maine. 60” square

336.    Lg. Primitive Painting of a Lady Walking along a Forested Path- OOC. 19 ½” x 15 ¾”.

337.    Wooden Advertising Thermometer. Clarks Candy Bar

338.    Lidded Coiled Indian Basket

339.    Framed Lithograph of the Famous Racehorse “Dan Patch”. 19 ½” x 23 ½”.

340.    Lg. Wooden Lidded Band Box in Natural Surface

341B Watercolor Landscape Painting signed “F.B. Johnson. 10 ½” by 13 ½” (sight)

341.    Room Sized Oriental Rug 123” x 97”

342.    Ogee Mantle Clock

343.    Pantry Box- Natural Surface

344.    2 Painted Wooden Measures in Original Blue

345.    Lg. Early Bee “Skept”

346.    Decorated Dome Top Document Box in Red Paint

347.    Lithograph Tin Squeak Toy of a Cow

348.    Oil Painting of Cows. Unframed OOB. 12 ¼” x 18 ¼”.

349.    2 “Old Hickory” Style Rustic Arm Chairs

350.    Brass Child’s Skater Lantern

351.    Cottage Painted Victorian Mirror

352.    Red Oriental Rug 44 ¼” x 72”

353.    Diminutive Tapered Leg One Drawer Stand (over painted white)

354.    Brown Oriental Rug 44” x 72”

355.    Early Pewter Inkwell and Matching Sander

356.    Sm. Primitive Painting. OOB. Bailey Island, Maine. “Paintings of Old Building at Baileys Island – Casco Bay, Maine by Prof. Fred F. Abbott 155 Newbury St. Teacher of Violin – Composer”

357.    Rectangular Maine Wooden Chopping Tray in Natural Surface

358.    Victorian Wicker Arm Chair

359.    Primitive Tapered Leg Plant Stand

360.    Country Pine Sheraton Server

361.    Single Handle Woven Egg Basket

362.    4-Gallon Cobalt Decorated Bird Crock. (Damaged) New York Stoneware

363.    Carved and Painted Wall Hanging Bird Rack with Wrought Iron Hooks

364.    American Turned Foot 4-drawer Chest with Birdseye Maple Drawer Fronts and a “Splash” Back

365.    Paint Decorated Wooden Sled Seat

366.    Maine Birch, 2 Drawer, Drop Leaf Stand

366B. Turned Leg Work Table with Drawer. 45½” l. 27¾” w. and 29 ½” tall.

367.    Inlaid Wooden Checkerboard

368.    Sm. Rectangular Painted Document Box

369.    Lg. Victorian Oil Painting on Wood Panel- 36” x 13”

370.    2 Pair Wrought Iron Andirons

371.    Flat Weave Carpet- 88” x 54”

372.    Maine Indian Basket with Ring Handles

373.    Early Fireplace Tongs and Hearth Shovel

374.    Brass Bed Warmer with Wooden Handle

375.    Mullioned Window Frame Mirror. 23 ½” x 27 ¼”

376.    Pair of Repainted Tin Wall Sconces

377.    Yellow Ware Mixing Bowl and Milk Pan

378.    18th c. “Skirt Lifts” in their Original Tin Case

379.    Sm. Early Church Pew

380.    Brass Fireplace Fender

381.    Boston Rocker in Original Paint Decoration

382.    Lg. Tapered Gathering Barrel in Original Gray Paint

383.    Ebonized Victorian Mantle Clock

384.    2 Early Paint Decorated Tin Trays

385.    Standing Wrought Iron Hearth Rack

386.    Wooden Spindle Rack with Iron Hooks

387.    Early Copper Tea Kettle

388.    Early Wrought Iron Rotating Broiler

389.    3 Bennington/Rockingham Pitchers (damage)

390.    Group of 8 Ivory Carvings

391.    Lg. Civil War Print- “Sherman’s March to the Sea” 38 1/8” x 41 1/4 “ sight

392.    Pine 4-drawer Chest with Bracket Base (restored)

393.    2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Crock- Ft. Edward, NY

394.    Copper Luster Child’s Mug

395.    Sm. Seascape Painting in Original Gold Frame. 4 ½” x 3 ¼” sight

396.    Oriental Salt Bag

397.    Victorian Still Life Painting Dated 1912. Original Frame. OOC. 11 ½” x 14 5/8”.

398.    Sm. Wrought Iron Andirons

399.    Pair of Ring Type Wrought Iron Andirons

400.    Oriental Style Lacquered Tray