Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer


Order of Sale - Antiques 9/23/06


Subject to additions and changes right up to auction time

  1. Gardiner, ME Decorated Crock- Ballard Bros.
  2. Early Maine Turned Wooden Bowl
  3. Labeled Seed Box- Winterport, ME
  4. Hooked Rug- Clipper Ship
  5. Early Miniature Portrait of Woman- Watercolor
  6. Titanic Paper Lot- Mass. Radio Operator
  7. Painted Door Stop
  8. Oil Painting- Portrait of Child
  9. Oil Painting- “Barns Springfield, VT” signed Horace Brown
  10. Bird Crock- Ft. Edward, New York
  11. Maine Chopping Tray
  12. Mocha Decorated Mustard Pot
  13. Large Mocha Pitcher
  14. Table Top Spice Chest
  15. 18th C. Carved & Painted Penny Toy “Churning”
  16. Maine Horse Racing Broadside “Grapeshot” 1859
  17. Decoy- Canvas Canada Goose by Marvin Midgett- Kitty Hawk, NC
  18. “Smuggler” Horse Weathervane
  19. Early “Lollipop” Butter Stamp
  20. Pencil Drawing “Arctic Twilight” Attributed to William Bradford
  21. Pr. Bow Back Windsor Side Chairs
  22. Pr. Period Brass Lemon Top Chippendale Andirons
  23. One Drawer Sheraton Stand- Original Red Paint
  24. Soft Paste Child’s Mug with Race Horse
  25. Nantucket Sailor Whirligig
  26. Bannister Back Armchair
  27. Oil Paintings- Pair of Still Life OOC Signed M. Hilton- Orig. Paint Dec. Frames
  28. Pr. Sealskin NW Indian “Mucklucks”
  29. Woven Wool NW Sweater
  30. Ovoid Gardiner, ME Lyman & Clark Jug w/ Umber Tulip
  31. Oval Shaker Sewing Box Signed Sabbathday Lake

31A. Small Oval Fingered Shaker Box with Pin Cushion. Original Red Wash.

  1. Shaker Side Chair- Original Red Paint
  2. Shaker Bucket- Original Blue Paint
  3. Quilt- Floral Tulip Appliqué for 4 Poster Bed
  4. Lg. Oil Painting- Maine Seascape attributed to A.T. Britcher or S.R. Gifford
  5. Maine Paint Decorated Windsor Side Chair
  6. Wooden Sign- “Smith’s Popcorn”
  7. Carved Wooden Bass- Signed- L. Irvine, Winthrop, ME
  8. Painted Bail Handle Pantry Box
  9. Red and Black Paint Decorated Dome Top Box- “Open Eye” Decoration
  10. Oil Painting signed Thomas Bigelow Craig N.A.- Pastoral Scene w/ Cows
  11. Watercolor signed John Hare- “Cape Cod Winter”
  12. Oil Painting signed Alfred Addy titled verso  “Ripogenus Gorge, Maine”
  13. Oil Painting signed by Maine Artist D.D. Coombs 1916
  14. Maine Tavern Sign “J. Sturges Vassalborough”
  15. Maine Chip Carved Spruce Gum Box
  16. Hooked Rug with Cats signed Barbara Merry
  17. Large Bail Handled Pantry Box in “Lipstick” Red Paint
  18. Lot of 4 Maine Folk Art Carved Mackerel Knives
  19. Chip Carved & Painted “Heart in Hand” Spruce Gum Box
  20. Charlestown Ovoid Crock attributed to Frederick Carpenter with Stamped Eagle Decoration
  21. Pictorial Hooked Rug- Kennebunk General Store
  22. Gardiner Stoneware 6 Gallon Crock with an Incised Eagle over 2 Swans
  23. Early Noah’s Ark Toy with Animals
  24. Oil Painting of Hudson River Scene
  25. Small Redware Jug- Unusual Glaze
  26. Tapered Leg Work Table- Original Surface
  27. Oversized Pantry Box in Original Red Paint
  28. Redware Jug- Gonic, NH
  29. Maine Open Top Step Back Cupboard- Vienna, ME
  30. Hyde Covered Box with Fish Dealer Trade Cards
  31. Early Flame Stitch Ladies Purse
  32. Early Hooked Rug with Urn and Flowers
  33. Large Inlaid Game board
  34. Oil Painting signed and dated   “J.J. McAuliffe 1871” and titled “Dick Tweed”
  35. Stenciled, Signed Boston Rocker
  36. 18th C. “Caleche” or Large Folding Bonnet
  37. Early Wrought Iron Trivet
  38. Whalebone and Baylene Swift
  39. Early “Kuba” Oriental Rug
  40. Dovetailed 6-Board Chest in Original Blue Paint
  41. Early Wrought Iron Trivet
  42. Early Chair Table from Weld, ME (over painted)
  43. Penobscot Indian Birch Bark Sewing Stand signed Katie Newell, Princeton, ME
  44. Set of 6 “Birdcage” Windsors in Original Paint
  45. Large Cathedral Pickle Jar
  46. Early Shorebird Decoy
  47. Oil Painting Landscape signed by Listed Artist, Louis Graner
  48. Early Blown Glass Compote
  49. Duck Decoy Merganser
  50. New York Style Candle Stand
  51. Oil Painting on Board after Winslow Homer
  52. Sheraton One Drawer Stand- Original Surface
  53. Hooked and Braided Rug with Dog
  54. Large Early Circular Penny Rug
  55. Watercolor Landscape signed by Maine Artist, George McConnell
  56. Pair Evans Decoys- Canvasbacks
  57. Small Early Inlaid Checkerboard
  58. Schoolgirl Sampler with Green Background
  59. Labeled Springfield, MA Sheraton Looking Glass
  60. Oil Painting on Board of “Cows” signed P. Webb
  61. Early Queen Anne Wall Mirror
  62. Ship Diarama
  63. Large Blue Painted Wooden Bowl
  64. Covered Feather Basket
  65. Paint Decorated Miniature Pine Chest
  66. Oil Painting of Cats signed and dated 1896
  67. Carved Spruce Gum Box
  68. Pair Fanback Windsor Chairs
  69. Maine Paint Decorated 1-Drawer Blanket Ches

101.    Triple Candle Tin Wall Sconce

  1. Zuni Pottery Jar
  2. Schoolgirl Needlework Sampler- Hogg Family 1837
  3. Miniature Portrait on Ivory in Brass Frame
  4. NH Queen Anne Candle stand in Original Red Paint
  5. 3 Bluebill Duck Decoys
  6. Daguerreotype Photo in Lemon Gold Frame
  7. Early Sign “Horses Baited”

109.    Early Salem Rocker

110.    Farmington, ME Decorated Blanket Chest - Daniel Stewart

111.    Oil Painting signed by Listed Maine Artist, Franklin Bowie

112.    Yellow Ware Mixing Bowl

113.    Child’s Size 4-Drawer Chest

114.    Paint Decorated Maine One Drawer Turned Leg Stand

115.    Mustard Paint Decorated Sheraton Dressing Table - Newburyport, MA

116.    Paint Decorated Book Box “Mary”

117.    Inlaid San Francisco Table by John Donald with Original Design Patterns and Provenance

118.    Sheraton Rope Leg Drop Leaf Table

119.    Early Shorebird Decoy

120.    Painting of Bayou Scene signed A.J. Drysdale

121.    Painting of Nocturnal Scene signed A.J. Drysdale

122.    Hand Painted Wooden Bowl

123.    Watercolor signed Paule Stetson Loring

124.    Lot of 3 Carved Songbirds

125.    Unusual Maine Paint Decorated Bed

126.    Small Polychromed Ivory Whist Chip Box

127.    Labeled Thomas Needham Hepplewhite Card Table

128.    Painted Game Table with Checkerboard Top

129.    Chippendale 4-Drawer Bracket Base Chest

130.    Tall Case Clock signed Tiffany

131.    Unusual Table Top Fire Screen

132.    Matched Pair of French Brass Fireplace Fenders with Lions

133.    Table Top Spice Chest with Fan Carved Crest

134.    Early Ship Model

135.    Small Early Buttocks Basket

136.    Civil War Surgeon’s Trunk 15th Mass. Vols.

137.    Early Sea Chest in Original Green Paint

138.    Early Well Bucket in Old Blue Paint

139.    4 Religious Paintings on Tin

140.    Quilt - Large Floral Appliqué

141.    Early Shorebird Decoy

142.    Queen Anne Tilt-Top Tea Table – Newburyport, Mass.

143.    Miniature Portrait on Ivory in Lemon Gold Frame

144.    British Schoolgirl Sampler - Lindley Family

145.    New York State Paint Decorated Server

146.    Marbleized Mocha Child’s Mug

147.    Covered Seaweed Mocha sugar Bowl

148.    Folk Art Walking Stick

149.    Early Watercolor of Bird

150.    Early Canopy Bed from North Shore, MA

151.    Large Early Floral Appliqué Quilt

152.    Carved Lion Plaque

153.    Eagle Weathervane attributed to Harris

154.    Pair of Decorated Tin Sconces

155.    Bird Jug

156.    Mustard Yellow Open Top Cupboard

157.    Bannister Back Side Chair

158.    Paint Decorated Maine Knife Tray

159.    Small Folk Art Carved Box

160.    Inlaid Mahogany Hepplewhite Boston Ladies Desk

161.    Early Whalebone Fid

162.    Document Box in Windsor Green dated 1889

163.    Carved Knitty Knotty and 2 Shaker Brushes

164.    Cast Iron Toy Car in Original Paint

165.    Oil Painting on Tin- Still Life

166.    Early Boston Hat Box

167.    Early Tin Fat Burning Tinder Lamp

168.    Early Fancy Wrought Iron Trivet

169.    Schoolgirl Sampler Dated 1816

170.    Hepplewhite Paint Decorated Candle Stand

171.    Large Unsigned Oil Painting of Pastoral Scene

172.    2 Early Framed Silhouettes

173.    6 Matching Coin Silver SERVING SPOONS signed S. Parlin, Norwich, CT

174.    6 Matching Coin Silver Teaspoons signed S. Parlin, Norwich, CT

175.    12 Matching Coin Silver Teaspoons signed Gale & Moseley, New York

176.    Lot of 12 Early Coin Silver Servings Spoons

177.    Lot of 24 pieces of Miscellaneous Early Coin Silver Flatware

178.    Small Painted Box with Nautical Scene

179.    Chip Carved Sailor’s Sweetheart Box

180.    Photo of Negro League Baseball Team- Chicago

180A. Captured Confederate Battle Flag:  Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. Captured by Cp.l Chas. C. Atwood 4th Mass. Cavalry.

180B. Captured Confederate Battle Flag: Reg. 11 Star Regular Guidon of Florida Regiment. Captured by Cpl. Chas. C. Atwood 4th Mass. Cavalry.

180C. G.A.R. Post Flag Lowell, Mass.

180D. Early 26 Star American Flag

181.    Sterling Silver- 4 Tiffany “Saratoga” Dinner Forks

182.    Sterling Silver- 6 Exquisite Serving Spoons marked “WwH”

183.    Sterling Silver- 12 Matching Dinner Forks

184.    Sterling Silver- 18 pieces, 3 sets, Teaspoons

185.    Sterling Silver- 14 pieces, Serving & Teaspoons

186.    Sterling Silver- 16 pieces, Teaspoons

186B.  5 Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons

  1. Sterling Silver- 8 pieces, Forks
  2. Sterling Silver- 30 pieces of Miscellaneous Sterling
  3. Marquetry Inlaid Side Table
  4. Sheraton Cookie Corner, Bow Front, 4-Drawer Chest
  5. 3 Early Coin Silver Sugar Tongs Norwich, CT & New York
  6. Set of 6 18th C. Coin Silver Spoons signed B. Lord, Pittsfield, MA
  7. Velvet Apple Pin Cushion
  8. Oil Painting of Santa Claus signed Fred Craft
  9. Turned Leg School Desk in Original Red Paint
  10. Pine 6 Board Chest
  11. Floral Appliqué Quilt
  12. Large European Oil on Canvas signed “Johannes”
  13. Early Turned Leg 1-Drawer Stand with Cut Corners
  14. 13 Star American Flag- Centennial – Unusual Star Configuration
  15. Historically Important Aviation Lot- Clarence Chamberlin- 2nd Man in Trans-Atlantic Flight
  16. Oil Painting signed by Listed Vermont Artist, William LaValley
  17. Tiger Maple Hanging Shelf
  18. Period Dresser Top Dressing Mirror
  19. Shaker Style 2-Drawer Work Table
  20. New Hampshire Candle Stand
  21. Bow Back Windsor Side Chair
  22. Amish “Summer” Quilt
  23. Oil on Canvas Portrait of Girl with Bonnet
  24. Chinese Export Tea Set- Wongshing
  25. Watercolor Portrait of Girl with Dog
  26. Early Reverse Painted Portrait Frame
  27. Shaker Salt Box
  28. Carved & Paint Decorated Canoe Paddle
  29. Quilt
  30. Wooden Firkin
  31. Cobalt Decorated Jug with Floral Decoration marked Boston, Mass.
  32. Early Whale Oil Lantern
  33. Victorian Cast Iron Andirons with Lions
  34. 2 Painting of Ships on Wood Slices signed C.F. Davis
  35. 2 pieces of Early Wrought Iron Dipper & Skimmer
  36. Paint Decorated Foot Stool – damaged
  37. Woven Maine Pack Basket
  38. Maine Center Hole Woven Fishing Creel
  39. Peter Hunt signed & dated 1933 Painted Music Box
  40. Federal Fire Screen
  41. Oil Painting Landscape by Herbert DeGruff Main
  42. Oriental Rug
  43. Paint Decorated Paddle
  44. Cast Iron Architectural Still Bank
  45. Small Tramp Art Box
  46. Trade Card Album
  47. 2 Mason Decoys
  48. Oriental Rug- Kazak
  49. Early Blown Cologne Bottle
  50. Early Shorebird Decoy
  51. Early Blown Liquor Bottle
  52. 18th C. Soldier’s Duffle Bag Dated 1792
  53. Small Ovoid Stoneware Cobalt Decorated Crock signed L. Norton
  54. Early Blown Snuff Jar
  55. Small Early Blown Chestnut Bottle
  56. Early Blown Chestnut Bottle
  57. Early Handled Blown Whiskey Bottle
  58. Calabash Flask
  59. Lighthouse Painting on Wood Panel
  60. Queen Anne Button Foot Tavern Table Base in Original Red Paint
  61. Hooked Rug- Geometric
  62. Quilt- Amish Log Cabin
  63. 1-Drawer Stand in Original Red Paint
  64. Primitive Painting of Fort signed D. Morse 1880
  65. Adirondack Camp Sign- “Woods Lure”
  66. 2 Whalebone Clothespins
  67. “Coot” Decoy
  68. Victorian Still Life Painting
  69. Black Rag Doll
  70. Primitive Painting Oil on Canvas of Maine Winter Scene
  71. Penny Rug
  72. Raised Panel Cupboard with “H” Hinges
  73. Maine Carved Wooden Eagle signed Peter Libby
  74. Unusual Adirondack Child’s Rocker
  75. Collection of 13 Pewter Ice Cream Molds
  76. Large Quilt with Sawtooth Border
  77. Gardiner Stoneware Crock with 3 Swans- unsigned
  78. Watercolor of Cows signed G.D. Russell
  79. Baylene & “Vertebrae” Walking Stick
  80. Albumen Photo- Indian Wars U.S. Army
  81. Grenfell Type Door “Wag”
  82. EarlyMulti Colored “Jacquard” Coverlet
  83. Red Painted Candle Stand
  84. Early Cribbage Board
  85. Large Olive Green Demi-Jon
  86. 3 Navajo Style Weavings
  87. Painting- Oil on Board Landscape signed P. Webb
  88. Painting- Oil on Board by P. Webb
  89. Gardiner Stoneware 4-Gallon Crock with 2 Eagles
  90. Firkin- Old Green Paint
  91. Feeding Decoy
  92. Carved “Foot” Walking Stick
  93. Blown French Bottle
  94. Oil Painting signed by Listed Artist Louis Bouche
  95. Unusual Early Sewing Stand
  96. Large Pewter Charger
  97. Oriental Rug
  98. Oriental Rug
  99. Large Quilt Paneled with Stars
  100. Redware Jar dated 1839
  101. Stenciled Mustard Paint Decorated Rocker
  102. Chippendale Side Chair
  103. Painting- Oil on Board of Buildings signed P.Webb
  104. Early Toaster
  105. “New Bedford” Basket
  106. Maine Center Hole Fishing Creel
  107. Maine Pack Basket
  108. Large Buttocks Basket
  109. Matched Pair “Sheared” Rugs
  110. Ship Painting signed Conrad Freitag
  111. Collection of 14 Early Food Choppers
  112. Hooked Rug- Birds
  113. Pantry Box in Original Green Paint
  114. Turned Leg 2-Drawer Stand
  115. Drop Leaf Table in Original Red Paint
  116. Early Plank End 4-Drawer Chest
  117. Unfinished Needlework Sampler
  118. Whalebone Fid
  119. Tim Jack-O-Lantern- Akron, OH Maker
  120. Civil War Lithograph- New York- Zouaves
  121. Soft Paste Tea Set
  122. Soft Paste Large Soup Tureen
  123. Soft Paste Lot of 2 Teapots
  124. Soft Paste- Large lot of Miscellaneous
  125. Oriental Rug
  126. Carved Wall Plaque- Hunter
  127. Early Cast Iron Tea Kettle
  128. Fingered and Handled Shaker Sewing Box
  129. Unusual Wrought Iron Meat Roaster
  130. Birch Bark Log Carrier
  131. Wooden Carved & Painted Indian Club
  132. Early Cheese Basket
  133. 3 Section Mahogany Barrister Bookcase
  134. Etching Pencil signed by Listed Artist, Sears Gallagher
  135. Early Wall Box
  136. Early Nautical Hourglass
  137. Poetry/ Sketch Book- Maine
  138. Small Oriental Rug
  139. Large Wrought Iron Ship’s Calking Tool
  140. Large Brass Reflector Lantern
  141. Large Sternboard Boat Sign
  142. Matched pair of Gimballed Boat Lights
  143. Stoneware, Cobalt Decorated Spittoon- damaged
  144. Gold Coin $10- 1901
  145. Gold Coin $5- 1854
  146. Gold Coin $5- 1886
  147. Gold Coin $1-1851
  148. Pair of Maine Snowshoes
  149. 4 Early Wrought Iron Trivets
  150. Pair of Mini Painting- Harbor Scenes by Hill
  151. Carved Wash Stick with Heart Cutout
  152. Wrought Iron Rotating Toaster
  153. Unusual Tin Handled Early Ink Bottle
  154. Homespun Coverlet
  155. Small Handled Basket
  156. Pine 1-Drawer Stand
  157. Hooked Rug with Cows- damaged
  158. Aqua Pickle Jar
  159. Labeled Seed Box- Winterport, ME
  160. Soft Sculpture Toy- “Admiral”
  161. Lot of 2 Firkins
  162. Spinning Wheel
  163. Yarn Winder
  164. Pair of Brass “Wedding Band” Candlesticks
  165. Decorated Tin General Store Tea Box
  166. Carved Songbird
  167. Black Rag Doll
  168. Pair of Miniature Woven Snowshoes
  169. Trade Card Album with Early Doctors Advertisements
  170. Pine 1-Drawer stand
  171. Button Collection
  172. Maine Sign- “Hamilton Shore”
  173. Swing Handled Basket
  174. Painted Checkerboard



Subject to additions and changes right up to auction time

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