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Early 19th Century Westbrook, Maine Pewter Teapot signed “F. Porter No.7 Westbrook”. 6 ¾” tall. 

Large Figural Cast Iron Trade Sign or Doorstop in the form of a Full Standing, Smiling Pig in Original Paint. 23 1/2" tall x 9” at widest.

3. Early 20th Century “FRESH EGGS” Sign on its Original Mounting Post. 34” tall x 32 ¾” wide (overall).


4. Vibrantly Colored Floral Hooked Rug with Black Background. 32 ½” x 43 ½”.


5. Small Framed Primitive Painting of the China Factories at Canton, China. OOB 13 1/2'' tall x 18 ½” (overall). 9 ½” x 14 ½” (sight)''.


6. Seven Foot Maine Turned Leg Farm Table in Original Black Paint. Pine Top w Maple Legs. 84” long x 18 ½” wide at top x 29 ¾” tall.

7. Large “Lapped Band” Pantry Box Stamped H. ALLEN Jr. and in Original Deep Mustard Yellow Paint. 14 ½” rim diameter 7’’tall.

8. Huge mid 19th Century Amber Colored Blown Glass Bottle. Likely a Trade Sign or Trade Stimulator. 27 ½” tall 12 ½” at widest and 7 ¼” deep.


9. Early 19th Century New England Turned Wooden Bowl in Original Worn Blue Paint. 12 7/8” x 12” x 3’’ tall.

10. Small Signed FREDERICK HEYDE mid 19th Century NEW YORK Lidded Stoneware Tankard retaining its original pewter lid. Base signed: “HEYDE NO. 47 AVENUE A”. 4 1/2" tall.

11. Signed RUSS BURR (Hingham, Mass. 1887-1955) miniature Carved and Painted American Bald Eagle mounted upon a tree trunk. 8" tall 7 ¾” long 3 ¾” wide.

12. 19th Century Folk Art Painted Figural Chalk Ware Stag. 5 3/4" tall 4” long 2 1/2” wide.

13. Framed Folk Art Watercolor of a Standing Cheetah. 12'' x 15" tall (overall). 10 ½” x 13 ½” (sight).

14. Large Early Maine Floral Hooked Rug. 25'' x 52 1/2''.

15. Early New England Firkin having in Original Red Paint. 9 ¼” top diameter x 10'' base diameter x 9'' tall (13 ¾” tall when handle erect).

16. Early 19th Century Boston Brass Surveyor’s Compass with signed Dial and Original Labeled Wooden Case by C.G. KING. Dial measures 4 ¾” diameter. Original mahogany case measures 13 ½” long x 6” wide and 3” deep (when closed).

17. Mid 18th Century Queen Anne Cherry Wood Candle Stand in Original Surface. 26” tall with circular top measuring 20 ¾” diameter (approx.).

18. Original “1843 GERMANTOWN MUTUAL FIRE” Cast Iron GERMANTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Fire Back. 8 ¼” X 11 ½”.

18th Century New England Tape Loom in Original Patina. 23’’tall x 6 ½” wide.

Early 19th century Paint Decorated New England Cupboard Door in Mustard Yellow and Red “Feathered decoration. 23 ¼” wide x 74 1/2” tall.

21. A diminutive and very early Hooked Rug with a classically Folk Art “Dreamy Evening” scene that includes hearts at each corner and sheep at either side of a Federal style home which is flanked by bowing trees. All of this appearing below a star studded evening sky. Measures 15" x 25 1/2".

22. Family of 4 Early 19th Century Hollow Cut Silhouettes inscribed verso “The First Family of Baltimore”. Period framing. Each measures 4½’’tall x 4 ¼” wide.

23. Large Cast Iron Wall Hanging "CINCINNATI STOVE WORKS" Horse and Rider TRADE SIGN depicting a Woman Riding Side Saddle on a Galloping Steed. "TRADEMARK" is cast into the horse's neck and "CINCINNATI STOVE WORKS" into its saddle blanket. Marked verso "R CIN. IRON FDY/CIN. O. 1903". 41 ½” long x 27 ½” tall.

24. Francis Augustus Silva (Am. 1835-1886). Framed Seascape Painting titled verso “Hudson River Near Piermont”. Signed l.l. “F.A. Silva”. OOC 10” x 14” (overall). 5 ¼” x 9” (sight).

25. 19th Century Punched Tin Pie Safe. 39 ¼” wide x 55 ¾” tall x 17 ¼” deep.

26. Signed and Dated 1845 HENRY CLAY handwritten letter to a Dr. Moses Hart’s inquiry on the genealogy of Henry Clay’s wife, Lucretia Hart Clay. Mr. Clay refers to his father in law (Colonel Thomas Hart) in summarizing his wife’s lineage. Framed in a later circa 1870 Victorian walnut frame.

27. Early 19th Century Framed Miniature Watercolor Portrait of a Standing Young Girl in a Blue Dress, clutching a Basket of Flowers. Watercolor on Paper. 7 1/8” x 5 1/8” (overall).

28. Maine Sea Chest in Original Blue Paint with “Diamond” Carved Wooden Beckets. 40” wide x 17 ½” deep and 14 ½” tall.

29. Hepplewhite Tapered Leg One Drawer Stand in fine old surface, having a figured maple top with nicely cut corners. Top measures 19” x 17”. Stands 26 ¼” tall.

30. SIGNED J.W. FISKE 19th Century Cast Iron SUNDIAL upon its ORIGINAL TALL STANDING BASE. (sun dial missing its Gnomon). Stands 36 ¾” tall x 9” diameter at dial.

31. Mid 19th Century Cast Iron Garden Bench attributed in the style of KARL FRIEDRICH. 45” long 31 ¾” tall and 16” deep.

32. Large Victorian era Cast Iron Garden Fountain Base attributed to J.W. Fiske.

33. Large Early 19th Century Primitive Watercolor Portrait of a Boy with Bow and Arrow. Original Frame 40 1/2'' x 32 1/2'' (overall). 36” x 27 1/2'' (sight).

34. Unusual 19th Century Counter Top “Triple Stepped” Maine Spice Cabinet having two paneled doors over nine graduated drawers. Original surface. Measures 16” wide x 17 ¼” tall x 10 ¼” deep.

35. A Large 19th Century E.S. FROST (Biddeford, Maine) Pattern HOOKED RUG in a vibrantly colored FLORAL pattern. 61 ½” long x 34”.

36. A RARE 18th Century TRADE SIGN reading “HARD, & HOLLOW WARE. NAILS, POWDER & SHOT.”. Original black paint on white. Stands 60 ¼” tall x 32 ¾” wide x 1 ½” thick.

37. A small Shaker Style Wooden Staved Tub in Original “Wagon Wheel” Blue Paint. Measures 9 ½” x 91/4” at top rim x 4 ½” tall.

38. Signed, Dated and Profusely Decorated MAINE wooden SWIFT with polychrome Animals, Birds, Fish, Flora, Foliate, Nautical, Patriotic and Geometric Figures. Signed and dated “P.A. BROOKS 1864”. Measures 24 1/4''tall with its integral base clamp (where the largest of its decorations are located) measuring 6 1/2” long x 1” wide.

39. A signed and framed 19th Century Primitive Folk Art Oil Painting of a Maine Farmhouse with its family lounging on the side lawn. Signed l.l. “EVIE HANSON”. OOC in its original frame. Measures 13 ½” tall x 21 ½” wide (overall) and 10” tall x 18” (sight).

40. A small VERY EARLY round Lathe Turned Treen Ware Footed Bowl in Original Red Paint. Measures 7 ¾” x 7 ½” at top rim and stands 1 7/8” tall.

41. LARGE 18th Century Covered Wooden “Master” Tankard in superb deep natural patina. Stands 11” tall and measures a full 8” bottom diameter and 5” top rim diameter. Gifted in the 1950s by Nina Fletcher Little to her close friend Alice Andrews of Winchester, Massachusetts. Provenance available to buyer.

42. A Stack of 5 mid 19th Century Hat Boxes with Lids. The oval hat boxes range in size from the largest measuring 13 ¼” tall x 19” diameter to the smallest 11 ½” tall x 17” diameter. The hat shaped box measures 7 ½” tall x 13 ¾” x 10 ¼”. The 3rd box from the top bears a label from “Miss F. Galpin – Albany”. The largest bears a label reading “John Brower Upholsterer & Paper Hanger …..Canal Street”.

43. Early 18th Century Oversized and Profusely Decorated 18th Century American Redware Double Handled Sugar Pot with lid. Stands 7 ½” tall and measures 9” at its widest point.

44. Early 19th Century NH Oil Painting on Canvas of the “OLD MAN of the MOUNTAIN”. Unsigned in period and likely original lemon gold frame. Measures 19 ¼” x 23 ½” (overall) and 15 1/4” x 19 1/4” (sight).

45. A large mid 19th Century Mustard Painted Two Piece Pine Corner Cupboard having double glazed doors at its top section and double flat paneled doors at its base section. Stands 73 ½” tall x 56” wide x 26 ½” deep.

46. Large Early 19th Century Architectural Over-Entrance Fan in Original Green Paint. Measures 61 3/4” wide x 22 3/4” tall.

47. A Large 18th Century Lathe Turned Wooden Bowl in Original “Cream” Paint. Has an unusual “flared” top lip and “make do” repairs. Measures 21 ¼” x 20 ½” at top rim x 6 ¾” tall.

48. A Small 19th Century Painted and Stencil Decorated Wooden Wheel Express Cart in Original Salmon Paint and Red and Green Decoration. Measures 31” long (not including handle) x 18 ½” wide x 15 ½” tall.

49. A fine untouched maple framed and legged VT 5’ drop leaf HARVEST TABLE in original red paint and having a superbly scrubbed pine top. Measures 60” long x 21 ¾” (when closed x 40 ½” (when fully open) x 27 1/2” tall (originally fitted for casters).

50. A small early 19th Century Paint Decorated NEW HAMPSHIRE counter top spice SPICE CUPBOARD with drawer and applied bracket base. Case width 15 1/8” x 24 ¼” tall and 10 1/8” deep.

51. RARE 1912 framed souvenir thirteen star AMERICAN FLAG sewn and signed and inscribed (in handwritten ink) at one side of the “hoist” of the flag: “Made by Sarah M. Wilson the Great Grand Daughter of Betsey Ross” and “East Wing of Independence Hall. Philadelphia March 30, 1912”. Flag measures 5 ½” x 10”. Overall in frame measures10 ¾” x 13”.


52. An early and unusual 19th Century “Tear Drop” Shaped Spice Box in Original Blue-Gray Paint. Perhaps an early “Cuff” box. Measures 10” long x 4 7/8” at its widest and 2 ¾” tall. 

53. A Large SIGNED & DATED 1822 Oval Fingered SHAKER Box in very early “Windsor Green” paint over its original red wash. “RA WIN 1822” is scratch carved on the bottom of the box. Measures 10 1/2” x 7 ½” x 3 ¾” tall.

54. A tall SIGNED early 19th Century “I. TRASK” (active Beverly, Mass. 1813 -1856) “LIGHTHOUSE” style Pewter Coffee Pot. This is an early Federal period “chased” example. Measures 13 ¼” tall.

55. A HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT pair of ca. 1900 “ROAD” TRADE SIGNS that features both Victorian Genre and Black Americana scenes. The signs serve notice of the Manawa, Wisconsin department store “E.L. DARLING” (shuttered permanently in 1906). Each measure 47” tall x 11 ¾” wide. 


56. An early 19th Century profusely “chip” and “scratch” carved Straight Razor Case with a pivoting lid. Prolific carved decorations include the initials “JH”, American Flag, Federal Shield, Pinwheels, Compass Stars, Fish, Diamonds and Trees. Carved from maple wood and in an untouched original surface. Measures 11 ¼” long x 1 ¾” wide and 1 ½” tall. 

57. An early “Top of the Stack” 19th Century miniature round pantry box in Original Blue paint with ROSE HEAD nails. Measures 3 ½” diameter and stands 1 ½” tall.

58. 18th Century Tombstone Arched Cherry Wood Wall Box with Drawer in Original Thin Red Wash. Dovetailed and delicate hand cut nail construction. 12" tall x 9" wide x 6” deep (front to back).

59. A rare 18th Century “Washington – Franklin- The Glory of America” decorated Tin Snuff Box in original paint. Measures 4 ½” x 2 ¾” x ½” tall.

A VERY EARLY American Treen ware Dinner Plate with original worn Green Paint on its backside. Measures 8 ¼” x 8 1/8” x ¾” tall.



61. A Red Painted Decorated Country Hepplewhite period Tapered Leg Stand with Original Mottled Green and “Dabbed” Black Paint Decoration. 28 ¼” tall with top measuring 16” x 15 7/8”.





61B. A vibrantly colored early 19th Century HAND BLOCKED wallpaper and free hand PAINT DECORATED Dome Top Document Box. Measures 15” wide x 81/2” deep and stands 6 ¼” tall.  



Paint Decorated Wooden Measure “ALUM”. 10 ¾” diameter x 6” tall.

LARGE Early 19th Century “Liverpool” Jug with GEORGE WASHINGTON mourning transfer that reads: “WASHINGTON in GLORY…..AMERICA in TEARS”. Measures 9 ½” tall x 10” at its widest point x 5 ¾” diameter at base rim.

A 19th Century Primitive Folk Art Oil Painting of a rural farm scene. Oil on Academy Board in original frame. Measures 14 ¾” tall x 20 ½” wide (overall) and 11 ½” tall x 17” (sight).

A boldly executed and vibrantly colored early 19th Century FOLK ART THEOREM painting on velvet of a Fruit Filled Basket in its original frame. Measures 15 ¾” tall x 19 ¼” wide (overall) and 12 ½” x 16 ½” (sight).

66. A 19th Century paper lithographed wooden NOAH’S ARK toy with 32 original carved and painted figures. Ark measures 19 1/2” long x 4 ¾” wide and 9 ¾” tall.

Small Folk Art Oil Portrait on Wood Panel of a Standing Boy with his Sheep. Unframed. Measures 10” x 8”.

68. A 19th Century New England Hand Blocked Wallpaper Covered (and lined) Dome Top Storage Box in Blue. Measures 21 ½” wide x 11 ½” deep x 12 ½” tall.

A lidded 19th Century Shaker Bucket in Original Blue Paint. Measures 11 ¾” tall with 11 ¼” top rim diameter and 12 ½” bottom diameter.

70. A Single Handle Basket in Original Blue Paint. Measures 19 ¾” long x 12 ¼” wide and 12 ½” to tallest point (top of handle).

71. A 19th Century Bail Handled Pantry Box in original Windsor Green Paint. Measures 11 ½” diameter x 6 1/8” tall (not including handle).

72. An identified and dated 1842 PRIOR – HAMBLIN school Folk Art Portrait of a strikingly handsome twelve year old boy named JOHN EDWARD HOLMES of Stoughton, Massachusetts. Inscribed verso on its original frame “John Edward Holmes 1842 aged 12 yrs.”. Holmes later became a boot maker in his hometown and birthplace of Stoughton where he died in 1860. Provenance is available to buyer. Oil on paperboard measuring 17” x 13 ¼” (overall) and 13 ½” x 9 1/2” (sight).

73. Large Old Room Sized PERSIAN SERAPI Oriental Rug. 12’ 4” x 8’ 10”.

74. Matched Pair of 17th Century Brass Capstan “Bell Bottom” Candlesticks. Dutch, circa 1690. Each measures 9 1/2" tall x 6" base diameter..

75. Matched Pair of Very Early 17th Century Brass “Paw Foot” Candlesticks. Measures 6 ½” tall x 6” square at base.

Matched Pair of Early 18th Century Brass Queen Anne period “Petal Edge” Candlesticks. Measures 6 ½” tall x 6” square at base.

77. A rare signed “JOHN M. SAFFORD” 19th Century MONMOUTH, MAINE Redware Stew Pot. Measures 6 1/2” tall x 6 3/4” at its widest. 


78. A rare signed “JOHN SAFFORD 2nd” 19th Century MONMOUTH, MAINE Redware Jug. Measures 8 1/4” tall x 5 3/4” at its widest.

79. An extremely early and rare 18th Century Maine Open Pewter Cupboard in Original Red Paint. Untouched and as found condition. Removed from the cellar of the Libby Farm at Scarborough, Maine in 1963. Measures 85 ½” tall x 64” wide x 15 ½” at its deepest point.

80. Early 19th Century Painted Wooden TRADE SIGN “A.S. GALE BLACKSMITH”. A.S. Gale (born 1794) is a listed GILMANTON, NH blacksmith. 67 ¼’ long x 18” tall.

A large unsigned 19th Century Framed Landscape Painting of a Lakeside Forested Landscape with a picnicking family at the shore and rowboat in the lake. OOC in original frame. 30 ¾” tall x 26 ¾” wide (overall) and 21 ½” tall x 17 ½” (sight).

A Nesting set of 4 Maine Swing Handled Baskets found in Windham, Maine. Largest measures 16” top rim diameter x 10 ¼” tall. Smallest measures 8 ¾” top rim diameter x 5 ¼” tall (without handle).

A HUGE 19th Century Oval Wooden Pantry Box in Original Red Paint. Measure 15 ¾” x 12” x 6 ¼” tall.

New England Pine straight sided Sea Chest in Original Green Paint having original beckets. Measures 40” wide x 18 ½” deep and 17 ¾” tall.

A large, splayed 19th Century Lidded Sugar Barrel in Old Green Paint. Measures 19” tall x 12 ¼” top rim diameter and 15 ¼” bottom rim diameter.

A small 19th Century Oval “Harvard” Shaker Box in original Gray-Green Paint. Hand written inscription “Dol. & Half Dols.” at the underside of its lid. Measures 5 ½” x 4 1/8” x 2 ¼” tall.

86B. A boldly paint decorated CORTLAND COUNTY, NEW YORK Dome Top Storage Box with well defined geometric and paneled sponge and “squiggle” decoration. Lined with 1834 Otego, NY newspapers. Measures 22 ¾” wide x 13” deep and stands 10 1/8” tall.


87. A signed and dated 1888 Primitive Landscape Painting depicting a large riverside Federal period home with a village in its background. Horses and people are present at the front of the home. Signed l.r. “A.W. FULLER 88”. In original frame. 15 ¾” x 23 ¾” (overall) and 13 ¾” x 21 1/2” (sight).

A Large, Early & unusuallyTall Sausage Turned 19th Century Five Slat Ladder Back Armed Rocker in Original Black Paint. Measures 50 ½” tall x 26 1/2” at its widest point. Seat height is 15 ½”. Original splint seat is present.

A Profusely Inlaid 19th century Checkerboard in original surface. 24” long x 14 ½” wide 1 ½” thick.

RARE UNUSED Covered SABBATHDAY LAKE SHAKER SOCIETY Dry MEASURE. Stenciled front panel reads “SHAKER SOCIETY SABBATHDAY LAKE, ME”. Measures 6 ¼ top diameter x 4” tall.

91. Lot of (4) MAINE SHAKER SOCIETY Wooden “DRY” MEASURES. Stenciled front panels (on each) read “SHAKER SOCIETY SABBATHDAY LAKE, ME”. Two are UNUSED. Largest measures 9 ¼” tall x 5 ¼” tall. Smallest measures 5 ¾” diameter x 3 5/8” tall.

A Large 19th Century Oval Fingered SHAKER Box in its Original Red Paint. Measures 11 ½” x 8” x 4 ¾” tall.

93. A 19th Century Framed Watercolor of “WASHINGTON’S HEADQUARTERS - THE JACOB FORD MANSION” signed l.r. “ABIGAIL B. TOMPKINS 1882”. The Jacob Ford Mansion was George Washington’s headquarters at Morristown, N.J. for the Jockey Hollow winter encampment of 1779 and 1780. Measures 12 ½” x 16” (overall) and 7” x 10 ½” (sight).

A Shallow VERY EARLY round Lathe Turned Treen Ware Bowl in Original Green Paint. Measures 11” x 10 ¾” at top rim and stands 2 ¼” tall.

A 19th Century “Pumpkin” Painted Jelly Cupboard having 2 Drawers over 2 Flat Paneled Doors. Measures 43” wide x 19” deep x 53 1/2” tall.

An early signed 19TH Century NATHANIEL MUNROE - CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS Mahogany Tall Case Clock with brass works movement and painted dial bearing the bold signature at the top of its “tombstone” arched dial: “WARRANTED by NAT’L MUNROE CONCORD”. 94” tall x 19 ½” at its widest point x 10” deep.

97. A 19th Century Painted Wooden TRADE SIGN “SHOE REPAIRING”. 58 ¼’ long x 17” tall.

A Small deeply and profusely Carved 19th Century New England Pine Document Box in its original “crusty” surface. Measures 10 ¾” wide x 5 ¾” deep x 6” tall.

99.  The original medical tools of the noted early 20th century Country Doctor DOC PRITHAM of GREENVILLE, MAINE. The subject of many articles and a book titled “The Big Little World of Doc Pritham”, Dr. Fred John Pritham (1880-1972) attained legendary status as a Maine “Country” doctor. This HUGE lot includes his collection of medical tools (including a rare amputation kit and bone saws along with many birthing instruments); his Doctor’s bags (with his ID’s attached); his licenses; his Medical Books and MUCH MORE.

100. A Huge “Birdseye View” Oil painting of Moosehead Lake by the noted Monson, Maine artist SETH W. STEWARD (1844-1927). The panoramic view from an elevated Greenville pasture (which is likely Blair Hill) depicts Sugar Island and Lilly Bay with Big and Little Squaw Mountains (among others) in the distance. Monogrammed l.l. “SWS”. Found in a home in Blanchard, Maine along with two other signed works by the artist. OOC. Unframed. Measures 27 1/8” x 50 ¼”.

101. Seth W. Steward (Am. 1844-1927). PACKARDS CAMPS, WILLIMANTIC, MAINE. Oil painting on academy board. Signed and dated 1926 lower left. Found in a home in Blanchard, Maine along with two other signed works by the artist. Original frame. Measures 14 ¼ x 20 ¼” (overall) and 11 5/8” x 17 ½” (sight).

102. Seth W. Steward (Am. 1844-1927). BEAVER COVE, MOOSEHEAD LAKE. Oil painting on academy board. Initialed “S.W. Steward” lower left. Found in a home in Blanchard, Maine along with two other signed works by the artist. Original lemon gold gesso decorated frame. Measures 17 ¾” x 24” (overall) and 11 1/2” x 17 3/4” (sight).

A New England 18th Century Hanging Corner Cupboard having a “picture frame” molded front surrounding its single, flat paneled door. Being of rose head nail construction and in its Original Red Wash, the cupboard measures 30 1/2” wide x 44 ½” tall x 15 ¾” deep.

An unusually small Child’s Size Wooden Firkin having a nicely tapered "swing" handle and an early painted surface. Measures 7 ¼” tall with top lid diameter of 6 1/4” x 7 1/4” bottom rim diameter.

Large 19th century Decorated Tin Coffee Pot with outstanding “paneled” floral decoration. Attributed to the Filley shop of Philadelphia. 9” tall.

An early 19th century Maine paint decorated Dome Top Document Box, boldly grained in red and black with vibrant mustard yellow and apple green “free hand” and bronze stenciled decoration. 17 ¾” wide x 8 ¾” deep x 7” tall.

107. An 18th Century NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS Chippendale period Mahogany Tilt Top Tea Table having a molded edged serpentine shaped top, a spiral carved urn at the base of its shaft all raised on elongated ball and talon feet. Measures 50 3/4¾” tall (when in upright position) and 28 ½” tall when readied for tea. Its top measures 31 x 30 ¾”.

A RARE Maine SHAKER Textile SHOP CHEST of Eight DRAWERS. Attributed to either the SABBATHDAY LAKE or ALFRED, ME communities, this remarkably crafted chest measures 59 ¾” wide x 60 ¼” tall x 15 ¾” deep. Original surface.

A boldly colored mid 20th Century Geometric Hooked Rug with multi colored squares. Measures 45 ¾” x 25 ¾”.

109B. A 19th Century Painted American double sided hanging wooden Jeweler’s Trade Sign in the Form of a large Pocket Watch. The sign bears the jeweler’s name of “F. DENIS”. Measures 38 ½” diameter x 27 ½” tall to top of stem bail and 2 ¾” thick.

A Large 19th Century Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher mold embossed with a subtle floral decoration. Measures 9” tall.

A Large 19th Century Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher in “Chicken Wire” patterned decoration (single tight hairline). Measures 9” tall.

Old A Large 19th Century Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher. Measures 9” tall.

A 19th Century Red & Black Painted Maine Checkerboard. Measures 23” long x 12 3/4" wide and 1 1/2” thick.

A 19th Century “Dash” style “Up & Down” Wooden Butter Churn in Original Wagon Blue Paint. Signed “C. WILDER & SON….. SO. HINGHAM, MASS” (loss to base). Measures 44 1/2” tall (overall) - base diameter measures 11 ½”.

115. A diminutive and superbly proportioned 18th Century Chippendale period Mahogany Block Front Four Drawer Chest in original surface. Found in the 1960s in the Deering section of Portland, Maine. 32 ½” case width x 31” tall x 18 1/8 deep.

An early 19th Century Folk Art Watercolor of a PEACE DOVE. Later 19th century framing. 8 ¾” x 12 ¾” (overall) and 6 ¾” x 10 ¾” (sight).

A 19th Century Oval Shaker box in rare and original “Pumpkin” paint. Measures 9 ½” long x 7” wide x 3 ¼” tall.

A Large Navajo Indian Woven Rug in a vibrantly colored “EYE DAZZLER” pattern. Measures 61 ½” x 34”.

119. A Collection of 45 Maine Woodland Indian Miniature “Sweet Grass” Baskets and other weavings. The original collection of the noted GREENVILLE, MAINE PENOBSCOT INDIAN “CHIEF RED EAGLE” who starred in such early 20th century troops as BUFFALO BILL WILD WEST SHOW; THE KICKAPOO INDIAN CURE SHOWS and THE BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS. Chief Red Eagle was also known as HENRY PERLEY (1885-1972) who also had a successful Broadway stage career and as a silent film actor, appearing with such stage legends as Mary Pickford and Rudolph Valentino. Chief Red Eagle claimed to have been “I was killed 90 times in the movies”! The lot includes Chief Red Eagle’s original glass front showcase which housed this outstanding collection.

A 19th Century FROST Pictorial “LION” Hooked Rug. 64” long x 36” wide.

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