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1. Incised Cobalt TRIPLE SWAN Decorated 2 Gallon GARDINER (Maine) STONEWARE Co. Crock with FORT FAIRFIELD, MAINE Grocer's Stamp.  

 76. Folk Art Carved & Painted Man & Woman. Mid 20th Century. Possibly Boston Artistic Carving Co. – Man 24 Ό’’t x 7’’w – Woman 23 Ό’’t a 5 ½’’w.

2. Two Gallon Stoneware Cobalt Decorated BIRD JUG stamped John Conlon Grocers Merchant Wine & Spirit Boston.


77. Early New England "Whale End" Shelf. 32 Ύ’’t x 26 ½’’w x 8’’d.
3. Early Slipware Plate 9 Ό’’ diam.  

78. Large Matched Pair of Two Piece Cast Iron Garden Urns signed “J.L. Mott Iron Works N.Y.”. Each measures 40’’tall with 25" top rim diameter.

4. Red, White & Blue Coverlet – 101" X 79  1/2".

79. Folk Art Carved & Painted Wall Hanging Owl with Full Wing Spread. 38’’ wide x 11’’tall.

5. Mortar & Pestle ORIGINAL Blue Paint. Mortar 7’’t x 6’’ at widest. Pestle 9 Ύ’’ long.  

80. Large Carved & Painted Wooden Store Front Trade Sign “G.B. Clough & Co.” from Dexter, Maine. 153 Ό’’ long x 18 Ό’’tall.

6. Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher. 8 Ύ’’ tall.  

81. Maine Birch Sheraton Period One Drawer Stand w/ Bold Turnings. 28 Ύ’’tall. Top measures 20 Ύ’’ x 17 Ύ’’.

7. Pantry Box in Original Prussian Blue Paint. 10’’ Rim diameter 5 Ό’’tall.  

82. Early 19th Century Folk Art Painting on Oil Cloth of a Federal Brick Mansion with Folky trees, people and birds. Laid down on contemporary partical board backing and framing. Measures 23’’ x 27 Ό’’ (sight).

8. Chip Carved Spruce Gum Box in Old Blue Paint. 4 ½’’tall x 3’’wide x 1 Ύ’’thick.  

83. Tall Pewter "Lighthouse" Coffee Pot Marked "I.TRASK" (Israel Trask active 1820-1835 Beverly, Mass.). 11’’tall x 5 ½’’ base diam.

9. Framed Folk Art Watercolor on Paper of a Standing Boy Grasping a Book. Overall 8 Ό’’ x 6 Ό’’. Sight 6 Ύ’’ x 5’’.  

84. Framed Oil Painting of Portland Maine Port Scene titled "CAULKING SCHOONER - PORTLAND, MAINE" signed G.S. Morris (GEORGE SPENCER MORRIS Am.1867-1922) OOB 20 Ύ’’ x 24 Ύ’’ (overall) –15 ½’’ x 19 ½’’ (sight).

10. Framed Hollow Cut Silouette of Lady in a Brown Dress w Watercolor Trim. Overall 4 Ύ’’ x 3 Ύ’’ – Sight 3 ½’’ x 2 Ύ’’  

85. 18th Century Maine Country Chippendale Two Piece 33 Drawer Step Back Apothecary Cupboard in ca. 1840 Grained Paint Decoration. Measures x 42’’wide x 75’’tall x 15’’deep. Found in Lovell, Maine.

11. Framed Hollow Cut Silhouette of a Gentleman w Watercolor Trim. Overall 4 7/8’’ x 4 1/8’’. Sight 3 ½’’ x 2 Ύ’’.  

86. Early Cobalt Decorated One Gallon "1839" Stoneware Jug.

12. Small Framed Watercolor Cutout Side Profile of a Standing Boy. Identified Top Left and illegibly dated. Overall 7 1/8’’ x 6 Ό’’. Sight 5 ½’’ x 3 Ό’’.  

87. Free Hand and Stenciled Paint Decorated Sheraton Turned Leg One Drawer Stand with Worcester, Mass. Cabinetmaker's Label inside drawer. Measures 28 Ό’’tall. Top measures 19 Ύ’’ x 17 Ύ’’.

13. Framed Hollow Cut Silhouette of Young Lady in Blue Dress w Watercolor Trim Blue Dress. Overall 4 Ύ’’ x 3 Ύ’’.Sight 3 Ό’’ x 2 ½’’.  

88. Large 3 Piece Cast Iron Garden Urn Signed J.W. FISKE. Measures 40’’ at tallest x 42’’ at widest.

14. Framed Watercolor & Pencil of a Full Standing Red Dressed Child Holding a Flower Basket. Overall 12 ½’’t x 10 1/2’’w – Sight 9 ½’’ x 7 ½’’.  

89. Large Early Scottish Landscape Oil Painting on Canvas Signed & Dated "K.H.D. 1812". Overall 29 Ό’’ x 38 Ό’’. Unframed.

15. Maine One Drawer Turned Leg Stand in Original Red Paint with Birdseye Maple Drawer. 28 Ό’’t x 17 1/8’’w x 15 ½’’d.  

90. 18th Century Queen Anne Period Cherry Wood Snake Foot Candlestand with Circular Top in Original Surface. 27’’tall. Top measures 20" x 19" (appropriate shrinkage).

16. Small Table Top 6 Drawer Spice Chest Original Blue paint. 8 Ύ’’t x 6 Ύ’’w x 5 Ύ’’d.  

91. Documented 18th Century CONCORD, NH made Queen Anne Button Foot Tea Table w/ Drawer, made by the Deacon John Kimball (Concord, NH) for his sister in law Hannah Ayer as a wedding gift in or about 1770. Found at the ancestral Fryeburg, Maine home of Hannah's grandson in 1967. Measures 29’’tall. Top measures 21 Ύ’’ x 30 Ύ’’. Front to back overhang 5 7/8’’. Back overhang 5 5/8’’. Side overhang 3 ½’’.

17. Maine Mustard Yellow Paint Decorated Wash Stand. 38’’t x 17 Ύ’’w x 15 Ύ’’d.  

92. Framed Pair of Pastel Portraits of German Royalty. German inscriptions verso. Overall 30 Ό’’ x 24 Ό’’ – Sight 25 Ύ’’ x 20 Ό’’.

18. Sheraton Period Birdseye Maple Bed with Acorn Finials. Overall 48 ½’’t x 52’’w x 90’’ long.  

93. Ca. 1840 Carved French Cock Fighting Chair. Measures 33 ½’’tall x 18 Ό’’wide x 18’’deep (18 Ό’’ seat height).

19. 18th Century Boot Jack End Blanket Box in Original Blue Paint. 50’’w x 193/4’’d x 27’’t.  

94. Period 18th Century Bow Back Windsor Armchair in Old Surface. 36’’tall x 22’’wide x 14 Ό’’deep (16’’ seat height).

20. Pair of Standing Native American Indian Andirons. Overall 13 Ό’’t x 7 Ό’’w x 12 Ύ’’d.  

95. Large Signed ALFRED, MAINE Oval Shaker Box in Original Red Paint and having "Left Hand" Fingers. The box is boldly stamped on its underside "WENT. FERNALD" Measures 11 ½’’ long x 8 ½’’ wide x 4 3/4" tall.

21. Painted Wooden Trade Sign “Meals at All Hours”. Gold on Black. 44’’ long x 10 ½’’ tall.  

96. Early 19th Century New England Double Wall Box in Original Blue - Gray Paint. Measures 14 ½’’tall x 11 ½’’wide x 5’’deep.

22. Queen Anne Period Snake Foot Candlestand in Original Surface. 26 1/8’’t x 15’’w x 14 Ό’’d.  

97. Small Round "Single Finger" Circular Green Pantry Box. 7’’ diameter 2 Ύ’’tall.

23. Nantucket Basket COCKTAIL Size Purse signed and dated Stanley M. Roop 1963. – 7 Ό’’tall (10 Ύ’’ w/ handle) x 9’’wide x 7’’deep.  

98. Salt Glazed Stoneware Cheese Crock S.S. Pierce Co. 1894 Boston Brookline (has single tight hairline). Overall 9 Ύ’’ diameter x 6 Ό’’tall.

24. NH Caliper Log Scale with Wheel. Stamped by its maker C.E. Gould - Littleton, N.H. and dated 1880. Overall 55 ½’’t x 19 Ύ’’ at widest.  

99. Freeport, Maine Sleeping Mallard Drake Decoy. Downeast Decoy Factory ca. 1940. Pristine Original Paint. 15 ½’’ long 6 ½’’tall.

25. Scalloped Side Bow Front Wall Shelf in Original Salmon & Black Paint. Overall 30 Ύ’’tall x 28’’wide x 7’’deep.  

100. Oil Painting on Canvas of a Young Girl Cluthching Her Dog, attributed to Jean Baptiste Greuge (French 1725-1805). Important Henne family (early settlers of L.A., Cal.) provenance, including an early note verso "From the Prof. Armando Perera Collection of Rome". Late 19th century framing. Overall 18 ½’’ x 15’’. Sight 13’’ x 9 ½’’.

26. Maine Sponge Paint Decorated Green & Black Dome Top Document Box. 15’’w x 9’’d x 8’’t.  

101. 18th Century Ship Captain's Oak Bottle Case with Complete Contents of 17 Pcs. of Matching Blow Glass. Overall 10 Ύ’’t x 15 Ό’’w x 10 Ό’’d.

27. Early Colorful Maine Penny Rug. 19’’ x 38 Ύ’’.


102. Early Maine Schoolgirl's Paint Decorated Schoolgirl's Work Box in Lipstick Red Paint with Green, Bronze and Black Stenciled Decoration. Kennebec River Valley, possibly New Portland or Skowhegan. 11 ½’’wide x 9 Ό’’deep x 6 1/8’’tall.

28. Large Lathe Turned Wooden Bowl in Original Steel Blue Paint. Approx. 21’’ diam. (varies due to expected shrinkage) x 5" tall.  

103. 19th Century Carved and Painted "MARGUERITE " Wooden Quarterboard Sign from the COBURN STEAMSHIP CO. of MOOSEHEAD LAKE - GREENVILLE, MAINE. 9’’tall x 106’’ long.

29. Nested SET of (3) Graduated Oval Harvard Shaker Boxes Original Green Paint(Ex- Wm. Prosser coll.). Lg. measures 2 Ύ’’t x 6 ½’’w x 4 Ύ’’d. Med. 2’’t x 6’’w x 4 Ό’’d. Sm. 1 ½’’t x 5 Ό’’w x 3 Ύ’’d.  

104. The original 19th Century SHIP'S WHEEL from the STEAMER "MARGUERITE" of the COBURN STEAMSHIP CO. of MOOSEHEAD LAKE - GREENVILLE, MAINE. 33 ½’’ diameter x 13 Ύ’’deep at hub.

30. 18th Century 24 Drawer Maine Step Back Apothecary Cupboard with Bucket Bench Base in Early Green Paint. Found in 1968 in a Newfield, Maine barn. 77 Ό’’t x 43 ½’’w x 15’’d.  


31. Large 4 Gallon “Crolius” Style Incised & Cobalt Decorated Ovoid Jug.  


32. Maine Folk Art Carved and Painted Mechanical Wooden "Snake" Book Box. Overall 5 Ό’’t x 5’’w x 1 ½’’d closed.  

107. Deep Blue Historical Staffordshire Platter “AMERICA and INDEPENDENCE” by CLEWS 16 Ύ’ x 14’’.

33. Framed Early Watercolor of the Nantucket Ship "Mary B". Overall 9 ½’’x 14 Ό’’. Sight 8’’ x 13’’.  

108. Deep Blue Historical Staffordshire Platter “LANDING OF LAFAYETTE” by CLEWS 17’’ x 13’’.

34. American Lathe Turned Burl Bowl. 17’’ rim diam. x 5" tall.  

109. Deep Blue Historical Staffordshire Platter “SOUTHWEST VIEW OF LAGRANGE - THE RESIDENCE OF MARQUIS LAFAYETTE" by CLEWS 18 Ύ’’ x 14 Ύ’’.

35. 19th Century Painted Wooden TradeSign “Tea Garden”. Overall 24’’ x 30’’.  

110. Deep Blue Staffordshire Platter ENGLISH SCENERY by CLEWS 21 ½’’ x 16 Ύ’’.

36. 18th Century N.H. Blanket Chest on Frame in Old Red Paint. 36’’ case width x 48 Ό’’tall x 19’’deep.  

111. TLINGIT "STIKINE" NORTHWEST INDIAN SNOWSHOES & FISH SPEARS.......CHRISTOPHER HENNE II (1874-1906). In the year 1897, upon graduating from Leland Stanford Jr. University (Stanford U.), "Chris" Henne joined some friends for a trip north to the KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH! On this trip Chris made his way along the legendary and difficult TAKOU route and befriended many STIKINE people of the TLINGIT nation of Alaska. These items were gifted to Chris from the Stikines and were displayed in his palatial home in Denver, Colorado. The photo by the noted Denver photographer C.L. McLURE which depicts Hennes souvenirs including the TLINGIT snowshoes and spears hanging on the wall of his "study". Snowshoes 47 1/2" x 10 1/2". Largest spear 66’’ long – smallest spear 55 ½’’ long – Photo 10 Ύ’’ x 13 Ύ’’.

37. Sheraton Turned Leg One Drawer BUSY Tiger Maple Stand in Original Surface 27 Ό’’ tall x 19 ½’’w x 19’’d (top).  

112. Old Navajo Rug 39 ½’’ x 82 Ό’’

38. Large 19th Century ROOM SIZE Striped Loomed Carpet in Bold Original Colors . 163 ½’’ x 72’’.  

113. Old Navajo Rug 38’’ x 64’’

39. Pair of 18th Century Spanish Foot Side Chairs with Original Surface & Seats. 40 Ύ’’t x 19 ½’’w x 14’’d (18’’ seat height) each.  

114. Old Navajo Rug 23’’ x 39’’

40. Multi-colored Earthworm Decorated Mocha Pitcher. 6’’tall x 7’’ at widest.  

115. Old Navajo Rug 46’’ x 61 Ό’’

41. Multi-colored Mocha Pitcher with Combed Decoration. 7 Ό’’tall x 8 ½’’ at widest.  

116. Old Navajo Rug 27’’x 43 ½’’

42. Earthworm Decorated Mocha Mug. 3 ½’’tall x 4 ½’’ x 3’’ top rim diam.  

117. Old Navajo Rug 26’’ x 56’’

43. BUSY Early 19th Century Birdseye Maple 3 Over 3 Drawer Chest of Drawers. 39 ½’’’ case width x 44 Ό’’t x 18 Ύ’’d.  

118. North Shore Massachusetts Federal Period Mahogany Rope Leg Drop Leaf One Drawer Stand 27’’tall x 19’’wide (31’’ wide opened) x 18’’deep.

44. Framed PRIOR - HAMBLEN School Portrait of an Alluring Young Lady. Overall 18 ½’’ x 14 ½’’. Sight 13 ½’’ x 9 ½’’.  

119. Framed PRIOR - HAMBLEN School Portrait of a Young Lady w/ Bottle Curls. Oil on Board. Overall 17 ½’’ x 14’’. Sight 13 ½’’ x 10’’.

45. Early 19th Century Maine Pine Hanging Cupboard in Original Red Paint and having a Dovetailed Case. 22’’tall x 18 Ό’’wide x 9’’deep.  

120. Miniature Bird Carving -Robin- DEL HIGGINS - DEXTER MAINE 4’’tall x 6 Ύ" long.

46. Umber Decorated One Gallon “37” (1837) Ovoid Jug stamped "LYMAN & CLARK GARDINER" (MAINE). The earliest known example of its form.  

121. Miniature Bird Carving - Chickadee - DEL HIGGINS - DEXTER MAINE– 5 ½’’tall x 6 Ό’’long.

47. Large Room Sized Geometric Patterned Braided Rug. (C) 130’’ x 101’’.  

122. Miniature Folk Art Carved, Painted & Mounted Blue Jay signed by the noted Rockland, Maine author R. Waldo Tyler and dated 1941. The carving is accompanied by Tyler's 1973 Book "WALDO TYLER'S WORLD". 2 Ύ’’tall x 4 1/8’’ wide.

48. Large Circular Room Size Braided Rug (A) 115’’ diam.  

123. Early 19th Century New England Striped "Runner Rug" 17’ 5’’ x 23’’

49. Assembled Set of (6) Early Bow Back Windsor Side Chairs in later green paint. Each measures (approx.) 37 Ό’’t x 18 Ό’’w x 15’’d (17 ½’’ seat height).  

124. New England Dry Sink in Original Blue Paint. 58’’wide x 20 ½’’deep x 31 ½’’tall.

50. Early Miniature Firkin in Original Blue Paint. 3 Ύ’’ tall (to top of rim) 5" tall (when handle is fully erect) x 3 Ύ’’ bottom rim diam. 3 Ό’’ top rim diam.  

125. 19th Century Folk Art Carved & Painted “Snake Charmer” Figural Towel Rack. 22 ½’’wide 12 1/2" tall.

51. Maine Paint Decorated Child's "Rabbit Ear" High Chair. 34’’t x 15 ½’’w x 14’’d.  

126. Small Painted Trencher in Original Blue Paint.11’’w x 7 ½’’d x 2 Ύ’’t.

52. 18th Century "Screw Post" Candle Stand. 36 ½’’t x 14 Ό’’ top diam.  

127. Early 19th Century Blue & White Coverlet w/ Eagles. 84’’ x 68 ½’’.

53. Early Apple Green Painted Bucket Bench with "wedged" construction. 32’’t x 23 ½’’w x 11’’d.  

128. Large Colorful Folk Art Boat Model of the American Battleship "USS PURITAN".

54. Multi-colored Geometric Hooked Rug with Diamond Panels. 36’’ x 51 ½’’.  

129. Large Maine Redware Milk Pan – 4 Ύ’’t x 20’’ top rim diam.

55. Sm. Watercolor Still Life – Theorom Style – Overall 9’’ x 11’’. Sight 6 Ό’’ x 8 Ό’’.  

130. Early 19th Century Bootjack End Blanket Chest in Original Blue Green Paint. Initialed Verso "DB". 47 Ό’’w x 18 ½’’d x 25 ½’’t.

56. 18th Century Sausage Turned Ladderback Armchair in Original Unpainted Surface. 45 Ό’’t x 22 Ό’’w x 20 Ό’’d (16 ½’’ seat height).  

131. 19th Century Buttocks Basket in Original White Paint. 8 ½’’t x 9 Ό’’w x 8 ½’’d.

57. 18th Century Courting Mirror w Reverse Painted Glass Panels and Original Surface. Overall 17’’t x 11 Ό’’w.  

132. 19th Century Handled Drying Basket in Fine Patina. Overall 10 ½’’t x 22 1/3’’w x 12 ½’’d.

58. Diminutive Early New England Wooden Framed 36 Tube (Pewter) Candle Mold in its Original Salmon Red Paint. A tiny 13 Ό’’ long x 10 Ύ’’ wide x 11 ½’’tall.  

133. Southern U.S. 18th Century Transitional Queen Anne - Chippendale Walnut Side Chair – 38’’t x 22 ½’’w x 17’’d (17 ½’’ seat height).

59. A Diminutive 19th Century Painted Wooden Bird or Rodent Cage in Original Powder Blue Paint. Purchased at the 1998 auction of the collection of Betty Berdan. 11 Ό’’tall x 9 ½’’wide x 7’’deep.  

134. Late 19th century Massachusetts MASONIC Sign “Sachem Rock”. Original Gold Leaf on Black 60’’t x 20’’w.

60. Oil Painting “Evening Sky” by Wm. J. Kaula (American 1871-1953). OOB - Signed Lower Left front with an original Kaula Fenway Studio label and title, verso. Overall 21 ½’’ x 26 ½’’ – sight 17 ½’’ x 22 ½’’. Original frame.  

135. Extensive Multi Colored 44 Piece Child’s Dinner Set “Fishers” Pattern China by Cork Edge & Malkin (See Pg. 83 English Toy China F. 214 by Doris Lechier). Largest 5’’t x 6’’ w. Smallest ½’’ x 2 7/8’’ x 2 Ό’’.

61. Early George Boyd (Seabrook, NH) Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy in Original Paint  – 11 Ό’’ long.  

136. 18th Century Ratchet Lighting Device. 27 Ύ’’tall x 10’’ square at base.

62. Early George Boyd Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy in Original Paint  – 11 Ό’’ long.  

137. Early 19 th Century "Ripple" Molded American "Strong" Box w/ Secret Compartments. The box is exquisitely crafted from Mahogany with superby cut Ebony molding. Overall x 12’’long x 6 ½’’wide x 5 Ύ’’tall.

63. Early George Boyd Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy in Original Paint  – 11’’ long.  

138. Large Oval Shaker Box in Original Natural Patina. 12 ½’’long x 10’’wide x 5 Ό’’tall.

64. Early George Boyd Shorebird Decoy in Original Paint – 9 3/4’’ long.  

139. 19th Century Blue Spongeware Milk Pitcher. 8 Ύ’’ tall.

65. New England Schoolgirl Paint Decorated Work Box in Lipstick Red Paint with Black Decoration. a 12’’wide x 7’’ deep x 6 Ό’’ tall.  

140. Small Maine Redware Jug likely the work of the John Philbrick Potters at Skowhegan, Maine. 5 Ό’’t x 5’’ at widest.

66. Early 20th Century Figural Wooden "CANOE" Trade Sign “Canoe Channel – Tourist Home” from the Miramachi River near Blackville, Nova Scotia. Double Sided. 41 ½’’long x 11’’ tall.  

141. Early 19th Century Set of 6 Sheraton Period "Fancy" Chairs in Original Surface having Bronze Steciled Decoration atop Original Black Paint. Each measures 33 Ό’’tall x 18 ½’’wide x 16’’deep (17 Ό’’ seat height).

67. 18th Century Country Chippendale Two Drawer Blanket Chest in Original Red Paint. 41 Ύ’’ case width x 41’’tall x 18 Ύ’’deep.  

142. An OVERSIZED Set of (4) 20th Century Birdcage Windsor Chairs by the Noted American Chair Maker Austin A. Alden OF Gorham, Maine. Having bold stampings of Alden's mark, the chairs are of his best work. Each stands 36 Ό’’tall x 18 Ό’’wide (at seats) x 16 ½’’deep with 18’’ seat height. In their original surface.

68. Signed and dated WILLIAM MATTHEW PRIOR Portrait of Dr. SILAS TOMPKINS, the noted NEW BEDFORD, MASS. druggist, chemist and inventor of "Dr. S. Tompkins Vegetable Bitters" among other early 19th century remedies Measures 24 ½’’ x 20 Ό’’ (overall) and 17 ½’’ x 13 ½’’ (sight). Signed and dated, verso. Period and likely original frame.  

143. Large Early 19th Century Creamware Soft Paste, Straight Sided, Strap Handle Mug in Superb Multi-colored (predominantly yellow) Floral "SPRIG" Decoration. 6 Ό’’tall x 4 ½’’ rim diameter.

69. Signed and Dated 1835 Blue & White "FANCY GOODS" Coverlet by Jacob Impson of Cortland N.Y.– 85 ½’’ x 83’’.  

144. Large Early 19th Century Creamware Soft Paste, Straight Sided, Strap Handle Mug in Superb Multi-colored (predominantly blue on white) Floral "SPRIG" Decoration. 5 Ύ’’tall x x 4 1/8’’ rim diam.

70. Early Conestoga Wagon Box –28 Ύ’’wide by 15 Ό’’tall x 10 1/4" deep (overall). Box only measures 19 Ό’’ wide x 9 Ό’’ deep x 11’’tall.  

145. Tall Early 19th Century "Lighthouse" form Soft Paste Pearlware Coffee Pot with Blue Decoration. 11’’t x 7 ½’’ at widest x 5 Ό’’.

71. Pair of 18th Century Sculptural PA Cupboard Door Hinges 9 1/2" x 6".  

146. RARE Mid 18th Century Hand Painted Ship Captain's Cup & Saucer from the SCHOONER SARAH B. JAMES. Overall 4’’tall x saucer 6 ½’’ diameter.

72. Pair of 18th Century Sculptural PA Cupboard Door Hinges 11 1/4" x 5 1/2.  

147. Oak Cased 19th Century DIAMOND DYE CABINET with the Rare Original "Evolution of Woman" Lithographed Tin Front. Original throughout. Cabinet measures 29 Ύ’’tall x 23’’wide x 10’’deep.


73. Pair of 18th Century Sculptural PA Cupboard Door Hinges 12 1/2" x 6"  

148. Large 1898 Floor Model 18" Terrestial "Pedestal" Globe by A.K. JOHNSTON. With its bronze meridian, the globe sits in an adjustable cradle which is perched upon its original paw foot bronze base. Original throughout. Overall 31’’t x 24 Ύ’’ diam. (18’’ globe diam.).


74. Pair of 18th Century Sculptural PA Cupboard Door Hinges 10 3/4" x 7 1/2"  

149. Rare Canadian 18th Century Medial "Stretcher" Base Tavern Table. As found near Skowhegan, Maine and untouched. 42 Ύ’’long x 29’’wide x 26"tall.

75. (2) Pair of 18th Century PA "Strap" type Door Hinges      12 1/4" x 2 1/2" & 9 1/2" x 3 1/8"  


150. Miniature Watercolor on Ivory attributed to Moses B. Russell (Am. 1809-1884). Housed in a Sixth Plate Gutta Percha “Seashell” Daguerreotype Case (see Berg - Plate 2-65). Overall case 3 Ύ’’ x 3 Ό’’. Watercolor 2 7/8’’ x 2 1/8’’.

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