Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer,  Maine Auctioneer's License # AR1038

 Gould Auction Company announces a MARKET FRESH Auction of Fine ANTIQUES to be held on SATURDAY OCTOBER 24, 2015 at the GARDINER, MAINE SPORTSMAN’S CLUB commencing at 12 O’CLOCK NOON. PREVIEW will be held on Friday October 23 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and also morning of sale from 8 a.m. to noon. Please visit our website at www.gouldauctions.com for color photographs and additional information.

HIGHLIGHTS in their categories include: PERIOD COUNTRY and FORMAL FURNITURE: A RARE, IMPORTANT and VERY EARLY 18TH CENTURY NEW ENGLAND SHOE FOOT TRESTLE TABLE having its ORIGINAL RED PAINTED BASE and SCRUBBED, “BREADBOARD” ENDED TOP; A VERY EARLY 18TH CENTURY TWO PIECE NEW ENGLAND “STEPPED WAIST” CORNER CUPBOARD in FINE ORIGINAL RED PAINT; Fine 18th CENTURY NEW ENGLAND BLUE-GRAY Painted “BUTTON FOOT” QUEEN ANNE TAVERN TABLE with DRAWER and SCRUBBED, SINGLE BOARD, BREADBOARD ENDED TOP; A SMALL 18th CENTURY MAINE “BARREL BACK” PINE CORNER CUPBOARD having a prodigiously molded tombstone arched open top with shaped shelves and a double raised panel single door at its base which retains its original “H” hinges; AN OUTSTANDING & BOLDLY PAINT DECORATED 19th Century Two Drawer Over Two Door CANADIAN (QUEBEC) CUPBOARD in BLACK and MUSTARD YELLOW having a SUPERB LARGE CORNICE and RAISED PANELS on its FRONT and SIDES; A FINE SMALL LIVERMORE, MAINE PAINT DECORATED FOUR DRAWER HEPPLEWHITE PINE CHEST having a FANCIFUL CUTOUT SKIRT with an unusual “drop” panel; SPLENDID 18TH CENTURY MAINE 3 DRAWER BLANKET CHEST in the BEST ORIGINAL DRY RED PAINT; A RARE, REMARKABLE and VERY EARLY 18th CENTURY NH COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE LOOKING GLASS having a FAN CARVED TOMBSTONE ARCHED CREST and ORIGINAL GLASS; SMALL EARLY 18th CENTURY QUEEN ANNE LOOKING GLASS in OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL SURFACE and retaining its ORIGINAL GLASS; IMMACULATE and PROFUSELY PAINT DECORATED “PARIS, MAINE” BED with MATCHING PAINT DECORATED 4 DRAWER CHEST; EARLY 18th Century QUEEN ANNE SCALLOPED END BUCKET BENCH in ORIGINAL RED PAINT; Outstanding 18th Century Miniature Blanket Chest having a tall bracket base and ORIGINAL BLUE PAINT; Rare & Immaculate EARLY 19th CENTURY MAINE RED PAINTED “BOOT JACK” ENDED 8’ FEED BIN w SECTIONED INTERIOR; An 18th CENTURY BRACKET BASE 2 DRAWER BLANKET CHEST in the BEST ORIGINAL SOLDIER BLUE PAINT; New England Pilgrim Century Pine Light Stand in Original Green Paint; Splendid Arched Top 18th Century Queen Anne Mirror in untouched original condition; Early 19th Century Two Piece, Open Top Step Back Cupboard w single raised panel door in base; Outstanding Hepplewhite One Drawer Stand in the BEST Original Red Paint; 18th Century Stretcher Base Tavern Table w Drawer in Old Red Paint; 18th Century Boot Jack End Blanket Box in Original Soldier Blue Paint; Fine Hanging 12 Drawer Apothecary or Spice Chest; Small Early 19th Century Single Door Hanging Cupboard in Original Mustard Paint and Red “Worm” Decoration; 18th Century QUEBEC ARMCHAIR; Excellent Mid 19th Century Paint Decorated Child’s Size Open Top “Cant Back” Step Back Cupboard in Fine Grain Paint Decoration; Outstanding Set of Three “Dovetailed” New England Hanging Shelves in Original Red Paint; Large 18th Century Hanging Open Wall Cupboard in Old Red Paint; Fine Boot Jack Ended Blanket Box in Original Mustard Paint; An excellent shoe foot drying rack in original green paint; Several Fine 19th Century Footstools in Original Paint and Decoration; Sack Back Windsor Armchair; Comb Back Windsor Rocker in Original Paint; NH Country Queen Anne Candle Stand in Original Red; Remarkable Early 19th Century Miniature “Chip” Carved “Cricket” Stool in Original Surface; Tall Sausage Turned Ladder Back Armchair in Original Red; 18th Century Maple GATE LEG Drop Leaf Table; Early Ladderback Armchair in Original LIPSTICK RED PAINT; Turned Leg 6’6” Farm Style Table; Superb New England Pine Drop Leaf Table with Tapered and Chippendale Beaded Legs in Original Red Paint; Superb BIRDSEYE MAPLE 3 Tiered Hanging Shelf; Fine Small Maine Free Standing Jelly Cupboard with Cut Out Base; Pennsylvania German Paint Decorated Bible Box dated 1815; 18th Century Pine 4 Drawer “Ball Foot” Chest w Original Red Paint & Brass (feet restored); Fine Maine “Sponge” Paint Decorated Foot Stool with Drawer Early “Boot Jack” End Blanket Chest in Original Blue; Paint decorated Country Tiered “What Not” Shelf; Hepplewhite Cherry Wood 4 Drawer Chest w Tall Flaring French Feet and Original Surface; Superb Arrow Point Inlaid Document Box; Exquisite Contemporary Bench Made Reproduction of William & Mary period 75” Dining Table having breadboard ended two board top, a medial stretcher connecting is superbly turned legs and having three drawers in its base; Maine turned Leg Pine Drop Leaf Table w Scrubbed Top; 18th Century Queen Anne Candle Stand in original surface; 18th Century Queen Anne “Spanish Foot” Side Chair w carved crest (likely New London County, CT0; 19th Century Wooden Cabinetmaker’s Work Bench; Early Bench in Original Blue; Superb TIGER MAPLE “Cricket” Foot Stool in Original Finish; NH Tapered Leg “Tray” Stand; Tall Ladder Back Armed Rocker in Fine Red Wash; A Dated 1851 Northern Pine (likely Northern Wisconsin) Blanket Chest with Scandinavian Decoration; 19th Century Childs Chair in Original Salmon Paint; Split Column Sheraton Period looking Glass; Some Superb Early Furniture Parts to include an Outstanding Red Painted Tavern Table Top with mortised Breadboard Ends; (3) William & Mary Period “Ball” or “Turnip” feet, likely for a Child’s Chest or Desk and more! FOLK ART and COUNTRY ACCESSORIES: A FINE 19th Century HORSE & SULKY WEATHERVANE in old surface; A DOUBLE CHILD’S (IDENTIFIED) PORTRAIT attributed to JOSEPH WHITING STOCK; RARE & IMPORTANT MID 19th CENTURY PAINTED MECHANICAL WOODEN SIGN (opens to reveal chalk slate upon which to write orders) from BANGOR, MAINE “P. BARNES ORDER SLATE FOR MOVING PIANOS, FURNITURE &c. LEAVE YOUR ORDERS”; IMPORTANT EARLY 19th Century Folk Art Watercolor depicting Storefronts at MIDDLE ST. PORTLAND, MAINE; PAIR of FOLK ART PORTRAITS by WILLIAM MATTHEW PRIOR in their ORIGINAL FRAMES; ; An EYE DAZZLING PAINTED 19TH century LEMON GOLD on BLUE ADVERTISING. SIGN “OLIVES Gift Shop & LENDING LIBRARY”; RARE & IMPORTANT PAIR of PILGRIM CENTURY Wooden CHILD’S SHOES in immaculate original condition; SPLENDID and EARLY FOLK ART ROCKING HORSE in original black paint; An IMPORTANT EARLY 19TH CENTURY AUGUSTA, MAINE painted wooden TRADE SIGN: “DOORS SASH & BLINDS”; FINE EARLY 19TH CENTURY ROCKLAND, MAINE Painted Wooden TRADE SIGN: “HOUSE, JOINER & CABINET-WORK”; SUPERBLY CARVED and PAINTED WOODEN ROCKING HORSE bearing its original makers label; An OUTSTANDING Signed and Dated figural MAINE “BOOK BOX” inscribed “E. PIKE LOVELL, MAINE SCHOOLGIRL 1833” and having Bronze Stenciled and Free Hand Paint Decoration in Original Black, Mustard and Red Paint; RARE Pilgrim Century Turned TREENWARE BOWL; A SUPERB Matched PAIR of mid 19th Century Carved and Painted WOODEN HEARSE CURTAINS; Splendid Small 18th Century “Linen Fold” Molded Document Box in Original Red Paint; Superb Original Green Painted Early 19th Century Hanging Pine Wall Box with Canted Front; Our usual FINE SELECTION of FIRKINS, BOWLS, TRENCHERS, PANTRY BOXES, MORTARS & PESTLES in FINE ORIGINAL PAINT; Excellent “Triple” New England Wall Box in Original Apple Green Paint; Outstanding “Paris, Maine” Paint Decorated Dome Top Box; Small Folk Art Oil Painting of OWLS HEAD (Maine) LIGHT; Fine Paint Decorated Dome Top Box in Yellow and Umber; Important Profusely Carved New England Slide Cover Razor Case with rare wooden locking mechanism; A WONDERFUL Carved and Painted MINIATURE BARREL in the BEST Original Blue and Black Paint (ROGER BACON Auction Sticker attached); RARE Pair 19th Century Cast Iron GEORGE WASHINGTON Andirons; Vary Rare & Early, Large Wooden Cheese Trencher in Original Green Paint, having and unusual Bored “Whey” Drain in its end handle; Boldly Grain Paint Decorated early 19th Century Dome Top Box in Red and Mustard; Early 19th Century New England Pine Fire Board with primitive Oil Painting; Colorful 1831 CT Schoolgirl Sampler with provenance; Carved & Boldly Painted ANNAPOLIS VALLEY, N.S. Double Tiered Wall Box; Superb 19th Century Cast Iron “Jockey” Hitching Post on Plinth with unusual additional wooden plinth; Fine canvas covered Sailor’s Document Box w Incised Decoration including a figural scrimshaw Whale escutcheon; Early 19th Century Side View OOC Portrait of a Dashing Young gent; Fine Folk Art Sailboat Weathervane from Harpswell, Maine; Pair 19th Century OOC Portraits; Fine Selection of Early Painted and other New England SPLINT BASKETS in UNUSAL FORMS & SIZES (including miniatures); Fine Chip Carved New England Crooked Knife; Two Early Hand Carved Folk Art Miniature Butter Stamps which are connected by a hand carved wooden link chain (all having been carved from a single piece of wood); Pair of Pilgrim century adult size leather shoes; Folk Art Portrait of a Young Boy; Outstanding small hanging New England Key Basket in Original Red Paint; A Fine NH Primitive Framed OOC Landscape; a SUPERB Early Wooden Staved Keeler (Shallow Tub) having “cut out” Handles and Original “Balsam” Green Paint; Carved Small Maine Red & Black Paint Decorated Document Box; Rare Early 19th Century American Pierced Tin Candle Box; Dated “1748” New England Hatchel; Outstanding 19th Century TIGER MAPLE Cutlery Tray; Unusual Large 19th Century Carved and Painted “Book” Form Ladies Dresser Box in Original Red & Black Paint and Yellow Striping; Small Scratch and Chip Carved Maine Sailor Made Document box; Decorated ZACHARIAH STEVENS WESTBROOK, MAINE Decorated Tin Document Box; Small Bail Handle Pantry Box w Shaker Diamond style escutcheons; Multi-colored Painted Parcheesi Board; Folk Art Oil Painted “Still Life” of Watermelon; 19th Century Arrow Weathervane; Fine Framed OOC Unusual Early Wire Ware Double Tiered Center Bowl; Collection Early Stone Fruit; (3) Fine Large Maine Brass Apple Stencils; Fine Red Head Working Decoy; Common Merganser Drake Working Decoy; Working Goose Decoy; Fine Early Single Tier Wall Box; 19th Century Painted Wooden Bucket w “OATS” in script at its front; Unusual early 20th Century Shoe Salesman’s Satchel with wonderful paint decoration; Painted Tin Candle Mold; Superbly Carved and Large Maple Butter Scoop; Early Hand Blocked Oval Wallpaper Hat Box w Beaver; Carved Wooden Arrow Sign “RANGER”; Large Early Zinc Advertising Sign “INDIAN GIFTS”; Many FINE Late 19th and Early 20th Century advertising TRADE SIGNS to include “SMITH & RUMERY DEALERS in HOUSE FINISH”; “COAL BY THE TON”; “AMBULANCE ENTRANCE”; “AUTO LICENCE”, “ICE CREAM CONES 5 CENTS”, “KEEP OFF THE LAWN”; “LADIES PARLORS”; “TAX COLLECTOR”; “GRINNELL COTTAGES”; “MIDDLEBORO 1630-1936”; “FOR SALE INQUIRE WITHIN”; “WEST VIEW”; “BREWING COMPANY”; “EFFERVESCENT SALTS”; “ROOMS”; “WASHBURN LAW OFFICE”; “ROOMS TO LET”; “EVERDOUR”; Nicely Painted Scale Model of early MONTCLAIR, NJ R.R. Station; Fine Pair of Hanging Architectural Zinc Exterior Building Ornaments; Several FOLK ART BIRD CARVINGS; RARE Early 19th Century Paint Decorated Tin Country Store Master Ink “SAND” Dispenser; Late 19th Century Tailor’s PANT MOLD; (2) “Bellamy” Style Carved and Painted Eagles; Fine Folk Art Carving of Hunting Dog; Unusual Early Oval Wallpaper Hat Box; Wooden Carved White Painted “Bellamy” Style American Eagle; Fine mid 19th Century Hooded Doll’s Cradle in Original Red; Lot of Paint Decorated Mid 19th Century Picture Frames; Large Early Weathered Gate Finial; Small Wooden Mechanical “Push me-Pull you” Toy depicting 2 Maine State Prisoners; and more! NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN ITEMS: Fine Selection of OLD NAVAJO EYE DAZZLER RUGS in a variety of colors; UNUSUAL Figural Carved NORTHWEST INDIAN (possibly Haida) FISHING JIG; VERY EARLY PARTIALLY FINISHED NAVAJO WEAVING on its ORIGINAL WOODEN LOOM; VERY EARLY 3 TIERED HANGING ANIMAL HYDE WALL POCKET with SUPERB FLORAL EMBOIDERY; “BEST in FORM” LARGE & EARLY MAINE INDIAN WALL BASKET; EARLY PAINTED FIGURAL NORTHWEST INDIAN MASK; A LARGE & EARLY “SPRUCE ROOT” HAT; Superbly Decorated NORTHWEST INDIAN “SPRUCE ROOT” SKULL CAP; Fine Decorated “Coiled” Southwest Indian Basket; Large Carved and Painted Maine Native American ROOT CLUB; Early Saltillo Weavings; Potato Stamp Decorated Double Handled Split Ashe Basket; Unusual Figural Birch Bark Vessel in the form of a Teapot and more! DECOYS, BIRD CARVINGS & SPORTING ITEMS: Fabulously sculpted OVERSIZED MAINE DRAKE EIDER DECOY (mid 20th century); LARGE EARLY & FOLKY MAINE EDIER DRAKE; RARE Early Drake Goldeneye by AMOS WALLACE (West Point, Maine); OUTSTANDING Carved, Painted & Signed WENDELL GILLEY Scale DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT; Fine & Early Wooden Legged Canada Goose “Field” Decoy; Outstanding Pair of Carved and Painted 1/2 scale Northern Grouse by KARL MALMSTROM; Superb pair of Carved and Painted scale Wood Ducks by KARL MALMSTROM; Folky Half profile Black Duck Carving dated 1959 and signed AMATEUR A. SAVOIE (Lower Neguac New Brunswick); Fine Mid Atlantic Flyway Merganser Drake Decoy; Early Red Head Drake Decoy; Large Working Canada Goose Decoy; (3) Early Merganser Hen Decoys from Orrs Island, Maine; Turtle Back Merganser Hen from Bailey Island, Maine; Working Massachusetts Drake Merganser Decoy w cork body; Early Pair Racing Snowshoes and more! PAINTINGS, PRINTS and other ARTWORK: Outstanding unsigned American Tonal Impressionist painting “Lady in the Shadows” found on North Haven Island, Maine; A LARGE 18th Century BRITISH Nautical Oil Painting depicting Anglo and French Warships in UNTOUCHED, AS FOUND condition (recently found in the dark, dingy attic of a NORTH HAVEN ISLAND, MAINE); Several SIGNED and framed 19th Century oil paintings by noted MAINE ARTISTS to include: A Dated 1875 Oil Painting on Wood Panel of a Clipper Ship Under a Moonlit Sky by noted MAINE Artist FRANKLIN STANWOOD (1852-1888); “DIAMOND ISLAND COVE” signed G.M. HATHAWAY (1852-1903); “WILLOW and BEACH at CUSHINGS ISLAND” signed J.B. HUDSON Jr. (1832-1903); “BUG LIGHT PORTLAND HARBOR” signed G.M. HATHAWAY; “PULPIT ROCK ROBBINSTON, MAINE” signed & dated A. TRASK ‘94; Watercolor of Duxbury Beach, MA by WILLIAM PASKELL (1866-1951); Fine framed Primitive 19th Century Maine Landscape; Signed, titled and dated Oil Painting on Wood Panel “SLEEPERS BAY 1838” by LORENZO SOMERBY (Am. 1817-1883); Small framed landscape signed S.R. CHAFFEE; (2) Original pencil signed ROLAND CLARK Waterfowl Etchings; Small framed Watercolor of Sailing Ship signed and dated “RUSSELL 1917” and more. CIVIL WAR, ANTIQUE FIREARMS and MILITARIA: Rare CIVIL WAR era 34 Star Hand Stitched AMERICAN FLAG; Several Early Bullet Molds, Powder Flasks and more! EARLY NAUTICAL ITEMS: A Rare Large Signed, Dated 1792 and Inscribed PRESENTATION Nautical Octant in its Original Blue Painted “Stepped” Wooden Case. Bearing the inscription: “Made by Tho. Ripley & Son Hermitage Bridge LONDON For Mr. Robert Foot Aug 12, 1792”. A LARGE 18th Century BRITISH Nautical Oil Painting depicting Anglo and French Warships in UNTOUCHED, AS FOUND condition (recently found in the dark, dingy attic of a NORTH HAVEN ISLAND, MAINE); A Dated 1875 Oil Painting on Wood Panel of a Clipper Ship Under a Moonlit Sky by noted MAINE Artist FRANKLIN STANWOOD (1852-1888). Signed l.r. “F. STANWOOD March 1875”; A mid 19th Century Sailing Ship Model of the NEWBURYPORT, MASSACHUSETTS VESSEL “ELCANO”; Fine 19th c. Sea Chest in Original Blue; RARE Large Ca. 1900 WATERCOLOR of a STEAM/SAIL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD BUOY TENDER flying the UNITED STATES LIGHTHOUSE SERVICE FLAG; A 19th Century Yacht Pennant style Flag with accompanying handbook from the Portland, ME Yacht Club; Interesting Hand Written 1814 “NAUTICAL INSTRUCTION” Manuscript in superb decorative penmanship; (3) Early Nautical Brass Spyglasses including Royal British & U.S. Navy Examples; (2) Large Sailing “Pond Models”; Several Small Old Half Hulls including rare pleasure Yacht; Pair of Folky Carved and painted Sailing Ship Wall Plaques; Large CA. 1970 carved and painted WOODEN EAGLE by RICHARD STEELE of ROCKLAND, MAINE; Fine Small Early Ship Model and more! EARLY LIGHTING; An outstanding 18th or early 19th Century WOODEN LANTERN; Remarkable Paint Decorated Tin Child’s Candle Lantern with Isinglass Door; VERY RARE 18th Century Hanging Wrought Iron “Trammel” Combination Rush & Candle Light; Fine Pair of mid 18th Century French Brass Candlesticks; Extremely Rare Pierced Tin Hanging DOUBLE CANDLE LANTERN in original red paint; VERY RARE 18th Century Hanging Wrought Iron “Trammel” Combination Rush & Candle Light; An 18th Century Wrought Iron Rush Light; Whale Oil Onion Lantern; Several Hog Scraper Candlesticks including signed and “Wedding Band” examples; Early Spiral “Ratchet” Candlestick; Fine selection of Early Tin Candle Sconces including Mirrored Examples and an EXCEEDINGLY RARE CHILD’S EXAMPLE and more! PEWTER, WROUGHT IRON & HEARTH ITEMS: RARE PAIR of 17th CENTURY AMERICAN PEWTER “BELL BOTTOM” CANDLESTICKS; SUPERB, LARGE & BOLD PAIR EARLY 19TH CENTURY AMERICAN INDIAN ANDIRONS; RARE MATCHED PAIR of 18th Century WOODEN FIREPLACE CRANES; SUPERB selection of 18th and 19th Century Pewter Chargers, Plates, Tankards, Teapots, Coffee Pots and more to include signed American and English examples: RARE small Matched Pair George & Martha Washington pewter CHOCOLATE MOLDS; 18th Century Wrought Iron Skewer Set; Fine Wrought Iron Fireplace Peel with unusually long “Rams Horn” Handle; Rare short handled wrought iron hearth coal shovel w Ram’s Horn Handle; Nested Set of 3 “KENDRICK” Cast Iron Porringers; 18th Century 3 Legged Hearth Kettles; Early New England Hearth Broom; Large selection of early wrought iron hearth tools to include broilers, toasters; griddles; spatulas, tasting spoons, ladles, pierced brass dippers, tongs; trivets; trammels and more! EARLY BOTTLES: FINE SELECTION of EARLY BLOWN BOTTLES to include CHESTNUTS; ONIONS; MALLETS; SQUAT SPIRIT and SNUFFS; A SUPERB GVIII-16 COVENTRY, CT Half Pint SUNBUSRT Flask in a WONDERFUL GOLDEN YELLOW OLIVE and more! DEEP BLUE HISTORICAL STAFFORDSHIRE, SOFT PASTE, YELLOW WARE & OTHER EARLY POTTERY: A fine selection of DEEP BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE; RARE Matched Pair of Multi Colored SPONGEWARE Cookie Jars; Large Yellow Ware Mixing Bowl with Mocha style “Seaweed” Decoration; Nesting Set of 4 Yellow Ware “Nappies”; 3 Large Banded Yellow Ware Mixing Bowls; and more! IMPORTANT MAINE & OTHER EARLY RED EARTHENWARE: Outstanding and rare MAINE REDWARE JUGS, STEW POTS, PORRINGERS, JARS, MILK PANS, BOWLS, PITCHERS, CROCKS, CANS, INKS, POTTERS STILTS & LIDS and more, to include examples attributed to the potteries of the CORLISS Family at Day’s Ferry (Woolwich); John ALLD of Hollis; The BICKFORD Family of Buxton; the SAFFORD Family of Monmouth; Ezra PORTER of Wiscasset; NORCROSS of Farmington; and more! Fine NH Redware Jug attributed to LAMSON of Exeter; SUPERB OVOID JUG attributed to the Alvin WILCOX pottery of East Bloomfield, NY.; 18th Century Redware Porringer w Slip Decoration; Several fine UNATTRIBUTED examples in RARE Red Earthenware FORMS and more. AMERICAN STONEWARE: A Fine SELECTION of EARLY CHARLESTOWN and BOSTON STONEWARE to include several JUGS, CROCKS and JARS having INCISED DECORATION. Cobalt blue decorated OVOID CROCK, A HUGE 3 piece (lid, tank and base) AMERICAN Embossed STONEWARE WATER COOLER having REMARKABLE DECORATION of ARCTIC EXPLORATIONS SCENES; FINE FLORAL & URN COBALT BLUE DECORATED 2 GALLON CROCK by BALLARD BROS. of GARDINER, MAINE; Early Cobalt decorated Batter Pitcher with remarkable hand carved lid and stirring paddle and more! HOOKED and ORIENTAL RUGS, QUILTS and TEXTILES: A LARGE and SPLENDID 19th Century BELFAST, MAINE HOOKED RUG, having a “Saw Tooth” border surrounding Floral Pattern end panels which flank a Large Central Medallion of a Single Hibiscus; A VERY EARLY 19th Century “CATSEYE” Pattern HOOKED RUG attributed to LAURA GILES of UNION, MAINE; Several EARLY ORIENTAL RUGS to include ROOM SIZE and PRAYER examples; “American Independence” Loomed Coverlet having Independence Hall and Eagle decoration; Boldly Colored Pieced, ‘COMPASS STAR” patterned “LINSEY-WOOLSEY” in RED & GREEN; Bedcover in Superb early 20th Century Hooked Rug depicting Maple Sugaring Scene; Mid 19th Century Folk Art Hooked Rug w Dog; Large (12’ x 16’) Early 19th Century Loomed “Striped” Carpet in Vibrant and Varied Colors; (2) Outstanding 18th Century Ladies “pockets”; Large Maine Hooked Rug (dated 1905); Superb & Early PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY LOOMED Coverlet in Red, White & Blue; Very Early “Penny” style Felt Rug having unusual heart decorations; Fine Caucasian Prayer Rug; An early 19th Century “Overshot” Homespun Coverlet in Blue; Fine Colorful Penny Rug with Braided Border; Dated 1831 Schoolgirl Sampler; Large “Busy” Schoolgirl Sampler signed “Agnes Thornton”; Small Early Hooked Mat w Sailboat and more! ITEMS of SPECIAL INTEREST: A fine MERRICKS SPOOL COTTON ADVERTISING CLOCK; Superb Large Framed ADVERTISING SIGN “BLUE LABEL KETCHUP”; Fine Stenciled Wooden Wheelbarrow; EXQUISTE & RARE PAIR of 19th Century ALABASTER GARDEN URNS; Superb YONKERS, NY “STICK” BAROMETER by WILLIAM SPRAGUE and more!

For Additional Information Please Call 207-362-6045. Day of Sale Only 207-582-3223. 15% Buyers Premium. PAYMENT TERMS: Cash or Pre-approved check. Out of State Buyers Should Provide Bank Letter of Credit, If Not Known to the Auctioneer. Timothy J. Gould, Auctioneer, Maine Auctioneer’s License #AR1038. Auctions will be Catered.

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