Timothy J. Gould, Licensed Maine Auctioneer,  Maine Auctioneer's License # AR1038

Gould Auction Company presents a MARKET FRESH Auction of Fine Antiques and Antique Guns to be held on Saturday September 23, 2006 at the Gardiner, ME Sportsman’s Club commencing at 10 a.m. (Antique Guns and Accessories) and 12 NOON (Antiques). PREVIEW will be held on Friday Sept. 22 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and also day of sale from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.. Please visit our website at www.gouldauctions.com for color photographs and additional information. This fine auction includes fine Period Country and Formal Furniture; Folk Art and Country Accessories; Fine Art by listed American Artists; Toys and Banks; Duck Decoys; American Stoneware and Redware; Early Bottles; Ephemera; A grouping of trophies, photos and jewelry presented to the famed American Aviator Clarence Chamberlin upon culmination of his 1927 trans-Atlantic flight and much, much more. Also included is a collection of Fine Antique guns and Powder Flasks (to be sold at 10 a.m.). Highlights in their categories include:

ANTIQUE GUNS, POWDER FLASKS and related material (Starting at 10 a.m.): These guns are in OUTSTANDING ORIGINAL CONDITION. We are pleased to present this fine grouping of approximately 100 pistols, rifles, muskets and powder flasks which consists of a collection that was begun in 1911 by the consignor's Dad, whom at the age of 10 purchased his first Percussion Pistol. During the following 50 plus years, this Gentleman continued to add to and upgrade his collection of both guns and flasks with a discerning eye toward condition. The result is this fine offering that has not "seen the light of day" for many, many years. A detailed CD catalogue of these fine guns may be ordered at a cost of $10 postage paid. The catalog is available by snail mail at Gould Auction Co.  947 Village Rd., Smithfield, ME 04978 or by emailing us at: auctions@gouldauctions.com . This CD has detailed condition reports and many close-up photos of each and every gun and powder flask (along with corresponding Riling #s) in this collection. Included in the collection of ANTIQUE GUNS are:  Percussion Revolvers including 1860 Colt Army, (2) 1851 Colt Navys, 1861 Colt Navy (Ivory Grips), Benjamin Joslyn and Mass. Arms Co. US Marshally Marked Flintlock  and Percussion Single Shot Pistols including Simeon North Model 1819 (with NY State markings) and Asa Waters Model 1836, A rare US Model 1842 Palmetto Arms (correct barrel and lock plate markings but with cartouche on wood) South Carolina Confederate Percussion Single Shot Pistol. US Marshally Marked Rolling Block Pistols including Model 1871 Remington Army and Model 1867 Remington Navy. American Derringers to include a tiny Henry Deringer (Slotter) muff pistol with gold band inlays, Colt 3rd Model, Brown Mfg. "Southerner"; American and Belgian Pepperboxes including Sharps, Robbins and Lawrence, (2) Allen & Thurber (Ivory and Wooden Grips), (2) Mariette Brevet (large and small frame) and Belgian Bronze Pinfire (Ivory Grips);  American Cartridge Pistols to include a nickel plated Model 1875 Remington and a converted Starr. American Underhammer Pistols  including Ashabelle Cook; Gibbs & Tiffany and Nicanor Kendall. ALSO: AN IMPORTANT and OUTSTANDING MATCHED PAIR of Queen Anne silver trimmed dueling pistols by William Wilson of London; Early Japanese Gold Inlaid Bronze Barreled Match-Lock Pistol, German Military Wheel-Lock Pistol, Spanish Miguelet Pistol, Rare English Brass 3 Barrel "Brasher" Flintlock Pistol; French Army Model 1777 Flintlock Pistol; Austrian "Tube Lock" Pistol; LONG ARMS: An outstanding Winchester Special Order 1873 Rifle in .44-40 cal. with fancy wood, A Henry Deringer ORIGINAL PERCUSSION Model 1817 Musket; RARE Plains Rifle signed D. Newburn; Arabian Flintlock Fowler (wall hanger) and more. High Quality Early COPPER POWDER FLASKS: A Collection of approximately 30 MINTY CLEAN copper powder flasks to include a large Ames "Fowled Anchor" and Batty "Peace" flask and many FINE EMBOSSED EXAMPLES by the Dixons, Hawksley and American Flask as well as superior examples by Paris, France makers to. These guns and flasks are in SUPERIOR ORIGINAL condition and well worth your consideration. Please visit our website and you will concur!

ANTIQUES (starting at NOON): PERIOD COUNTRY and FORMAL FURNITURE: Outstanding Maine Paint Decorated One Drawer Blanket Chest in superb original condition; Fine Set of 6 Birdcage Windsors in Superb Original Paint Decoration; Diminutive NH Queen Anne Candlestand in the BEST original Red; A Fine Inlaid Mahogany Boston Hepplewhite Lady’s Desk on Frame; A Delicately Turned and Reeded Post Federal Canopy Bed in Original Surface; A Farmington, Maine Paint Decorated and Stenciled 2 Drawer Blanket Chest attributed to Daniel Stewart; An Outstanding Early 19th C. Maine Open Top Stepback Cupboard recently removed from the Bradley-Whttier House in Vienna, ME; A Bold Newburyport, Mass. decked Dressing Table in original yellow paint and decoration; North Shore Cookie Corner Bow Front Sheraton Chest; Paint decorated Step Down Windsor Side Chair in mustard paint; Fine Paint Decorated Maine Turned Post Bed; Tapered Leg Tavern Table in Original Finsih; Paint Decorated New York style Server; Early Pine Open Top crockery Hutch in mustard yellow; One Drawer Turned Leg Stand in fine original red; Country Child’s 4 Drawer Chest in original finish; Paint Decorated Hepplewhite Candlestand; Child's Adirondack Rocker in Old Paint; Early Chair Table from Weld, Maine (overpainted); Nicely Tunred VT One Drawer Stand in Orig. red paint; Shaker style 2 Drawer Drop Leaf Work Table; Bannister Back Armchair; Bannister Back Side Chair with Whale's Tail Crest; Chippendale Mahogany Dressing Mirror; Pr. Fanback Windsor Side Chairs, Pr. Bowback Windsor Side Chairs; New Hampshire Queen Anne Candlestand; Sheraton Rope Leg Drop Leaf Table; Turned and Tapered Leg Stands; Nautical Fid with Whalebone handle; Adv. Box Shaker Salt;Windsor Chairs; Extraordinary Paint Decorated Boston Rocker; Fine Salem Rocker;  Paint Decorated and Stenciled Doll’s Chest and much more!  FOLK ART and COUNTRY ACCESSORIES: An amazing carved and paint decorated “Heart in Hand” Spruce Gum Box bearing the inscription “Remember Me”; A Superb Primitive OOC of an Early Village along the Hudson River with sailboats in the river; A Superb and Early Nantucket Sailor Whirligig in fine original paint; A Superb 18th C. Carved and Painted folk art “Penny Toy” in the form of a woman churning butter; Fine Shaftsbury, VT domed top decorated box in “Open Eye” pattern decoration; 18th C. Woman's Flame Stitch Purse with Tassels; A Superb and very EARLY Shaker Bucket in original Soldier blue paint having a wrought iron bail and copper nails; Early full bodied Eagle Weathervane in fine original surface; Early “Smuggler” Horse Weathervane in original surface; A superb selection of Shorebird and Duck Decoys to include an exceptional Early Merganzer; Fabulous Large Bail Handled Lipstick Red Pantry Box along with others; Carved and Painted Wall Mounted Fish by Lawrence Irvin of Winthrop, ME; Decorated Birch Bark Maine Indian Sewing Basket by Katie Newell of Princeton, ME; Decorated Birch Bark Maine Indian Log Carrier; Paint Decorated Music Box by Cape Cod artist Peter Hunt; Early Cheese Basket and other baskets; Outstanding Small Maine Redware Jug, Small Gonic, NH Redware Jug; Unusual Redware Jar dated 1839; Ft. Edward, NY Stoneware Bird Crock, Unsigned Stoneware Bird Jug; Decorated Gardiner, Maine Stoneware crock; Small Ovoid Bennington, VT decorated crock signed L.Norton;  Pr. Period Lemon Top Andirons; A selection of early wrought iron including a very early and unusual handled and footed fireside meat roaster and a fabulous figural wrought iron trivet; Sugar Firkins in old paint and surfaces; Old Trade Sign “Smith’s Hot Buttered Popcorn; Other painted wooden signs; Grenfell Door Wag; Nautical Hourglass; Fine signed Sabbathday Lake Oval Fingered Shaker Sewing Box with liner; Oval Shaker Box; Fine 1837 British “Adam & Eve” Sampler;  1837 New England Sampler; Silhouettes and Portrait Miniatures; Queen Anne Mirror; 2 Outstanding Inlaid Gameboards; Fine Paint Decorated “Noah’s Ark” Toy with people and animals; Fine selection of early food choppers; Selection of early woven Maine fishing creels and pack baskets; Early Maine carved Mackerel Knives; Table Top Spice Chest in Old Paint; Chip Carved Spruce Gum Boxes, Large Turned Wooden Bowl in Original Blue paint; Tin Sconces; Early Needlework Sampler dated 1816; Fine labeled Seed Boxes from Winterport, Maine; Primitive Maine OOC of  Wood Harvesting Scenne with Ice Skaters; 2 Fine Early Maine Splint Woven Fishing Creels; Tiered Tiger Maple Hanging Shelf; Primitive Maine painting of Logging Scene with Ice Skaters; Early Miniature Portraits; Early Silhouettes; Early Stearnboard from the sailing ship “William Cushing”; Large Pair of Folky Cast Iron Lion Head Andirons; Shaker style brushes; Carved Knitty Knotty;  Carved Whimsical Walking Stick, OLD Black Rag Dolls; Pewter Charger; Small Carved Eagle by Peter Libby of Maine; and more. PAINTINGS, PRINTS and ARTWORK: Works by listed artists include: A recently discovered and UNTOUCHED J.J. McAuliffe OOC in its original titled frame depicting Horse and Buggy being driven by a gentleman in a top hat, titled “DICK TWEED” signed and dated 1871; Large OOC Seascape attributed to Sanford Robinson Gifford; OOC of Pastured Cattle “In the Lowlands 1901” by Thomas Bigelow Craig A.N.A.; OOB Landscape by Louis Graner; Early Pencil Drawing of the Arctic attributed to William Bradford; OOB “A Bright Vermont Day in Winter” by William LaValley; WCOP “Cape Cod Winter” -Wellfleet by John Cuthbert Hare; OOB “Bayou” by AJ Drysdale; OOB “Vermont Barns” by Horace Brown; OOC “Ripogenus Gore” by Alfred Addy; OOC “3 Fish” by Louis Bouche; Folky Watercolor Portrait of young girl with dog; (2) OOB Louisiana Bayou Landscapes by AJ Drysdale; OOB Coastal Maine Seascape dated 1909 by Frank Louville Bowie (Am 1857-1936); 1894 Maine Watercolor by George McConnell; WCOP Landscape by Paule Stetson Loring; 2 Ship Paintings on Wood by Cyrus F. Davis; Small Ship Painting by Conrad Freitag; OOB “Santa Claus” by Fred Craft; Etching by Sears Gallagher; OOB Landscape by Herbert DeGruff Main. Also: 2 fine OOC Country Still Life paintings signed M. Hilton; European OOC landscape by Johannes; A Large Albumen Photo of Indian Wars Cavalry; A Large Civil War Print by Notman and more. EARLY NAUTICAL and SCRIMSHAW: A Fine Baylene and Whale Ivory Swift; Whale Ivory and Ebony Jagging Wheel, Baylene and Vertebrae Walking Stick; Ship Diarama and more. Whale Bone Fid; Whale Bone Clothespins;  BOTTLES, GLASS and CHINA: A superb and early Keene or Stoddard, New Hampshire blown and footed open compote in Olive green; Early Blown Snuff Jar; Unusual Early ink with tin strap handle;Two fine early CT Chestnut bottles; Large Cathedral Pickle; Collection of Maine Medicines; Calabash Flask; Early Blown Whiskey and other early bottles; Nice selection of English Soft Paste China including Pearlware and Staffordshire; Soft Paste Child’s Mug with Horse and Sulky; Outstanding Early Mocha covered Mustard Pot; Early Mocha Pitcher; Early covered Mocha sugar bowl; Marbleized Mocha child’s mug and more. RUGS, QUILTS and TEXTILES: Oriental carpets to include an Early and Remarkable Caucasian Kuba; A nice selection of Hooked Rugs to include a signed Barbara Merry rug with Cats; An outstanding Hooked Rug depicting the interior of the Kennebunkport, Maine General Store; A “Folky” early hooked rug with an Urn of Flowers; Old Hooked Rug of a Clipper Ship and others;. Fine selection of Quilts to include Amish, Floral Applique, Geometric, Friendship and Log Cabin examples; Native American Weavings; Early Overshot Coverlet and more. VICTORIAN FURNITURE:  A finely carved, signed TIFFANY Tall Case Clock in Mahogany having claw feet and a Moon Phase and Rocking Ship Dial; Mahogany Barrister 4 Section Bookcase, and more. EARLY COIN SILVER: An outstanding Nye Family 4 Pc. China Trade Coin Silver Tea Service by the noted silversmith Wong Shing; A fine selection of early American Coin Silver flatware by Mass. CT, NY and PA makers and more. VICTORIAN STERLING SILVER: A fine SELECTION OF Victorian sterling silver flatware by a variety of fine makers including Tiffany, Gorham, Whiting, Wallace, Towle, Dominic and Haff and others. COINS: 1901 $10 gold; 1854 & 1886 $5 Gold and an 1851 $1 Gold and more. ITEMS of SPECIAL INTEREST: (to be sold as a single lot) A historically important collection of trophies, photographs, jewelry and other memorabilia from the famed  American Aviaton Pioneer Clarence Chamberlin  which includes a Sterling Silver Bowl presented to him by the German Government upon his landing in Germany that finalized his historic trans-Atlantic flight in 1927 (he was the first pilot to make a crossing with a passenger and the second ever behind Charles Lindbergh). ALSOAn outstanding early baseball photo of an African American All Star Team believed to be from Chicago; A fine oversized Zuni pottery storage jar; 1851 Maine Horse Racing Broadside of the noted horse “Grapeshot”; Unpicked Button Collection; Superb Floral Doorstop; Super Pr. French Brass Figural Lion Andirons; Ham Radio Operator's Log Book with Sinking of the Titanic info and much more.

For Additional Information Please Call 207-362-6045. Day of Sale Only 207-582-3223. 10% Buyers Premium. PAYMENT TERMS: Cash or Pre-approved check. Out of State Buyers Should Provide Bank Letter of Credit, If Not Known to the Auctioneer. Timothy J. Gould, Auctioneer, Maine Auctioneer’s License #AR1038. Auctions will be Catered.

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